Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | What to Know Before Guitar Lessons

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I’ve definitely already done this one before, but I’m just kind of going through that list of 29 podcast topics that we’ve got typed up and I want to try to do a podcast on each of them to just kind of maximize what I’m doing and how I’m doing this podcast here. So the next one on this list is the best things to know for guitar lessons. And I’ve talked about it before, like I said, but there is really nothing that you need to know before taking guitar lessons and that is definitely the good news. I think that it’s really good news that you don’t have to have any sort of prior knowledge to be successful at it because I know a lot of our students call in and they’re nervous about taking lessons.


Because they don’t know anything about music. Maybe they’ve never picked up a guitar, they’ve never looked at sheet music, they’ve never learned how to read it or learn it or play out or whatever it might be. But I think it’s, we should be really encouraging that you don’t actually have any sort of musical knowledge to succeed taking lessons at Curtis Music Academy. So before you do take guitar lessons there only a couple of things that I feel like you should have and then no more just characteristics and habits more than anything else. 


More than any specific knowledge because like I said, there are no prerequisites. We teach anyone and everyone who’s wants to learn music because we don’t discriminate on the basis of what you know. We think it’s more important than you have the right attitude for learning music. So one of the attitudes that you need to have as an attitude of perseverance, you need to be willing to work hard towards something because music oftentimes at the beginning seems pretty easy. You’re learning the quick stuff, learning the notes and things like that, but there will come a time when it does get really hard and you’re not really sure where to go. 


Maybe you become unmotivated because it is too difficult. And that’s where really knowing yourself and knowing that you’re capable of pushing through comes into handy because we want to make sure that you are capable of pushing through when things get hard and like you’re not just going to give up because if you are just going to give up, the musical essence might just not be for you because it does take a lot of work and a lot of effort and they’re not cheap. So if you’re going to give up almost immediately afterwards, once things started to get hard, which is probably pretty soon, then Mesa questions might not be the thing for you and the thing that you should invest your money in.


 So the first thing that you didn’t know before taking guitar lessons is that it requires perseverance. And the next thing that it requires is just patience. Patience with yourself, patience with your teacher, patients with this song, things like that. Because like I said, they woke it hard and a lot of people, when it gets hard, they blame themselves and they get frustrated because they should know these things. And they don’t, and that’s really self destructive behavior. We want to make sure that we’re keeping our students from any type of self destructive behavior so that they know exactly what they’re doing and we just want to make sure that they are doing their best in music and they’re not being too hard on themselves because it is really difficult and not everyone’s going to get it on the first try.


 It takes a lot of work and effort, but I think it could teach you a lot about yourself if you let it. It’s one of the most important things that you can do and take music lessons is be careful of how you’re treating yourself and make sure that you’re being nice and respectful. If you don’t have these types of attitudes when you’re taking guitar lessons or piano lessons or vocal lessons, then you’re feeling like gonna set yourself up for failure and you’re not going to get the most and it’s really critical that you do these things that way you will end up succeeding at guitar lessons, whether they be at Curtis Music Academy or anywhere else. 


So more just on the line of things you should, honestly, no, there really isn’t anything but one of the things that you will learn in your first couple of lessons I can talk about and first thing that you’re going to learn when taking guitar lessons is how to hold the guitar properly because a lot of people don’t really know how to hold the guitar, right? It’s kind of difficult. It’s not easy and not a lot of people know Adam properly hold it. It holding the guitar is one of the most important things of course wouldn’t mean it comes to playing it because you have to be able to hold it properly in order to play it properly. 


So if you do want to succeed at guitar, you should learn it in your first couple lessons. How to properly hold the guitar. As far as before taking guitar lessons in Tulsa though, it’s really all about attitude. Like I mentioned, having a positive attitude about learning, positive, positive attitude about putting in the hard work and things of that nature. All of those are just really critical to taking [inaudible] and just general patients with yourself and with others because you never know when you’re gonna need to learn something that’s going to be difficult and stuff like that. So here at Curtis Music Academy, these are just a couple of tips that we’ve come up with for things to know for taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. 


And these are not exhaustive, it’s obviously not an exhaustive list of things you should know. But there’s, there are just a couple on the list of things that you should know before taking guitar lessons in Tulsa. And another thing that you should know before taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, especially at Curtis Music Academy, is that we really truly care about our students and we’re going to put in the effort to make sure that they succeed. So it’s really important that you know that we are always working towards helping you and things of that nature. I want to make sure that we are doing our best to help our students learn and be successful and learning guitar. 


And two, you’re going to come to your lessons and we’re going to be invested in you. And it’s not somewhere where you can just skip lessons all the time and things like that because we aren’t going to notice obviously, and it’s so one on one, um, private that we want to make sure that we are always being on top of it. Staying accountable, helping you keep accountable for taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and being on top of your goals. We would help you reach your goals in a way that we can, and that’s why we provide things like documents and all that stuff, just to make sure that you’re being successful.