Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Success Screens

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


Now I just want to take a couple minutes to talk about something new that I had been working on and something that I have not quite heard of yet but I think really helps us stand out as a music academy and differentiates from everyone else. So you’ll hear me talking most of the time about what separates us from every other music academy, whether in Tulsa or elsewhere, but with, because we really want to focus on our differences because I think that is where we can improve the most and just continue to be a fantastic music academy that motivates and helps our students in every way possible. So what I’ve been working on recently and I think is really different are the things that we’re going to call success screens for back of a lack of a better word. Success screens are little posters that we’re going to hang in each of our studio rooms for people to see taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


So as you know, we have two studio rooms here at Curtis Music Academy teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa and we’re going to put one in each room and we’re going to switch them out every week. So there’s always a new poster in there. But what these posters are, they are little info blurbs if you will, motivational posters about famous world, famous artists and people that are going to really resonate with our students. So we want, since they act as a form of inspiration and they’re supposed to be really motivational and connect with the student, we want to make sure that we have a wide variety of musicians and bands on this list. So, so far here, a couple, just to name a few that we’ve done in our going to do, we’ve got people like Coldplay, Justin Bieber, imagine dragons, chance the rapper’s Zac brown band, Bruno Mars, Beethoven and Bob Marley. And if you’ve really listened to it, I don’t think many of these artists have much in common at all except the fact that they are all artists. 


So you’ll notice that the variety in this list that we really tried to make sure that we would have people that speak to each and every one of our students who take guitar lessons in Tulsa. And we didn’t want to leave any category of music out because what if that was a student’s favorite category? So we have everything on this list from country to rap, to rock, to metal, to classics, to classical music, piano, all of that good stuff. We wanted to make sure that we have a wide enough variety to service the needs and desires of each and every one of our students because right now we have almost a hundred students that we teach every week that will be coming in and out of those studios. So I’m going to make sure that we have something that can speak to all of those students. So anyways, I’m going to go ahead and go through what the success Greens are in the types of information that we have on them so that I can kind of explain their main purpose. 


So at the top of these success screens, the first thing that we have is a photo of the person. So we want to make sure that we’ve got a big recognizable photo of the person, whether that be the band or the solo artists themselves. We just want a good picture that people can recognize and see right off the bat. And then we are coming up with the creative headline. So this headline is going to be kind of the attention getter of the whole poster. It’s something that should draw your eyes up and make you want to read more of the poster. So these headlines are probably the hardest thing to come up with because it takes a lot more creativity than the rest of it. So the rest of the success rates, most litigious facts that we look up, things that we find out, whether that be on Wikipedia just on the Internet in general. 


But the headline is something that requires a lot of creativity and that we want to make sure it really captures your attention and makes you want to read the rest of the poster. So the headline is the hardest part, but it is still manageable. And we’ve managed to come up with a couple that are incredibly clever and really are eye-catching to say the least. So after that headline, the next thing that we want on this success screen is a quote. And that can be amused. Musical quote, an inspirational quote, funny quote, just a quote by I. There’s someone in the band, whether that be a member of the band or the front man or the solo artist themselves. We just want to quote by them so that people can hear something from their own, from their own words. So after we’ve got that quote, we also want to have a main factor than that. 


If someone has not heard of the manned for instance is someone has not ever heard of Elvis Presley. We will put an Austin quote up there that talks about what his greatest accomplishment was so that even someone who hasn’t heard of them would be able to recognize that and recognize their general importance when it comes to music. So, so what happens next is we have three what we call windows and these windows are going to be at the bottom of the poster and they’re going to be almost like a timeline of the band or artists success. So, for instance, I’m doing one right now for the band burn five and where I started with this success grade and the window number one is that Maroon five was founded in high school in 1994 which is just crazy to believe in. I think that by including this simple fact about them becoming a band in high school really resonates with people, whether they are in the middle school or high school. 


I think it kind of shows them that maybe their high school band is not worthless after all. Or maybe it’s not just some sort of crazy dream. It might be able to become a reality. So I think it’s really motivational for students to see that they were founded so young so that they are able to happen inspiration and continue what they’re doing musically. So after that window, the second window that I’ve got on here is that they released a couple of albums while in high school and even early college, but these two albums really did poorly. So excitingly they signed onto a record label. But after their two albums kind of flopped, they started to do really terribly. And the record label actually dropped them, which had to be heartbreaking and soul crushing. But I think of wanting to put this on the success green for Maroon five because I want to show the students who take lessons, whether that be a guitar lessons in Tulsa or vocal lessons or piano lessons. 

I’m going to show all of our students in guitar lessons in Tulsa that even if something bad happens, even if their band breaks up, even if they get dropped by friends, even if whatever happens musically or in life, there’s always a path upward. And this really shows that despite the fact that Maroon five got dropped by the record label, they were able to continue on to success and now they are one of the top highest selling artists of all time. So they success Koreans aren’t just really awesome ways for students to be motivated. We want to make sure that we include them in each of the studio rooms to help boost their confidence and give them some inspiration.