Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Eating Lunch When Busy

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So today I’m going to talk about how we eat while we are teaching music lessons in Tulsa. So if you’re new to these podcasts here at Curtis Music Academy, we teach music lessons in Tulsa. We teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, vocal lessons in Tulsa and piano lessons in Tulsa. And we have several instructors for teaching guitar lessons and Tulsa, but sometimes one instructor ends up with more students in a row than other instructors. So if an instructor has per se 10 students, some of them are 30 minutes, some of them are hour long guitar lessons in TUlsa. But for the sake of this example, let’s say that instructor has 10 students in a row and they’re all 30 minute lessons. Well, if you can do that map, that is a total of five hours worth of lessons in a row, five hours. That is a lot of guitar lessons in Tulsa, especially if they start at say 10 o’clock in the morning. 


If they start at 10 o’clock in the morning and you have 10 guitar lessons in Tulsa in a row that are all 30 minutes a piece, then you will not be done with your music lessons until three o’clock in the afternoon. So you might be asking, well, if an instructor has 10 30 minute guitar lessons in Tulsa in a row, how on earth are they going to have time to eat? And that is a very good question. So our instructors, the ones that have lots of guitar lessons in Tulsa in a row have to find specific random times to eat and sometimes they have to eat a really big breakfast, something weird for breakfast that might not be breakfast food. Maybe they have to eat a sandwich for breakfast, something that will be filling enough to keep them full until their three o’clock lesson is done. Sometimes they can sneak a bite between lessons if the student is late or something, they might be able to front in the kitchen and eat a bite of a granola bar. 


But for the most part they don’t get a chance to eat during their lessons. So that is one hard part about teaching guitar lessons that’s in Tulsa is that when you have so many students who want lessons, it takes a lot. And it takes a lot of work in. Sometimes you don’t get to eat when you want to eat cause because normally people eat lunch at like noon or one o’clock, but finish shorter, has lots of lessons in a row, then they won’t get to eat on time and it is actually pretty inconvenient and they get really hungry. So the app to sneak random bites, the snacks. Speaking of eating the other day, Ron and I and I am the administrative assistant, Ron and aircraft, the administrative assistant. We’re out in about going to different schools to thank them for having a good music program and we wanted to thank them by bringing in a little box of treats and donating to their music program. 


So we went around to a couple of different schools and we started to get really hungry because we were out for quite a while. So, so we got really hungry and decided to stop for food at our favorite restaurant, chick-fil-a. And since we did not have time to go inside the restaurant, but we were driving around, we decided it would be better if we went through the drive through. So Ron and I waited in the drive through at Chick-fil-a to get some food and while we were waiting in the drive through, it took a while because there were a lot of cars who also wanted each Chick-Filet for lunch, but there were not too many cars. So chick-fil-a, if you don’t know, is incredibly efficient at what they do. And their drive through always goes so much faster than other people’s drive throughs. I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t have very many things on the menu being that they either have chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches or grilled chicken nuggets. 


But, but the drive through is always super fast. So we only had to wait in the drive through for a couple of minutes, despite the fact that it was really long. We finally got up to order and we ordered our food and Ron got a chicken sandwich and some French fries and thankfully he got a big French fry. So I was able to eat some of some of his French fries. That was really good and it was really nice of him. But I, while we were driving away from Chick-fil-a, Ron was really hungry and we didn’t have time to stop to eat our food. So what I was able to do well on the passenger seat was help Ron eat his sandwich with a side of Polynesian sauce. And if you ever tried to eat while driving, you know that it is really hard to eat a sandwich with sauce while driving, especially nuggets. 


Checking nuggets are way harder to eat while you drive a sandwich is a little bit easier but still messy, especially when the sauce that you choose is red. So Ron wanted his sandwich, but he also wanted the sauce on it. And the only way I could figure out how to get Ron his sandwich with sauce was by helping him eat the sandwich. So I was able to take the sandwich out of the package at the top. So fold the package down to where he didn’t have to hold the sandwich with spit hands but rather was holding the sandwich through the nice foil wrapping. And then I opened up the sauce packet on my lap with a napkin underneath of it so that I didn’t get sauce everywhere. And I would take Ron Sandwich and dip it in the sauce and then give it back to him so that he could drive and eat his saucy sandwich at the same time. 


He really wanted the sauce on the sandwich but did not want to have to, he said no sauce at the beginning because he was afraid of smelling the sausage. So, but lucky for Ron, I am an expert in helping people eat while driving, making it easy, mess free and safe for everyone involved. So Ron was able to eat his chicken sandwich with Polynesian sauce and once he finished the sandwich could move on to the French fries. Those are a little more user friendly to eat cause they only require one hand. But sometimes when you’re teaching music lessons in Tulsa, it takes a team of people to make it work. And in the most random way, me helping Ron eat his chick-fil-a sandwich was a teamwork effort that really helped our day go a lot smoother. So that is one of the best parts about working for Curtis Music Academy is that we’re all a team in every single way. 


Whether that is sitting around our table and talking about the this week’s lessons, what we can do to improve. It also means that we help each other eat food while in the car to do it safely and mess free. So being a team means a lot of different things. But for me, being a team player means helping people out when they need it, even if helping them is by putting their sandwich dip in their sandwich and sauce. So there are all kinds of ways to be a part of a team. But at Curtis Music Academy, we try our hardest to exemplify that in every single thing that we do. So if you had ever wondered to yourself, how does a music instructor or guitar instructor or piano instructor, vocal instructor, how did they eat meals if they’re teaching lessons for a really long time?


 Well, the short answer is that they have to wait. The longer answer is that sometimes it takes someone to help eat your sandwich in the car. And that was good. So here at Curtis Music Academy, we take teaching lessons very seriously, and we want our instructors to remain professional and they take the lesson so seriously and want to make it so convenient to the student that sometimes they have to wait long hours before they’re able to eat a full lunch and helping people eat that lunch is what teamwork looks like at Curtis Music Academy. So when you’re taking music lessons and Tulsa or guitar lessons in Tulsa, thank your instructor for being awesome and waiting to eat lunch.