Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | Winter Celebration

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So one way that we are doing this is another way that we’re doing this I should say, is by doing awesome things like making a little candy cane ornament. So I know probably most of you have made one of those candy cane ornaments before. It’s just a pipe cleaner with some little beads on it. And these candy hinterlands are super easy to make and they’re super easy to buy this stuff for. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to have them make this little ornaments while we are at, you know, while we’re, while their recital recitals going on while their siblings are playing in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So we’re going to just make, assemble these little bags I should say with you know, the beat that are in the pipe cleaner. It’s necessary and little little tiny instructions to go along with it. That’s another thing that we’re going to do to make sure that our space is really conducive to small children and their siblings, things of that nature. So I’m working a ton of that on that this week. But another thing that I’m working on for this Christmas or a settled that’s coming up in just three short weeks, I’m working on doing all of the rentals.

So the space that we’re doing, it actually does not have enough chairs for us. We do have a lot of people coming expected I should say because at our last one we didn’t have as many, but we know that are, we’ve grown tremendously since then. And the response that we’ve gotten about this recital has been huge from students in guitar lessons in Tulsa. So we want to make sure that we have plenty of seating. So I’m going to be renting some chairs for that. Also going to rent some tables and some table costs and be sure tables for people to stand up at because you don’t have to be seated at a table the whole time. It’s kind of just come and go, walk around, hang out type thing.

So it’d be straight. He will are ideal for that. That’s one of the things that we are going to do. Eckerd’s music Academy and our Christmas are settled and I think that we’re going to do is we’re going to have a kind of games. So Kelly’s been working a ton on coming up with clever games and one of these Culver games is, or we’re going to make little snowmen out of coffee tents. So we painted these coffee tens, white and painted a little and face on them. We’re going to do is we’re going to stack these tents up and then kids can throw a beanbag at them and try to knock them down and whoever gets the most docked down wins.

That’s really fun. Super fun game. But we’re going to play with some kids and the next thing that I want to talk is a Wraith toss. So it’s going to be like a ring toss. But with the Christmas wreath and what we’re going to toss a little wreath on isn’t actually a small little Christmas tree. So that’s going to be super fun for kids for sure. And another thing that we want to do with them is, you know, focus on making sure that we have fun things for them and their families to do, whether it’s outside or during the recital, whatever it might be. It’s really fun for them. We want to make sure that being super, you know, careful and cautious, make sure that everyone’s having a good time, not just us and not just their siblings who are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So there are just lots of things that are going good too. The making of this Christmas recital, trying to make it super awesome and fun for everyone, especially the kids and what we’re doing for the families they should say like their parents and things of that nature would be making the all those cookies and treats. We’re also gonna have an open coffee bar, but just going to be really fun for parents for sure. Everyone wants coffee, especially from a nice super awesome coffee shop, so it’ll be really fun to have all those people. They’re making coffee for us and let us have a good time while we hang out at this Christmas recital for students in guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So accredited meets Academy, we most definitely take recitals seriously and we want to make sure that there are place for everyone to feel comfortable and have a ton of fun. We want to make sure that they are where everyone enjoys themselves, not that they suck. We want to make sure that they’re not boring, not stuffy or cold. We want to make sure also the people aren’t nervous. We want to make sure that our young students don’t feel nervous or scared while playing songs from guitar lessons in Tulsa in this super fun upcoming celebration recital that we have coming up super quickly on december 1st in just three short weeks.

It’s not a high pressure situation like a ton of recitals are. We’re not going to put them up on some massive stage in front of all of the loved ones. We’re just going to hang out, have a tiny little stage in a coffee shop. It’s a really cozy environment, and I think it’s gonna be really good for the kids. They’re going to feel really comfortable while they’re there and hanging out. So that’s really awesome thing that we’re going to do here at Curtis music Academy and our upcoming winter celebration that will be super fun for kids of all ages and especially for students and their families who are taking piano lessons with Curtis Music Academy or are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.