Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Providing Resources for Your Students

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Previously we had discussed giving resources and providing resources for our guitar students and in that article we had outlined a few different ways that Curtis music academy creates content and provides a great lesson experience for our guitars students. And today I’m going to be talking a little bit more about the content itself and some of the different resources that we have found to be very helpful for our guitars students as they take guitar lessons in Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. Throughout the course of taking lessons, many people have written, I realized that Guitar Students and guitar instructors are similar because they are typically very apathetic about the way that they’re taught. Most instructors are very apathetic or inward thinking on how they are teaching lessons. And so at Curtis Music Academy we want to provide students with an exceptional experience where they can come in and receive instruction in a way that is phenomenal. And so we constantly fine tune and critique the way that our instructors teach lessons, but not just the owner of critiquing the instructors. Our instructors even critique themselves to make sure that they are learning at a phenomenal rate for our students. 


And one of the things that we will be talking about is the resources that we provide to our students. Now anytime we teach a chord or a series of cord and pretty much any guitar instructor, we’ll have a diagram to show the students where those chords would be located on the guitar. And one of the things that instructors tend to neglect is the fact that many students learn in different ways. So for instance, some students learn by seeing a visual representation of the cord. Another student, during their guitar lessons in Tulsa, might learn simply by placing the fingers on the guitar and using the tactile motor skills to remember the shape of their hand as they place it on the guitar. And then there’s the other students that would learn, which would include the instructor describing where to place their fingers in the terms of words. So the student would be told to place this second finger on the second fret of the third string. And that is how some students learn if they are auditory learners. But what we have found, and this has been proven through research, that even if a student is heavily 


focused as a visual learner, by having auditory cues and tactile cues, the student will learn the concepts even quicker. So the more resources you are able to provide to your students, the quicker they will learn. And that is why it’s so important to provide multiple ways to teach the same exact concept in your guitar lessons in Tulsa. So for Curtis Music Academy, we provide resources for our students and then we teach it as if the resources were not there. And that is because we want to provide all of the different experiences for our students, for them to learn at a quick rate as well as the most effective way to remember what it is that we covered in the lesson. 


So if we are teaching a chord, we won’t just throw a diagram on the music stand and ask this student to play the chord that they see on the page. And in fact, one of our guitar instructors here at Curtis Music Academy provided a phenomenal lesson experience for our students by creating a six month curriculum in which when we have a student that is first taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, we have a plan for them to go from lesson one to six months and for them to grow in a phenomenal way through this curriculum curriculum. And the great thing about what we have seen through this curriculum is a specific method that the boy scouts use and it is called the edge method. And the way that this works is by explaining 


and then describing and demonstrating and then giving the student enough resources for them to feel successful. And then lastly, for the student to be able to be empowered. And this is very important for students if they want to be successful, they should have every opportunity that is afforded to them by taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, especially at Curtis Music Academy. So some of those resources are going to include chord charts, but some of the resources will include major scales and it will outline not only the notes on sheet music, it will also include the notes in tablature form for some students that would be easy for them. Furthermore, another way that we would describe the C major scale is by showing a picture of the fret board so that students could not only read the notes, not only know the frets to play on tablature, but also a visual representation of the fretboard and the dots that would correlate to the strings as well as the frets. 


And this is something that is very important as a guitar instructor is providing resources that have multiple ways to explain the exact same thing. And so we also provide this when we share lessons for people that are taking the piano, we provide students with the sheet music notation of the major scale, and then we also provide the students with a picture of the piano and the keys that they would need to press for that given major scale. So throughout the course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, a student would feel empowered through the courses and through the resources to be successful as a guitar student. Some other resources that we provide are the complete chord charts for any given songs and some students enjoy reading chord charts from different websites where they provide the lyrics as well as the core that would correlate to the chords above the lyrics. 


And these are great ways to learn music within guitar lessons in Tulsa, if the student already knows the song because the chords change with the words. However, if a song is less familiar than what we can do is provide that student with a chord chart that will show how many beats a chord is, how without four, and this is a great resource for a student that is having difficulty knowing how long a cord should be played for before moving to the next chord, especially if the chord changes are in random spots throughout the phrases. 


If the chord changes every single measure, it’s usually a little bit easier to know exactly where that student is at as he or she is playing through the song. However many songs, we’ll play one chord for two measures, and then we’ll change chords on the third measure. And it goes through three chords in the same measure, and then goes back to holding a chord for two measures. So if the chord changes are irregular, it makes it much more difficult for beginning students to know how long to play any given chords. So throughout the course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, a student should feel empowered to not only be given the resources to take lessons and be successful with that, but also to go home and practice throughout the next week from the resources that were given to them by their instructor, whether it is printed out or handwritten, or whatever it takes for that instructor to be successful with it.