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Alright. On this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are talking about how anyone can learn to play guitar. I 150000000% agree with this. Mmm point. Anyone can learn to play guitar. Anyone can, why? Well, it is a simple system of learning and a system can be learned by anyone. But the musical instrument that can talk the guitar is a system. It is a, it is a tool and anyone can learn how to use a tool, right? Anyone can learn how to use the tool. So without further ado, I am a Steven Coronado and I am a guitar teacher in Tulsa and I give guitar lessons in Tulsa and I’ve loved every minute of it. 


I am a guitar instructor at Curtis music Academy and I think that I have the best job in the world cause I do. I’ve been teaching music for going on six years now. Ever since I was since I was 18 years old. I’m now 23 going on 24 and I have loved every single minute of it. I have learned so many things about teaching, about learning, about how to learn, methods of learning, types of learning, you know, learning styles. I’ve learned so much about age groups and age and how we learn at different ages. I’ve learned about individuals, I’ve created relationships, I’ve got longterm relationships. I love what I do and I do what I love and I will never stop doing it. Hopefully as long as I live.I will never stop teaching and I hopefully I will never stop learning. 


Today our topic is going to be about how anyone can learn to play guitar. Again, I give guitar lessons in Tulsa and of course I’m a guitar teacher, guitar instructor, and I love teaching people music. Now at this point that anyone can learn to play guitar is a fact. The fact is anyone can, as long as they’ve got, you know, one or two limbs, even with one limb, I believe one can play. I remember early on in my teaching career, I was T I was watching a YouTube video or watching TV, one of those two. And I saw a man who had no arms yet. He was a amazing musician, amazing guitar player, and he was playing with his toes. He’s playing with two feet, had no arms playing with two feet and he was much better than I am. 


So guys right there that should tell you whatever you put your mind to do, no matter what the adversity you can achieve it. And so anyone can learn to play guitar and anyone. I mean anyone, I mean a three year old can learn to play a guitar, a five year old can, a 10 year old candidate, a 12 year old can a 15 year old can an 18 year old can at 23 year old can a 50 year old can? A 100 year old person can as if you’re still alive and you’ve got legs or arms or toes, you can still learn to play the guitar. There are many different ways to learn to play guitar, but the knowledge needed to still be able to apply and sound good is the same.


 It’s important to understand that there are a combination of, there are notes on the guitar and combinations of notes are what we call cords and cords have different, there’s different styles of chords such as major chords, minor chords, augmented chords, diminished chords, seventh chords, ninth chords, 11 13th court notes, chords in guitar lessons in Tulsa. There are keys which are combinations of cords to in order to play songs to group, song structure. And you know from there it really just a little things here and there. Change such as the strength thickness, how low the notes get, you know, what note is being started with, you know, scales and things like that, you know. 


So these are, those are really the essential and if you can get those, you can pretty much make your way through the rest of music when it comes to Western music. However, when it comes to things like jazz or blues, you’ll need to understand those concepts as well, such as the blues scale in guitar lessons in Tulsa. And then jazz music is a lot of fifths and sevenths and you’ll have to understand what those numbers mean and what instruments play those. And so whenever you know that, then you’ve kind of our bad to the bone, as I say, and can do pretty much anything. But nonetheless, any of this requires focus. It requires diligence to get better, to get better at anything requires diligence, which is apply to effort over time and intentionality to it. Attention to detail. 


You need to become really effective and good and, and excellent and skilled. And so it’s important to, to put that time into something in order to be great, to be the best. You know, I think it’s, it is kind of pointless actually enough. Now the thing about it, you know, you want to be the best and I mean anything you do, you want to be the best at it, right? I mean, the point is to be really good. You know, there will always just understand there will always be someone better than you, but if you’re aiming to be the best you can not get short of good, you will never get short of good. You will automatically become very good by trying to achieve being the best. 


So in that case I would just, you know, say you know, anyone can learn guitar if they are willing to, you know, have patience with themselves, to have perseverance when things get hard, to be diligent, to apply their effort over time with the instrument, to have focus to achieve little goals so that you can achieve bigger goals and discipline to constantly be doing this over periods and even greater periods of time to have the discipline to do it all in guitar lessons in Tulsa. And any, anyone with those five things I think can Excel and have success at being a wonderful and maybe even one of the greatest guitar players of all time. 


Now when it comes to being a master at anything, the, you’ll notice the masters at things, the masters in Kung Fu, the masters at music, the masters that guitar playing, the masters in jujitsu, the masters in driving the masters in the building. They are first masters at the fundamentals and then their masters in the more accelerated and intermediate intermediate, accelerated knowledge. Then you know, they’re, they’re masters of speed and consistency and fluidity and rarely make mistakes. Why? Because they are proficient. They are more, most excellent at all of the little things. The details masters are masters at the details there. They’ve mastered to conquer. They’ve conquered the details. They conquered their mind, they conquered the, the patients. 

You know, you can’t become a master without patients. You can’t become a master without discipline. You can become a master without, you know, focus. I love one example of the karate kid where Mr. Hahn and a will son Jayden were, you know, fighting and training. You know, mr Han was training young, Jaden and he said, your focus needs more focus. And that’s a true statement. You know, sometimes our focus right now needs a little bit more focus. We need to get developed that focus muscle, the ability to just push through the distractions, to put the blinders on and stay focused on a task until success. 


Focus tasks until success in guitar lessons in Tulsa. You know, there’s a, there’s an acronym for focus and I forgot what it was, but it had to do with focusing current tasks until success. Which was one of the acronyms by the great clay Clark and his wonderful mentor. Wonderful guy. And so anyways, anyone can learn to play guitar if they’re willing to do those five things. So stay disciplined in guitar lessons in Tulsa.