Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | First Lesson Format

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Now I’m going to talk about what the format of our first lesson is here at Curtis Music Academy. And this applies to all of the lessons that we offer, whether that be guitar lessons in tulsa, piano lesson or vocal lesson. Each of them is laid out the same way. So when we schedule a first lesson, we of course get in touch with the student and their parent and we let them know exactly where we’re located, all the important information that they will need. When it comes to the day of, we will send them a reminder message so that they do not forget that they scheduled their first lesson and then when they get here.

So since we have a home studio, people will often park in the driveway and we can see them from the windows when they walk up. So it is our job as instructors and administrative assistants to open the door for them, greet them with a smile, and invite them into our warm and comfortable inviting space that we have created, and we do this thing at Curtis Music Academy where all of our first lessons are actually just $1. So that lends itself to people feeling comfortable when they come in. They don’t feel a lot of pressure because they have not signed a contract or anything like that and they’re not committed to anything but that one lesson. So I think that really helps when they first come in for guitar lessons in Tulsa, they’re already in a calm place of mind knowing that the only thing they have tied up in this lesson is a 30 minutes of their time in $1.

So there’s not a whole lot of commitment and there is not a lot to be worried about. So once we invite them into the home, we will, if the guitar instructor is still currently teaching a lesson, then we will invite them in, offered them coffee or tea or water that we have in our space and then we will get that prepared for them if they want it. We will guide them into our comfortable living room that has couches magazines and is surrounded by open, natural light from the windows. So the student and students parents will sit down on the couch, be comfortable while they wait for the instructor to finish the lesson that they had prior to theirs. So once they are in the door and relaxed, they’ll able to sit down and get them make comfortable before the guitar lessons in Tulsa begins. And this often puts our students add relaxed state of mind.

They don’t feel a lot of pressure and they tend to just feel really comfortable about what they’re doing. Then the instructor will exit their previous lesson and greet the student and their parents with enthusiasm, excited that they’re there because at Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we are very excited that our students are here and we place a lot of emphasis on getting to know them and knowing things about them before they even get here. So it is really important to us to greet our new students by name. So when we first open that door to allow them to come in our studio, we be sure to greet them by name, both the student, the parents, and even the siblings if we are able to. So that is one of the most important things that we do is making sure that we greet everyone who comes in by name.

So after the student and the parents are in the waiting room, relaxing and reading a magazine or drinking coffee, our instructor would come out, greet them excitedly and then they will go in to their lesson and the parent is more than welcome to go in the lesson with the student. We have two studio rooms and they both have an additional chair or couch in them so that the parent can make themselves comfortable, especially during the first guitar lessons in Tulsa. That oftentimes provides peace of mind for a parent to be able to sit in on their child’s lesson and watch the instructor and watch the student and see how far they come and just one lesson. So the instructor will, in the lesson, that instructor will get to know the student, ask them about themselves, see how their day went, and then they’ll move into being able to assess how much they actually know on the instrument.

So if it is a beginner piano student, they will see how much they actually know. If they don’t know anything and they are an absolute beginner, the instructor will likely start out with explaining what the keys are and what the difference in the white keys and the black keys is. And then they will maybe start with identifying notes on the piano. So showing them where the middle C is and having them play and find all of the C’s on the piano and find those. And then they will go into whatever is appropriate for the age level. Oftentimes our students are coming from maybe a different studio and they have some background knowledge. So this first $1 lesson is a really good way for the instructor to get to know exactly how much knowledge the student has of the instrument, whether that is guitar lessons in Tulsa, piano, or vocal even. It is just really important in the first lesson to assess so that you know how to proceed. Because at Curtis Music Academy we place a lot of emphasis on focusing on the student’s goals. So by getting to know how far they are on the guitar or piano, we are able to actually physically lay out a plan to go over their goals and a plan for how to reach them.

So in that first lesson, that is what they tend to do. The parent is able to sit there with them and feel comfortable and confident in our instructor needs abilities. And the students also is very calm and relax for the most part because our instructors like to have a good time, they enjoy their lessons and they are genuinely glad though both the student and the parent was able to be there because our Curtis Music Academy, what we really want to get out of our students as we want them to enjoy their instrument that they’re playing, we want them to have a good time learning it. And the first lesson is a great way for us to be able to showcase how much we truly do care. So that first experience is critical to how a student ends up in enjoying their lessons. It, it’s very, very, very important.

But we have a really fantastic system set up to get to know the students, get to know the parents and put everyone at ease before your Tulsa guitar lessons even start. So that creates a fun, relaxing environment where the student actually wants to learn. And then once the lesson is over, after the 30 minutes, the administrative assistant, which is me, will come in the door smiling and happy and talk to the parent or the student and go over what exactly we do here, Curtis Music Academy. So we will go over all the information that the parent or student would need to know if they choose to go forward with their lessons. So we will explain our various lesson packages. We will go over what students typically two, we will take a look at the student’s goals and how we can reach them. Pricing options. Oh, the important details will be covered at the end of that first lesson so that the parent and the student can feel confident in what they’re signing up for if they do indeed to stick with it and continue taking lessons after that first lesson.

So, before the end of that first lesson, there’s still no commitment. So you can finish your first lesson, have learned what you wanted to learn, pay your $1 and head out the door. Because that is what we offer. We offer guitar lessons in Tulsa without commitment because of that first lesson. But, obviously most of our students, after taking their first lesson, enjoy it so much that they want to come back and take more lessons. So we will wrap that up and give them all the information they will need to know and send them on their way with a book and a new found hobby that they truly enjoy.