Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Problems During Guitar Lessons

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


Every Thursday evening at Curtis Music Academy, all of our instructors gathered together for a very helpful and efficient meeting to talk about different lessons and how he can do things better. And we’ll talk about specific challenges that some students have and how we can address it. And the reason we talk about this in a group is because a lot of times what one student is having a challenge with in their guitar lessons in Tulsa, another instructor, well either have the exact same problem with a separate student or in the future they may experience a situation where they are experiencing a problem that we have previously talked about in our lessons and at our meetings on Thursdays. And we want our instructors to feel connected to one another. That if there ever is a problem that they have a full reservoir of helpful people to turn to to help them be successful as instructors.


And one of the things that we talked about in those lessons is how we can give an exceptional interaction with our students. So what we would do is create content and then we would talk about it in our meetings and discuss it with our instructors so that they can feel, uh, the benefit of giving their input and how they would implement different materials into our guitar lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. And throughout the course of these meetings we discuss many different things about the resources and how we can make things even better for our students. 


And this previous meeting on Thursday, I had presented to our instructors a specific diagram of a major scale on the keyboard and it had a picture of the keyboard and where we would play the notes on the keyboard and that specific scale. So because of that, what ended up happening was my instructors gave valuable insight in how we could make that diagram even better. And rather than just creating a diagram and saying, hey, this is what we have for you all to use in your guitar lessons in Tulsa, I was able to receive the feedback that was required to make the document even better, especially in the perspective of my instructors and the fact that they could look at something. 


And if the insight in how they would use it in a lesson as opposed to seeing the document and me telling them how they need to use it in their lessons and this type of ideology of presenting information and forcing other people to use it the way that you would use it is seemingly more authoritative and authoritarian is the word I was looking for. And that simply is just not the most effective way for, uh, for students or especially for instructors that are there working with you, not against you. So by hearing their input and what they would have to say that allow us for discussion and it can even help you as an instructor despite the fact that you are the one that created the content. 


So we had previously discussed a major scale document and most recently in one of our guitar lessons in Tulsa, I provided a blues scale document which had the notes of the sea blue scale and how you could use those in a song. And in a solo. By doing this, the student was very relieved that this document was easy to use and that it was very straightforward in the way that the information was presented to them. And this was to my delight because the way that the document had been written was very effective in this manner. 


If I hadn’t had presented it in our meeting then it would have been adequate, but it wouldn’t have been great and phenomenal for this students guitar lesson. Throughout the course of creating content and creating documents for your guitar lessons in Tulsa, I would highly recommend that you receive feedback and input from either either guitar instructors that you know and if you don’t know any guitar instructors, then find some of your friends that play guitar and listen their thoughts of how a document could be improved and critiqued. 


And this is very important for you as a instructor rather than just having the feedback of your own thoughts. You can pull from the insights of other musicians and that will help tremendously. Furthermore, another document that we created was the circle of fifths, and this was a very, very good document because it provided students with a way to understand all of the major scales and how they work together, not against each other and how they are impacted by each other and the relationship between each other. 


Furthermore, it also explains how major scales and major teas are very similar to the minor relative keys. And so having documents like this that present the information in a way for your students to grab the content and learn effectively is a way that you would want to teach your guitar lessons in Tulsa, regardless of where your location is. So this is why Curtis and Music Academy values these Thursday meetings because it’s a way for our students to benefit from all of the resources that our instructors have, as opposed to just one instructor doing their own thing and teaching to the best of their ability. 


All of our students have the full benefit of every single one of our instructors and how each one could help each other regardless of the student, regardless of the ability of a student. So if they’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, all of our instructors can put in the input that a student would need to be successful. So if a instructor is usually more adequate for beginning students, then an advanced teacher could help give input to a instructor that mainly teaches kids and likewise an advanced instructor who is teaching songs like Mozart’s Sonata and see they might face a problem that they didn’t think about approaching through the lens of a beginning instructor. Because typically when you are teaching songs at that caliber, the student approaches things differently. 


But perhaps there’s a problem that a instructor that is teaching mainly would be very effective in helping this instructor and the students has problems. So just hearing the input of different instructors is going to be huge in helping our students grow, especially through the course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa because all sorts of problems are addressed. And typically when one problem arises, it will surface at a later time in a separate student because all of the things of learning an instrument are going to be presented throughout the course of learning an instrument. So most students, when they have a problem, it can be addressed through a very adequate response, and it typically is not an isolated problem. Most of the time it is a problem that can be fixed through the context of other instructors and problems that they are faced with other students throughout the course of teaching.