Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | How to Breakdown your Guitar Lessons

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In this edition of the Curtis Music Academy Podcast, I wanted to talk about this topic of bringing down your guitar lessons in Tulsa. If that wasn’t clear enough, that was breaking down your lessons or what we call a lesson breakdown. And so in this topic we’re going to discuss how you can strategically plan your lessons strategic strategically plan your life, um, how, where can get from where we are to where we want to be and how we can break down lessons. Um, so that we are able to explain our lesson topics to a five-year-old. All right, so here is the topic, lesson break, right? Breaking down lesson breakdowns. So my first point I wanted to talk about strategic planning. Strategic planning is the process by which you assess where you are to where you want to be. It’s a strategy, it’s a goal oriented plan to help you achieve success with that plan. 


And so, um, I love this topic of strategic planning. Um, it’s really the way that my brain works. I, um, as my wife will tell you, I tend to think of things backwards. I kind of start with the end in mind with everything and it is actually very, very, very difficult for me to begin a plan or process starting with step one. I don’t know what the deal is, it’s just the way my mind works. So typically if I’m going to plan something, I have to begin with the end in mind. And that is the point. Guys. You want to begin your guitar lessons in Tulsa as an instructor. You want to begin your guitar lessons, your music lessons and Tulsa Guitar lessons and Tulsa with the end in mind. And, uh, really anything I like to, as you probably know, I like to incorporate philosophy that is, um, universal and can pretty much be applied to anything in life, not just guitar. 


It doesn’t only just work for guitar or guitar lessons in Tulsa, but it works for any area of your life. And I think that is sound, sound advice, sound theology. If he can work for everyone, not just yourself or just for a few individuals. So strategic planning. It’s beginning with the end in mind. To my second point, you know, to begin the strategic planning process, you need to assess where you want to be. It says where the goal is. What is the objective? What is this? What is the overarching goal here? How do we know what’s the vision? Like what, what do we want to achieve in the end of this process? Or what do our efforts want to come? How would we want our efforts to come together and what do we want our efforts to come together and achieve? 


And so this process of strategic planning is very important for any area of life. Whether you’re trying to save a certain amount of money, um, whether you’re trying to get married as a man, whether you’re trying to get married as well as a woman, whether you’re trying to plan a guitar lesson in Tulsa, whether you’re trying to move out of the state, drive from one site to the other, take a road trip, whatever it is, go to the Moon or Mars, like Elon Musk, whatever the deal is, you want to be able to have a strategic plan. And so the strategy is the way by which you go about achieving the plan. And so strategic planning, uh, first we need to assess where we are and then where we want to be. So this is taking into consideration where are we now? And really though, even before that, you start with the end in mind. 


It’s having a picture, even an image or vision of where you want to go. And then secondly, it’s where we are. So where you want to be first and then where we are. And then the third point is where do we want to, how are we going to go about doing that? So you have where we want to be. Second, you have where we actually are now. And then third, how do we go about going to where we want to be and getting to where we want to be? Okay. So these are very important topics. Um, it is so important to clay to clearly articulate your vision. Knowing where you’re going and knowing when you arrive is extremely important. If you don’t know and don’t give others a clear vision or your students in this case with guitar lessons in Tulsa, give your student a clear objective. 


How do we know when we’ve achieved the objective? So in your guitar lessons in Tulsa, you can begin starting with 0.1 and that’s clarify your objective. Maybe your objective is to learn one chord, the c major chord by the end of the lesson. Maybe your goal or objective is to learn one strumming pattern and to use one chord and play that chord with this certain strumming pattern. Maybe your goal or objective by the end of the lesson is to have learned to scale whatever it is you’ve got to clarify what exactly do you want the student to be able to achieve at the end of your lesson, at the end of the 30 minute guitar lessons in Tulsa or 45 minute lesson or even hour long lesson timing is important as well with that. So we have to act accordingly. Secondly, assess where you are, um, where they are. Um, so taking them, you have to be able to access, assess where they are. 


Maybe they haven’t learned. Maybe there’s such a new guitar player through your guitar lessons in Tulsa, maybe there’s such a new musician that they don’t know the basics. So, you’ve got to assess and be able to accurately assess where they are, how much they know, how much they do not know is going to be key. And so asking questions is really the key to discovering what it is, where it is that they are. And then once you can assess where they are now you can begin to measure how fast or where you can get them with each lesson. So first you want to have a big picture. Your big picture is your, your big objective were or is really their goal. I have a student, let’s just say their goal is to become more freer in their, um, and there’s playing ability on their, in their own time. 


So they want to be able to kind of be able to jam freely and be really good and jam with another. So their goal is to jam, be able to jam well with another person. And just to clarify, jamming is the ability to play whatever it is you feel or want to play with another person. So it’s playing with another person. And so, to achieve that goal, make sure you take guitar lessons in Tulsa. That’s kind of the big picture. That’s kind of the vision, um, is them being able to play with another person as freely as they want to. Smiling, being able to compliment each other in guitar playing. And then it’s up to me to break down that goal piece by piece and it’s short 30 minute time. And so those 30 minute time slots or hour long size, whatever it is, are bricks you’re using to build the house. 

The house is the big picture. And then, uh, well your lesson is just a brick upon that house or brick to that vision. And so you want to use the time to go in that direction so you don’t want to teach anything that is going to deviate from the overarching goal. And so you really want to make the most of that 30 minute time or time slot that you have for your particular student. So assessing where they are. If they’re extreme and extreme beginner, they know nothing. You want to cover basics and that is step one to the strategy. Step one is teaching them the basics. However I kind of want ahead of myself. Um, the way I think actually you want to start with the end. So if that’s the end, what you need to be able to accurately and clearly state what they need to know. And once you know what they need to know, then you can begin to read and um, reverse engineer their guitar lessons in Tulsa to achieve their goal. So if my student wants to be able to play freely or jam with someone, I need to start with them. They’re gonna need to know scales. They’re going to need to know the chords and those scales. So they’re going to need to know the Nashville number system and they’re going to need to know 



They’re going to also need to know strumming patterns. Be sure to include strumming patterns in the guitar lessons in Tulsa. So rhythm and timing as well. And so I can take those four subjects and begin to break those down into maybe four weeks at a time. So it might, those are four topics. So it might take per topic, it might take a four weeks. So four, eight, 12, 16 weeks of material. There is what you have. And so you just break that down until my last point.


It is well to be explained to a five year old. You want it to be so simple that even a five year old could understand it. That’s how simple you want your 30 minute, 45 minute or even an hour guitar lessons in Tulsa to be. And making it that simple, we’ll make it very, very easy to understand. And understanding is the, uh, really a mini goal or a sub goal. You want to every single lesson you want them to achieve understanding. Understanding we’ll be able to lay that foundation so that they can begin to build knowledge on top of that. So if I wanted, I would start with scales and understanding that a scale pattern, teaching them one scale pattern, which is the major pattern and the major pattern. It can be applied on any part of the neck.