Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Training Our Team

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Today we are going to be talking about how I trained my administrative assistant to be so amazing at her job. And the thing about it is when I chose to look for hiring an administrative assistant, I was looking for someone that would be on board with what we were doing at Curtis Music Academy and as a growing business, someone that would be willing to be coachable as well as would be excited about the changes in the future and anything that we would be doing. So I made sure that this person would be an excited person for us and excited to work with us. And that was the biggest thing that I was looking for was someone that would be interested in what we were doing, excited to show up to work.

And that was the biggest thing. So this person was already an awesome person, well before they ever started working for us. So we didn’t necessarily change anything or ask them to change anything about their behavior at all. And then the first thing that we had this person do was to represent Curtis Music Academy throughout the city of Tulsa. And so this person went around looking for people that we could hire as instructors and because this person knew the type of person that we were looking for, which is an awesome person to be around, an awesome person that our students would enjoy being around.

We were looking for a person that would be great to spend time with. And throughout the course of everything that was going on at Curtis Music Academy and as we were looking for guitar instructors in Tulsa, this person went around posting fires explaining that we were looking for an instructor. And so we explained to this administrative assistant that she would be helping us and providing US growth, which would in turn provide benefits for her as well. And so as with our instructors, we pay by the hour, but then we also provide incentives and bonuses to help not only our instructors but also our other team members feel motivated and excited about being an a player throughout the course of their work with us.

And so as we continued to work together, we explained that it would be a very good thing for this assistant to introduce herself. And to meet any student that walks in the door. And so whenever we have a new student or a student that’s been with us for a long time, we ask for our administrative assistant to come in and greet them by name and welcome them into our studio and expressed to them how excited we are that they are here taking guitar lessons in Tulsa and encouraging them that we are excited for them as they continue to take guitar lessons in Tulsa.

And then throughout the day as we have different things that we need to talk about, we also have our assistant create podcasts for us, transcribed podcasts, and we are always looking to do things in an efficient way where we don’t make this person work hard. That’s the goal. We want them to be able to do things easily, effectively and to the best of our ability, not make anybody work on something that they don’t enjoy doing or something that they aren’t interested in. So that’s one of the things that we really focus on is just making sure that it is an enjoyable experience and a fun thing to do to work with us. Anytime any of our team members walk in the door, we want to have a great time explaining all of the work that they do and we want to make sure that they’re enjoying their work with us.

So throughout the course of training people and expressing how much we value their work, we try and bring that back to them by having a great experience and helping them to grow as people and as their workmanship gets better. And so when we have our assistant create podcasts, we give them topics and we help them to be successful so that they are not rambling about a topic that they don’t know anything about. We try and find different topics for them that they can feel successful going and talking and enjoying the time that they are talking about guitar lessons in Tulsa or about the administrative duties that they are required to do. And so this is something that we want to feel success with. And by having them explain different things that they are used to doing, then this is going to help them to grow. So that’s one of the things that is really helpful as they go through the day.

And then as the different seasons go through, depending on where we are at in the year, we have different recitals and performance opportunities. And so if there is a recital coming up, then our administrative assistant might go through and reach out to different venues and different opportunities for us to take part in this event. And that is something that we could do. And other than that, you never know what could happen. And by reaching out to different venues, it helps us to keep our options open and then they come up with ideas that can help us to find other approaches to our normal recite or we don’t want to make things boring. We want to make things exciting and by reaching out to different venues and keeping our options open, that helps us be more creative and have awesome ideas so that our next recital is better than the previous one.

Although there are certain things that work really well and if it does work well, we want to continue to replicate that. But honestly, we strive for a better experience for our students tomorrow, Dan, they had today. So that is reflective in not only our guitar lessons in Tulsa, but also in recital. So our administrative assistant is trained to think of awesome ideas and figure out ways to help us to make a great experience for our students throughout the course of the year. We are constantly looking ahead, not only for the most upcoming recital, but also some of the later ones. And the year end recital usually is in the fall or the early winter in December or November or even October. And we really tried to have a great experience for them and our administrative assistant does a phenomenal job of making sure that our sidewalls are top notch and are an awesome experience that are not stressful when taking guitar lessons in Tulsa.