Guitar lessons in Tulsa | First Lesson Logistics

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

When you are giving a first $1 lesson, one of the benefits of that is to provide an opportunity for students to meet their instructor and have a great experience at their lesson. So today we had Curtis Music Academy. We’re presented with the amazing opportunity to meet with two families for their children’s first $1 lesson. And the most awesome thing about this is that parents can come in and we get to meet the parent and have a great time explaining how awesome their kid is and we can see these families and show them why we love teaching lessons. And if you are interested in taking lessons, I highly recommend that you take advantage of the first $1 lesson. Because what that is going to do is it’s going to set you up for a phenomenal experience when learning to play guitar lessons in Tulsa. And as we talk to these families about what is motivating them to begin taking lessons, it’s always incredibly exciting to hear some of the answers that they have in taking lessons. And if a student is interested in learning to play the guitar, we get to hear what it was that caused them to have that interest in the first place.

So today, one of the daughters had spoken with us about wanting to take guitar lessons in Tulsa and she had been wanting to play the guitar for five years. And when she came into that lesson, that was her first experience with learning to play the guitar. And it was so humbling for us at Curtis Music Academy because we were able to see this goal of her come into fruition. She was at a guitar lesson for the first time in her life and she had been wanting to play the guitar for five years. And so through this experience, it has shown us that we are helping people’s dreams come true when somebody comes to us and explains that they have been wanting to play guitar for many, many years and they come to us to take a first lesson and we get to meet that family. It’s a great experience for us to enjoy. So if you’re interested in taking lessons in learning to play the guitar, this is something that you should consider taking a $1 lesson just to see if you would enjoy learning this instrument. So another thing that’s really exciting is we had another student come in who had taken guitar lessons in Tulsa at a different location here in Tulsa. And this student said that scheduling was a little bit crazy.

They said that the place that they were previously taking lessons was a little bit difficult to work with and they, were stuck into the groove of the way that they’ve always done things and they weren’t really all that interested in being flexible, not only with the lessons but also with the scheduling. So we weren’t able to meet with this family and hear more about some of the frustrations that they’ve had at other music schools and how we could make things even better for our students. So when a student comes for their first lesson, we want to provide them an excellent experience and we want to give them above and beyond what they were anticipating all for just $1. And as these students come to us, it’s exciting to see all of the fun ways that we can provide this exceptional service to help them reach their goals. So that’s one of the things that we really want to focus on throughout.

And another thing that’s really exciting about first lessons is I thoroughly enjoy as the owner of Curtis Music Academy, seeing my staff do such an exceptional job greeting people and making them feel so welcome during their guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s exciting to me to see this culture of being excited that our students are coming, even if they don’t decide to take lessons with us, we are still so excited that they even came and walked in the door for the potential to learn an instrument. Obviously we really do hope that they want to continue taking lessons and learn to play an instrument, but it’s exciting that we get to help them, even if it’s just for 30 minutes to see their goals come true. So as we continue to develop as instructors and as a staff, we want to provide an excellent service and it’s amazing to see how phenomenal our instructors are doing throughout this experience.

And our administrative assistant does a great job of closing the sale and so as they come for just that $1, we want to book them for the next lesson. We want to do that right away. That way it can be in the schedule and it can be all set up for the following week when they come back. And that’s what we want to see throughout this experience and our staff does a great job explaining that and making it very easy for them to experience a great result throughout that first guitar lesson in Tulsa and not to have to worry about how things go or trying to explain everything that they need to know in a short amount of words. We don’t want to be sitting there explaining all of the content of how Curtis Music Academy runs things and how they should experience all of the different things. We want to just get them in there and make things as easy to understand as possible.

We will let them know exactly how much we charge each week. We will let them know our cancellation policy and how we want to reschedule the lesson because we want to give you that lesson that you paid for. We don’t want to just take your money so because of that, that’s something that we will explain in that first guitar lesson in Tulsa and we will do a great job sharing all of that information with you. If you take a lesson with us and then as they leave, what we want to do is we want to provide the opportunity to just share our gratification to how much we appreciate them coming in and so we want to share with them and give them a thank you card. It’s always a handwritten card that we can give them to explain how much we appreciate them coming in. And then we’re going to attach a gift card. And the gift card is typically a small amount of money. It’s, it’s typically not a lot of money on the gift card, but we do things for gourmet cookies. There’s a gourmet cookie shop in Tulsa that will give a gift card for so that they can have a good experience and share their awesome first lesson experience. Even after they have completed the lesson, they can continue on and take their family to get a cookie. So that’s what we like to do at Kurdish music academy.