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The next thing that I want to talk about on this edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast is one of the cool features that we have here at Curtis Music Academy. If you’re looking for guitar lessons near me, you could certainly consider joining a group guitar course called Guitar Grill and Chill. So we’ll be talking about this today. I know I talked about a ton of times in the past, but today especially I wanted to talk about this because this course just ended tonight. So Guitar Grill and Chill is what it’s called. Is a group guitar course that we offer here. And Curtis Music Academy is open to everyone, but it is more of an advanced non-book in our group.

They kind of have all started this process together. They all were in the same class at the beginning. And so they kind of grew together as musicians. And so that way they all kind of grew up to an advanced level, more advanced part level. So that’s really cool to see that the people that are in it right now have all been able to play together for a couple of years now and they’ve all advanced to the same level, which is really awesome because that’s pretty much what you want. When providing guitar lessons near me, you don’t want a bunch of people who are at different playing levels that play different things.

That makes it really difficult to have fun and have a song that works for everyone. That’s one of the hardest parts. So guitar lessons near me will be going until a really cool aspect of Curtis Music Academy. So what it is essentially is a group guitar course that meets once a week and they meet for one hour a week on Wednesday nights. But this time has changed, you know, for a couple of times based on instructor availability and student availability. So it is a little bit flexible. But right now you meet Wednesday nights for 1 hour and it meets at 5 30. So that’s really awesome.

What they do is there’s a couple of members who think there’s technically five of them. But, you know, if the group has guitar lessons near me, you never know who is actually going to show up. So I think there were only two of them, plus the instructor teaching them for tonight’s Guitar Grill and chill session. But what they do is they all get together once a week for an hour at a time and they play music together. They play the guitar.

And they used to be outside all the time, which is really awesome. So the old guitar show and we were still having it running Kelly’s house. They would have it in the backyard and they would actually grill food on the grill. They’d have a full meal together with every steak or chicken and then like that. And then they would all get to play songs around the fire. And that was really cool. That’s kind of what started it. And that was the idea there. But right now, since we moved to a new studio, it’s been on a couple of allocations. It is more about a guitar lessons near me. They do have food, but it’s not usually outside, except for tonight. Tonight, on Wednesday, March the 11th. Well, they gotta have it outside because it is 72 degrees outside. It feels phenomenal. There’s no wind. It was a perfect evening for them to play guitar up on the balcony. So tonight, the two students will finish after that game. They all got together upstairs on the balcony and ate some snacks. So the second they had tonight and their guitar lessons near me was chips, guac and salsa. So that was really awesome.

And their chips were the good kind of chips, the lime kind. So that was really, really good for them tonight to have a good snack while they’re out there playing. And it’s a really relaxed course as one of the better things about it is that it is really relaxed. It’s kind of just you play as you go. There’s obviously instructions. So things are actually getting done. But for the most part, it is typically pretty relaxed. And that’s really awesome because it’s just. Right now, it’s a group of just men. So there are five men in the course plus a male instructor, and they all play together.

So it’s a really common, relaxed environment, as you could imagine. But a group chorus is a really, really good alternative to taking private music lessons. And you might as well you all are really into private music lessons and that’s most of what you do. Why would you recommend a group quit? And that would be because I believe that a group course could be very, very supplemental to your private guitar lessons near me. So that is one thing that we are going to talk about a lot, but we do invite a lot of our guitar students who are around the age of four.

The other students invited them to come to our guitar class, which I think is really cool because they also take private lessons and they know what that’s like. But for the most part, they’ve never played guitar in a group setting. And there’s something really special about playing music in a group, especially the acoustic guitar. It’s really relaxed and it’s an entirely different ballgame from when you’re taking private guitar lessons near me. So while less structured and a lot more fun. So, of course, we do instruct not in check. We advise a lot of our guitar students who are around that age and we think they might be interested in it to come and join the guitar girl and show class because it is such a good opportunity for playing together and hanging out and having a good time once a week with a group of friends.

So Guitar Girl and Chill is something that we offer here at Curtis Music Academy and it’s just a really, really good way to supplement your private music lessons. And if you’re just wanting to try out the guitar, it’s also really good. You know that if you take a different instrument, piano, vocal, something like that, and you are going to learn the guitar, there’s one way to do it. Although, like I mentioned, this current class is a more advanced class. But guitar until is really awesome and it’s something that we do that’s very different. Music Academy, very different than most as a music school, so that’s what I wanted to talk about in this edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast was our awesome group Guitar Course.

And if you’re looking to take music lessons with us here at Curtis Music Academy, might I recommend it. Guitar Grill and Chill. check out the group course that meets on Wednesday nights. If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to us. Thanks so much.