Guitar Lessons In Tulsa | First Impressions

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


This topic today is about giving a wow experience to begin the Y the wow experience. I wanted to just go off talking about what the student expects when they’re walking into, their first lesson when they’re, when they’re first experiencing the Curtis music Academy studio. What we expect as Curtis music Academy, how we can nail the first lesson and then customizing our documents for that student, which will we call is over-delivery. That is also my fifth point over delivery. So, first point is about what the student expects, what the student expects when they are applying for the Curtis Academy. When they’re trying out the first dollar lesson. 


We’ve given them a call, we have scheduled their appointment, they’re, they’re less, we’ve scheduled their lesson and it comes lesson day and they show up to the Academy and they’re driving past the house and they’re looking out their window looking for any signs of Ron Curtis himself or in another person that looks like a musical instructor and they’re expecting to be waived and smiled at.And they’re expecting a great experience. They’re expecting ease, they’re expecting smooth, great experience. Right? 


So it’s important for us to understand and know what these, what the students and the parents are expecting upon arrival of their first lesson. And so they’re expecting their lesson to be easy,  fun. Awesome. They expect us to like them. They expect to have the best experience possible basically, and we want to make sure that we are giving them that experience. My second point is what we expect at Curtis music Academy for at first lesson, we expect to be on our a game we expect to say, but we the correct terminology when it comes and the correct wording when it comes to our introduction to Curtis music Academy, for instance, the Curtis difference, which is on a, what we call our one sheet that we give the students, or even the parents.


And we want to just briefly describe what’s on that paper. Really just one point on that paper and then hand them the sheet after that being hospitable. Ask them whether they want soda, water or coffee. I actually that wrong. It’s not soda, it’s water, coffee or tea. And then depending on the season we’re in maybe in the future hot chocolate or even, another drink option or beverage option. We expect the entrance to be energetic, flawless, natural, fun, happy, and to let the student know that they can trust us at Curtis music Academy, that we’ve got their very best interests at heart and we are going to be tailoring their guitar lessons in Tulsa to them. 


This is the main difference from us and other music schools. That is what we expect. And then upon the lesson actually giving the lesson, we expect a rock and roll a rock on lesson. We expect to blow them out of the water, give them an inexperienced that they will never want to get away from. They will always want to come back week after week and we want to provide them an overdeliver for them each and every single week. We want them to look at us as a new and different and spectacular option when it comes to guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so to wrap that up, we really just want to give them the very best experience they’ve ever had at a music school.


My next point is about how we actually customize our documents for the students to add to this wow experience. Whenever our students show up for their first dollar lesson, they are super excited and amazed that we have a document ready for them, customized for them on their very first lesson on the document is a picture of a guitar with all of the guitar anatomy, with the title guitar anatomy at the very top and a well-crafted image that we have customized for their experience. And then for their first lesson with us going over all the details of the anatomy of a guitar that they get to keep. And on this document, every single document that comes out of Curtis music Academy that we’ve created has our stamp, our name on it, Curtis music Academy.


 This shows the new students, eh, and gives them an experience that they’ve never had before with another music school. What other music school do you know that customizes documents for their students? Particularly? I’d assure don’t know of any. It’s a great thing that we have this capability. It certainly gives our students even more reason to stay with us. And gives them plenty of reasons to feel like they will succeed and that we care about them because we’re preparing specific documents for them and for their path with us at Curtis music Academy and then over delivery. 


Every single area of the introduction to their first lesson is about over-delivering. We want to get across very clearly that this is a place you want to be, that the Curtis music Academy is your career, your music Academy, and that you don’t have to go looking for any other music Academy. You can tell your friends, you can tell your neighbors, you can tell your church friends, you can tell your parents. You could tell your brothers or sisters that if they ever want guitar lessons in Tulsa to go to the Curtis music Academy. Why? Because our guitar lessons in Tulsa are specially tailored to their goals and their desires as a musician, or singer and we can provide that for them. One way we over-deliver is by smiling and waving. Right when they are approaching the Curtis music Academy studio. 


We opened the door, we wave, we smile, big smiles, letting them know and communicating that we are happy that they are here. And then when they walk in also, you know, introducing ourselves with smiles and energy and giving them a sense of ease and comfort, knowing that they can relax and be themselves and now that we’re going to take care of them and get them to their goals and we’re always going to make sure that they feel at home. Another way we over-deliver is by having that document that I talked about, which is our one sheet or one sheet tells them what makes us different than other music schools. 


We it the Curtis difference and then on the back of that sheet it goes into what we offer, obviously the instruments and then the things that we will give them resources to help them reach their goals as well as two concerts per year. And so annual concerts, two annual concerts a year so that they can display what they’ve been learning to their fellow Curtis music Academy musicians, and also the custom documents that we give them along the way. These are ways that we give a wow experience. Again, the student expects it an amazing experience with us and they think nothing less than that. What we expect is to give them and provide them and satisfy them with that experience by being on our a game. We want to nail the guitar lessons in Tulsa each week, providing them with custom documents. And this is how we over-deliver at Curtis music Academy.