Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Why It Is Important to Have Team Meetings

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So now we’re going to talk about why it is important. Have a weekly meeting with our team. And I’m sure that if you think about our weekly meetings with all of our instructors, you would think that it was not important for me to be there as an administrative assistant and not having extreme knowledge of music. But it actually is really important that I’m there because I Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are a team and we worked together on most sinks. So it is really critical that we’re all at these meetings so that we can grow and as a team and when people are not there, it brings a team farther apart because they are not learning the same thing. So we’re learning, they’re not growing and the same way. So these team meetings are really important for everyone to 10 even myself, the administrative assistant, and there are so important because three things, mainly they help us grow closer together as a team.

Secondly, we are able to build off of one another and get better ideas and improve ourselves in our teaching. And lastly we’re able to see the s student successes and how we can grow our business and how we can better help our students through listening to each and every instructor talk about them. So at these team meetings we go over all sorts of things such as student wins of the week and what we personally had during our weeks and how are we getting better, improve our lessons. We talk about areas that we struggle during the week, what went wrong, turn our guitar lessons In Tulsa and then we build each other up and we help fix whatever that problem might be. Whether that be not preparing enough or not understanding how a specific student learns or or maybe even having trouble getting a student to be excited and taking the guitar lesson In Tulsa.

These are all problems that our instructors might have during the week with what every student it might be. And it is really good that we’re able to, to share shared problems, hello instructors and with one another so we can come up with creative solutions together because it’s likely that if one instructor is having a problem with one of his or her students that another instructor has experienced the same thing before. So it’s really helpful that people who know what they’re doing and it had been in the same situation that you have been in because it really helps you improve and it really can fix the situation that you might be in. So for example, one instructor teaching guitar lessons In Tulsa had the problem with some of his students not feeling super interested and not actually being committed to taking that lesson. So they were not taking guitar lessons In Tulsa seriously. There were not actively practicing and being excited to be there.

Rather they would miss a lot of their meeting times and they would not really care. They wouldn’t try very hard and they would practice at home. So our other instructors have been in the same boat and they had similar problems with students not being committed to taking their lessons. So as a whole we were able to come up with a creative solution to try to help our students get a better grasp of why guitar lessons In Tulsa are so important. And we came up with a way to get them to be more committed. So this thing that we came up with at our team meeting is what we called the diligent doers versus the happy hopper. And this was such a good idea that we actually got it put up on a giant in a giant picture frame on the wall because it is really important for all of our students to see and see how important it is for them to be committed.

So we have two options on this poster. One of them is the diligent doers and this diligent doer is the person who is committed to dig and the guitar lessons In Tulsa they are coming to each meeting when they are supposed to. They’re coming through the weekly lesson every week and they’re not missing and they are practicing at home. They’re practicing all the things that they’ve been told to practice and going above and beyond that. And they’re just excited about being there. And these people are the students who succeed at their guitar lessons In Tulsa and who make the most out of their investment. They’re the students who really care and the ones who are really excited to be there and then because they are committed to their goals. And then on the other side we have the diligent doer and it’s loading door is not relate or the, I’m sorry, the happy hoper and that’d be hoper is not super excited being there.

He wants to learn new things all the time and not focused on the foundational things that are really critical to succeeding in lessons. So he doesn’t really get a grasp of all the foundations but rather simply goes ahead and tries to jump around and do a bunch of new things and they’re not practicing as much because they kind of glamorized and guitar lessons In Tulsa and to think that they’re going to get great right away when without realizing that actually takes a lot of hard work and practice to become good at the instrument as it is with any other craft. So these people, we created this diagram to Shara students, the two pathways, one of them that is successful and the other one who gets burnt out in stops lessons. So a big part of this is having our students write down what their goal is and in writing down their goal they are forced to sit there and think about why they took guitar lessons In Tulsa in the first place.

They are kind of forced to go back in time and think about why they started taking lessons, what they’re doing there and why they’re putting in all the time and effort to be there. And once the students can come up with a reason for that, so once they can look back and reflect on why they’re there, it makes it a lot easier for them to succeed in the future. And having a goal that you want to meet is truly the most effective way I doing well at lessons. I say all of that to say that we at our team meetings are always able to craft interesting and super effective solutions to problems that are instructors might have. And that’s why it’s so good to have so many of us at these meetings so that we can bounce ideas off of one another. And that is actually a big reason why we love the meetings so that we can indeed bounce ideas off one another and learn from one another’s successes and mistakes.

So for example, when we’re playing songs together, one of our instructors performed the song that they’re going to play at this big super should, for example, we can all listen to them play that song and give helpful critiques and ideas on how to make the song even better. That’s one of the things that we’ve been doing recently is just simply improving our skills and techniques when it comes to playing and improving ourselves. And another reason why it’s so important for all of us to be there at once to listen to one another so we can see how the students are progressing. And because here at Curtis Music Academy, we are really truly invested in the students themselves and how well they succeed in their lessons. And we’d love to hear about how well they’re doing. It is really, really important to us that we get to see how talented they are and how well they’re doing, how much they’re progressing in the lessons and how well the instructor is doing in teaching them.

So it really is learning for all of us because we can get ideas from one another. In fact, we have several other instructors that are always sharing their ideas, new things that they want to try it and their lessons. And if it works for one of our instructors, it will likely work for another one. So when someone has a good idea that is really effective, then our other instructors can take that idea and use it in their own lessons to better their own students and their own instruction. So being able to bounce ideas off of one another, it’s just really important. And I think it is one of the things that separates us the most from other schools is that we do meet consistently with one another and we take that and use it to our advantage. Lastly we, another way that we bounce ideas off of one another is through things like event planning.

And discussing how and when we’re to do these celebrations that we have. We love to get everybody’s input to see what would be the most fun and most effective way to have these celebrations. How are parents and students would enjoy it, and how we can maximize our time as well as the amount of fun that people will have. So we go over everything at our team meetings from business strategy to improve your lessons, to talking about how we can have fun at the celebration performance events. And it truly is important as we all get to know each other and work together as a team to accomplish our goals.