Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Preparing for Lessons by Creating Tutorials

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


As a music academy that is constantly growing and refining the way that we teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, one of the things that we have experienced is the opportunity to explore different programs and different software and writing techniques to create content that will be exquisite for our current and future students. One thing that Curtis Music Academy enjoys doing is preparing for not just one student, but preparing for many future students that are to come and by putting in the time to prepare for one specific student, we are helping the success of future students each and every time that we do so. 


By creating a video tutorial for a student, by creating a packet of information through guitar lessons in Tulsa. All of these things are helping future students as they grow and take lessons at Curtis Music Academy, one of the largest tendencies for instructors, whether it is a single instructor that is teaching inside of their home or a group of instructors that are collaborating through their own styles of teaching, one thing that happens is that typically an instructor will progress towards helping that one specific student. But then after that information is taught, they don’t keep track of the lesson material for that student. So that requires the instructor to prepare for however many lessons they have every single week and they’re constantly taking their brain power throughout the week rather than tailoring the lesson to the specific student that they will be teaching the content to. Instead, they’re just trying to remember what the content is and how it should be taught. 


So this is a very beneficial thing for students when they can have all of the resources available to them on the lesson. And when our students go home and practice throughout the week, we want our students to feel as empowered to practice as possible. If they don’t feel empowered as soon as they walk out the door, if they are struggling with the content, that means they will only be frustrated when they get home and begin practicing it on their own. 


Or also they might not just be frustrated. It could cause a long term disdain for practicing. It could cause frustrations for practicing in the future. So because of this, we really want our students that are taking guitar lessons in Tulsa to walk out of the door and feel empowered and encouraged that they are able to practice the content easily, efficiently and effectively. And that is our job to make that happen. It’s not the job of the students whether or not they’re practicing of course is in the freewill of the student. However, if we are unable to make practice enjoyable for our students, then that is our problem. That is something that us as instructors need to address and we need to figure out a plan quickly. 


Furthermore, when we send our students out of the studio to go home and practice, they should have tangible handouts to help them practice. They should have definitions. If there’s a word that is newly addressed, they should have the definition for that word and they need to 


have videos. If it is a concept that is not written down on paper. So for instance, many students play the guitar and have no interest in reading to play sheet music. And if a student has no interest in reading sheet music, then that causes us to figure out a way to make their learning experience as effective and efficient as possible. And that is something that we strive to do in our guitar lessons in Tulsa because we want our students to love learning the guitar. We want our students to love practicing that guitar at home. And if they are not practicing or enjoying their instrument, then that is a big problem. 


Another difficult thing that we experience is with younger students that are learning to play the guitar, many younger students have difficulties with the fact that they have to press the fingers firmly against the strings. And the fretboard and push it down in a way that allows the student to play a nice clean note that does not have buzzing. This is the purpose of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa! And first of all, that sounds great. However, many younger students despise practicing because of the discomfort that they experience in their fingers. And so this is a challenge that many instructors will experience as they continue to teach. And if an instructor is teaching a younger student and surely they will experience this difficulty. 


Throughout the course of teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa that you will want to find different things that you are noticing with your students. Find different areas that you feel your students could improve upon and figure out a solution for yourself to be a better instructor in addressing those problems. Because the problems that our students are facing are problems that anyone faces. They may just be the majority of that situation. However, it is our job as instructors to address those problems and give them answers to help them to practice and making practice fun. That’s something that is enjoyable as well. Ensuring that our students are giving enough input to help us as instructors to make their lives easier throughout the week when they are not in their lesson. 


So if you are noticing some things that your students are experiencing, and it happens frequently between students like the uninterest in practicing or the discomfort in the fingers, we would want to figure out a solution to make that student very excited to practice and to show the students just how quickly and efficiently the student can grow throughout their course of taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. Because we want our students to thrive. 


We want them to learn at a expedited rate and to show each and every student that walks in the door that it is possible and that they can achieve success and that they can achieve the most amazing feats through taking lessons and learning to play an instrument, especially the guitar where many students have indeed grown not only as musicians, but also as people as they put in the hard work and the diligent practice that they can put, not only into their instrument, but also into their lives and see success in their lives.