Reasons Why I Love My Job Teaching Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

Hi, this is Andrea with Curtis Music Academy, and I have another amazing, wonderful, glorious podcast about what we do at Curtis Music Academy in regards to guitar lessons in Tulsa. So today, I would love to talk to you about 10 things I love about my job working at Curtis Music Academy. And I actually do not have a preplanned list. I’m actually just going to ramble and list some different things that I love. And so, number one, I love music in general. And so anything involving creating and inspiring and getting to just learn as I go as well is amazing. And I just love anything about music, including piano and guitar lessons in Tulsa.

Number two, I love teaching. I love bringing people up to a level that I am at, no matter if that could be a teaching gift used for math or used for history or used for any type of realm. But I really love showing people that, wow, I can do this, too. And so for me, it’s never like I’m the performer and I’m the best. And you’ll never be able to be at my level. No, just the opposite. I want to show them that it’s very doable and that they’re able to obtain that level. Number three, the third reason why I love my job at Curtis Music Academy is I love interacting with my piano and guitar students taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. 

You actually get to meet so many amazing people and whether that is the families of the students I teach the kids themselves are amazing and fun and also the adults. I mean, we just have so many different types of people from different backgrounds. It’s just really inspiring and humbling to get to be involved in their lives on a one on one basis. So that’s pretty cool. Number four, the reason why I love my job is the amazing flexibility that it offers. So, um, most people don’t know this, but I actually can create my own schedule. I can say I can’t work Fridays and that’s no big deal and or just whatever day. 

And so you can set your schedule, you can be part time or full time. You can say, I want to have 80 students taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, or you could say I only want to have eight students and that they will make that happen for you, which is really awesome. Number five, I’m already at number five. I can’t believe it. I love the family environment. First of all, I love how positive it is. The people involved, Ron and Kelly and all the instructors, everyone is just so kind and you really feel like you belong. Um, you know, you hear some horror stories about toxic work environments, and it’s definitely never I’ve never had any experiences with that at Curtis Music Academy. 

It’s just always been very positive, very fun. And even our Thursday team meeting nights, which it’s technically optional, you don’t have to go, but it’s always just fun. And you actually gather around a dinner table and you actually feel like family. And so I just really love how I feel like, you know, the owners of the company could easily be like, oh, no, just go to teach your guitar lessons in Tulsa. And if I see you around, I see you around. But no, they really make it like you belong here and we value you. We value your opinion and we want to get to know you as a person. And so I’m not just like a face in a crowd. 

I really actually feel like I fit in at the Curtis Music Academy family. OK, so I think that was five. So I have five more to go. And I love how the owners of the company, a.k.a. Ron and Kelly, they let me be creative in the guitar lessons in Tulsa they actually told me when I was first hired that you don’t have to follow a certain prototype of what your guitar lessons in Tulsa should look like. So there is that flexibility. There’s the creativity to do what I want to do in the guitar lessons in Tulsa. If I want to go a different direction, I can’t, which not every place is like that. Normally, even if you’re not in the teaching industry or music industry, you actually have very limited things that you can do. 

Having Fun Teaching Guitar Lessons in Tulsa

But you’re at Curtis Music Academy. Seriously, you have so many options and it’s just amazing. Another thing I love about Curtis Music Academy is the fact that they spend time developing you as a musician if you want to. And so, um, our guitar instructor. Or whose name is Kyle also plays the cello and I play the piano, so we actually swapped in. So he’s teaching me the cello and I’m teaching him the piano. And how cool is that? Like, this is my job, but after I’m finished with my guitar lessons in Tulsa for the day, I can develop my personal hobby as well. 

And so it really is mixing something I love so much. And it’s just like this hub. It’s also where I work. It’s also where I have my friends. And so it’s just really fun. All of this is going on all at the same time. Another thing I love about teaching at Curtis Music Academy is just enjoying the fruits of my labor in singing growth. I’ve actually been teaching for about nine months now at Curtis Music Academy and over those nine months I’ve seen tremendous growth by my students. And it’s just really incredible to see, unfortunately, many jobs that I’ve worked at in the past. 

You don’t see the fruits of your labor. You just come in, you punch a time clock and you leave. But here at Curtis Music Academy, you get to see the transformation that the guitar lessons in Tulsa  students are growing and they’re having fun and they’re developing a lifelong skill that they’re going to love forever. And so I just think that’s wonderful. And I’m so glad to get to be a part of their victories personally. Another reason why I love teaching at Curtis Music Academy is I get to try new things. So we actually had one of our instructors move away from the area and he was mainly a guitar instructor and he had one drum student. And so, oh, I just realized my time is up. I will continue this at the next podcast, more about guitar lessons in Tulsa. Thank you for listening.