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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are going to be discussing how anyone can learn to play the guitar in guitar lessons Tulsa. Now there’s a lot of speculation when it comes to people being able to do multiple things. Given the fact that we are human beings with specific gifts and talents. Some people believe we aren’t supposed to do anything apart from those gifts and talents. However, there are certain things that everyone is capable of doing. That doesn’t mean that they should be doing it. And so you have to determine that for yourself. However, I want to lay the playing field flat and saying that anyone can learn to play guitar as long as they’ve got one, if not both hands and one if not both feet. The reason I say that is because you can’t play guitar if you don’t have hands.

You can’t play guitar if you don’t have feet. The reason I say feet and involved feet is because there was a gentleman who did not have arms and he learned to play the guitar with his toes. So is it possible to play the guitar without hands? Yes. Now, is it possible to play guitar without feet? Yes. Why? Because you could just play them with your hands in guitar lessons Tulsa. Well, what if you neither have hands nor feet? Can you still play guitar? No, you cannot. So there is a basic requirement that you 90% of human beings have, which is arms and legs. And as long as you have arms and legs that are physically, you know, able to move and her mobile and can, you can control them and you don’t have, you know, you’re not paralyzed, then you have to have some type of limb or a ability to be able to strike.

Hold down and add pressure, both simultaneously if you’re going to be able to play the guitar in guitar lessons Tulsa. And so without further ado, my name is Steven. I’m a musician. I’ve been a musician for going on 12 years, this March of 2020 and I have enjoyed every single minute of my musician career thus far. It has been incredible. I have, I’ve learned so much thorough guitar lessons Tulsa. I’ve played so many places. I have sang so many songs. I have learned so many songs. I have played for famous such as Adam Levine or Michael Levine. My apologies. Not Adam Levine, Michael Levine. I’ve been on American idol, in preliminary auditions.

I’ve passed Tulsa, auditions and one in Tulsa and went to Chicago where I passed the, the second audition in Chicago, the third audition. However, I did not pass, but I got to play in front of executive producers and which was a fantastic experience. I got to play my own songs and it was an amazing, basic, short journey for me. However, I have been playing for 12 years and have learned many other things other than just performing in guitar lessons Tulsa. But I’ve learned how to communicate and teach what it is that I have learned myself. Two students younger than me or even older than me, I’ve gotten to teach students of all ages from five to 50 in guitar lessons Tulsa. And even plus, I have a student currently actually who is 60 or 58 53 or 58 years old and is still rocking and rolling. And so there’s many things to learn.

I think one of the best ways to learn is to teach. So if you’re a musician who’s been playing longer than a year and you find an individual who wants to learn to play the guitar, I would suggest definitely teaching as long as you can stay one step ahead of your student. So if you can do that, I believe you can teach, you can teach if you got something to, if someone has something to learn that you know in guitar lessons Tulsa. And so yes, without further ado, we are discussing how anyone can learn to play the guitar. Now in my family, I come from a musical family where everyone plays an instrument. I’ve even gone as far as to teach my two younger sisters and my younger brother to play the guitar as well.

And it’s important to note that I do come from a musical family. Therefore music is almost a requirement, not so required, but an expectation in my family. The abilities to play one or more instruments or at least to sing is a common expectation. It’s not a demand in guitar lessons Tulsa. And I think that’s what I love, that no one demands that you know, of our family. And so it’s important to know that not every family is like that. Therefore, I am kind of one of very few families out there who most of people in their family play an instrument or sing. And so that would kind of propose the question, can anyone play music? Can anyone learn to play guitar? Can anyone sing? Can anyone do this or can anyone do that?

Can anyone learn something? If you can learn, then you can learn. I mean, can anyone learn to type who has fingers on a keyboard? Yes. Then in that case you can learn the guitar. If you can type on the keyboard or keypad, whatever you want to call it, you can learn how to play the guitar. Why? Because you’re only using your fingers. Okay? Your fingers are the most important part. Your muscles, your finger muscles are the most, your hands are the most important part of guitar other than the fact that there are strings and being in tune. It sounded good. Of course, that is very, very, very important.

So as long as someone has hands and can use those hands and can, can power those hands, then yes, one can play the guitar. So, there’s a myth going around that you know, people are born with the ability of music. That is very true. Some people are, however, some people are not. But is it something that can be learned? And I think that is a yes, it can certainly be learned. And I say it can be learned because it is a skill. Skills can be replicated, skills can be passed down, skills can be duplicated, skills can be learned. And you can do it. The guitar is really just a few things guitar lessons Tulsa. It’s a body experience and it’s a knowledge experience. If you can learn something and have the capability or the ability to apply it, then you can play the guitar.

Cause you just repeat that cycle a hundred, 10,000 times for 10,000 hours. And so as long as you can do that and you can play the guitar, can a child play the guitar? Yes. Is their attention span shorter? Of course it is. Can a teenager who has hands, who can function the hands, play, pick, learn something. Yes. If they can learn something and if they can apply what they learn, they can play the guitar. Okay. How about an adult, a candidate, adult learn something? Yes. Maybe not as easily as a teenager or a young young child could, but can they learn? Yes. Can they apply what they’ve learned? They do it every day in their jobs. So yes, of course they can.

So this myth of people are born with it or is is, is true, but just because you aren’t born with it doesn’t mean you can’t learn it, nor should you not learn it. You know, it’s important to let people know that it is a skill and it isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something that you, you work at. Think of the guitar as a tool that you use. Can anyone learn how to use a hammer? Yes. Does it take some skill? Yeah. Can anyone learn to build a house? Of course. Does it take skill? Of course. Now can anyone learn how to drive a car? Pretty much. If you’ve got two feet or maybe no feet, but have hands and have consciousness, yes, of course you can have a body so that yes, the answer is yes. Anyone can learn to play the guitar if they apply themselves.