Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Using Your Guitar Knowledge to Write Songs

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No matter how much you have learned throughout your time taking guitar lessons in tulsa, you will eventually know exactly what it takes to master the instrument. AFter years and practice, you will find the exact materials needed to become successful going through everything that you have learned. Whether you are  a beginner, or a master, songwriting can be a very enjoyable technique used to create new songs.

If you’re ready to begin a new adventure, then get ready for the greatest article of your life. With each and every guitar lesson in Tulsa, you can absolutely master songwriting and even the techniques used by the best songwriters in Nashville. Give some of the steps used to try out new sounds and expressive chord progressions. Each and every song that is written is typically in a specific key to help you maximize the legitimacy of the chords used throughout the song. If you are having trouble finding a chord to go next, you can actually use the chords in that key to help you find what should go next.

Let’s start with the verse of the song. The verse is the part of the song that sets up the Chorus. The lyrics in the verse will typically change each time it is repeated, which is important for telling the story. In your guitar lessons in Tulsa, you will find many examples of verses that change the lyrics throughout the song. Then, when you come to repeat the verse, you change in words and structure will help to strengthen the song. This is a vital part of your song, and the foundation for making the song pop.

After the verse, is typically the chorus. Sometimes, there is a pre-chorus between the verse and the chorus, but we will describe that in the following paragraph. The chorus is absolutely the most important section of your song. This is the section that repeats the most, and the lyrics almost always stay consistent throughout the song. However, even though the melody and words may stay the same, this is a perfect place to add in some killer guitar riffs and added background music to strengthen the final chorus. If you are having trouble finding an amazing guitar part to layer into this mix, feel free to bring it up at your guitar lessons in Tulsa.

If you don’t know what to layer into the chorus, stick with the notes that are in the current chord that is played. For instance, if the chord at the beginning of the chorus is a C Major Triad, then the notes will be c, e, and g. Be sure to include a melody that uses one, two, or even all three of those notes. This will help ensure that your music is cohesive and helps to minimize the wrong notes. If the song is going back and forth between a C Major Triad and an A minor Triad, then perhaps use the notes c and e frequently. This is because both c and e are inside of the C Major and A minor triads. If this is new news to you, then please schedule your first lesson at Curtis Music Academy for just one dollar. We will spend an entire thirty minutes helping you to understand what notes are inside of triads and we’ll also discuss how you can make your songs sound even better. All of this will be included in your guitar lessons in Tulsa.

As I mentioned earlier, the chorus is typically included after the verse. However, many times, a songwriter may decide to include a short section in between those two sections to pull the structure of the song together. This is called a pre-chorus. The pre-chorus is typically a section that repeats the words each time, unlike the verse. Many times, the chord structure will change from Major in the verse, to minor in the pre-chorus. Or, if the song began in a minor key, perhaps the pre-chorus will be major. Regardless, the pre-chorus should absolutely have some sort of change in mood to help distinguish the exclusivity from the verse.

After you have completed your verse, optional pre-chorus, and certainly the chorus, the most common thing to do next is to go back and repeat the entire song up to this point. If the song began with an intro, play the intro a second time after that first Chorus. Now, it will no longer be called an intro, because it is not at the beginning of the song. Your guitar instructor will help you identify each of these parts of the song while you take guitar lessons in Tulsa. However, instead of an intro, we will call it an interlude or perhaps an instrumental.

After you have repeated the entire song through, the following instrumental after the second chorus should absolutely be heavier and change in mood from the original intro. Change up the chord progression, change up the structure of major and minor chords to allow for a change in atmosphere that your song brings. Add in an amazing guitar solo and play through the pentatonic scale three times, rub your guitar strings up and down two times, and then at the end of the instrumental, the crowd will be roaring. This is exactly what happens when you take guitar lessons in Tulsa. Your life will change, and your songs will be magnificently better.

The last independent section of the song is the bridge. The bridge is almost always introduced after an instrumental section, which is discussed in the paragraph above. After the instrumental, it is your goal to mix things up as much as possible for the sake of interest. The bridge typically will be included around two minutes, forty-five seconds in a three and a half minute song. Many artists actually ask a friend or co-songwriter to write the bridge for their own song. This is because it helps to shift the perspective of the song to a completely different angle. If you’re taking guitar lessons in Tulsa, you could ask your instructor at Curtis Music Academy to help you write the bridge!

These are all ways that you can be successful writing songs throughout your musical career. Just keep in mind, songwriting is an art form, just like playing the guitar. If you’re interested in taking songwriting or guitar lessons in Tulsa, be sure to fill out the contact form on our website to ensure that most efficient response from our wonderful and incredibly humble team of musicians.