Guitar Lessons Near Me | The Amazing Goals of the Diligent Doer Part 2

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As far as the goals of the diligent doer, we ask our students to put them somewhere visible so that when they’re practicing and when they’re going forward with their music. We want to make sure that they can see it and that they are very aware of that goal and that it’s in the back of their mind while they’re practicing. Because as you might guess, it is actually a really big motivating factor to take guitar lessons near me. It is also very motivating to see your goal right in front of you and see that that’s something that you have wanted to accomplish. And the other thing that we have that has to do with goals and the Diligent Doer is.

This document that we’ve created that has a little mountain picture and it shows a couple different steps towards the top of the mountain and the top of the mountain is where you put your biggest goal. So instead of putting your number one goal on the diligent doer postcard sticky note thing, you can stick it at the top of the mountain on this document. And at the top of this mountain is where that goal will go. And then at the bottom, we start writing in steps that you can take to get there. So, for example, if your goal is to play a song professionally, play music professionally or anything like that, what we would ask you to do is to take the document with you in your guitar lessons near me so you don’t actually have to do anything as a student. But we would make this document for you, have your name on it.

You would put your number one goal at the top. And then we our instructors, not myself, I would say, but our instructors would talk to you about that goal. What specifically you’re wanting to do. So get some more information on it, because specificity is a very key when it comes to musicals. If you don’t specify, it’s really hard to stick to. But once we get a little bit more specificity on what your specific goal is. So say you want to perform in a jazz club in six months. That is an incredibly specific goal and that is something that our instructors can help you accomplish.

So once you get specificity, what we’ll do then is create tangible steps for how you can get to that goal. So for most goals, if they’re big enough, they’re incredibly daunting and it’s a little bit scary. People always talk about how if you don’t, goals don’t scare you and they’re not big enough. But because guitar lessons near me can be, we kind of believe the same thing. So we would make sure that these goals are really big, but that they’re also achievable. So it has to be twofold. They’ve got to be big, exciting goals, but they also have to be achievable goals, something that you can actually accomplish through working through it. So maybe not. Maybe. Your goal shouldn’t be to become a professional musician, but playing for a specific event, that’s something that we can work with.

So again, I want to get it specified down to what your specific, very specific goal is. What we do then is we take these tangible steps to get that. So we’ll write them out on the document. And I believe that on this specific document that we don’t have to use this document. There are four or five portions where the little landing platforms along the mountain where you can get to them and work your way up. While we’re looking at the mountain and noticing that there are guitar lessons near me, it leads to these steps. You have to sit down with your instructor and develop because it is really difficult when you look at this giant scary goal to know how on earth am I going to get here? How on earth am I going to move forward to this goal and actually reach it? There’s no way that I can do it.

Well, we can assure you that there is a way you can do it. You just have to make sure that you’re taking the right steps along the way. And that’s where instructors come in, making sure that you are taking the right steps to actually reach your goal, because if you’re not taking steps, then you’re not working toward your goal and you might have a goal. And that’s awesome. You quite see the goal. That’s awesome. But if you do not know how to get there, then you’re not making any more progress than someone who doesn’t even have a goal to begin with. So that is something that we have really talked about, Curtis Music Academy.

We’re going to make sure we implement it with all of our students so that they know that goals are incredibly important and that they see their goal, they know their goal, and then they take active steps to get to them. So that is something that we are really, really strong on, is knowing your goal. And that comes into one of the things about guitar lessons near me. We have in the Curtis Music Academy difference to be going to make sure that all of our students are actively working towards the goals, because if you’re not actively working towards your goals, then you’re probably not going to be very into what you’re doing. So that’s another really big factor that I haven’t talked about yet.

But what are the key factors in the diligent doer as someone who enjoys those goals and is excited about them, and that makes them therefore excited about the instrument that they’re learning, whether it’s folk piano or guitar lessons near me. Knowing what you want to do and knowing where you want to end up is a really big motivating factor. And it really helps you to be motivated to continue with what you’re doing with your craft is how you’re going about that. So that’s something that we wanna make sure all of our students are doing, is knowing their go and working towards a goal, because that will keep them into the instrument, that’ll keep them excited about it because they know exactly where they’re headed.

And we know exactly where you have you know exactly where you’re going to end up. And that was comforting and motivating all in one. So it’s really important that each of our students understand the importance of setting goals and how that really helps them in terms of motivating them to continue with their instrument and become excited and think about it. Because of Curtis music academy, we know that guitar lessons near me are incredibly important to one’s lifestyle, your well being. They’re really beneficial to you as a person. And we want to make sure all of our students are excited about the music that they’re learning so that they will continue with lessons and continue with all the glorious benefits that they have to offer. So goals have something to do with all of this. And that is a really important thing that we focus on a lot here at Curtis music.