Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Administrative Assistant

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Now in this podcast, I just want to talk about my general day to day tasks with the administrative assistant here at Curtis music Academy. So a lot of times people ask me what I do here. They assume that I’m an instructor or something like that. They don’t expect a small music Academy to have someone like me in this position. But I do serve a really important role at Curtis music Academy, I believe. I think that a lot of people kind of underestimate that as an administrative assistant, and it’s sort of a lame title, but I do a lot of work here at Curtis Music Academy. In fact, I kind of do the stuff that makes the place run smoothly. So one of my big tasks is when new students come in for their first lesson, it’s my job to close that lesson. 


That being said, I supposed to go over the the closing script that we’ve created and talk to them when they come in.So when they come in the door, I greet them, talk to them, chat with them, know them by name, introduce them, bring them inside. And once they’re inside I let them get cozy and comfortable and ask them if they want anything to drink, whether that’s coffee or tea or water. We have lots of options and it’s kind of my job to be hospitable and offer all of those things to our students. Whether this is their first or their hundred-fiftieth lesson, it’s really important that I do so. So after that first $1 lesson, I go in there and I ask them how the lesson went, give them a card, things of that nature. 


I kind of just talk to them about pricing and things like that, all the important things that no one really wants to talk about but has to, that would be the definition of my job. So I do all of the first guitar lessons Tulsa and closing scripts, but I also do a lot of administrative work on the backend to being, I do a bunch of podcasts and I transcribed them all. I do research projects on new locations and event locations, event planning, I also water all the plants, things like that. I make sure the table is clean and we do have a glass table, so it shows a ton of fingerprints and it gets really dirty look.


 And if you don’t clean it regularly, I probably cleaned the glass table about twice a day. But the other thing that I do is make sure all of the glasses and cups are washed because we have a lot of people coming in and out and who accept drinks, whether it’s coffee or tea or water. And so it gets a lot of dishes dirty and it’s my job to kind of watch them and make sure that they’re all clean.So those are just a couple of the things that I do here at Curtis music Academy.


He’s kind of funny because when someone asks me what I do, I say I basically do a little bit of everything except for music. So I’m not involved in the music side of things, although that is what we do at Curtis music Academy. I’m just involved on the planning and administrative side of things. So when it comes time for performance, I try to do all the logistics. So I make sure that I’ve got the, we got the event location and everything. I helped set her up for the event, help organize the food, talk to people as they come in, just make sure everything is kind of running smoothly. So while I don’t teach guitar lessons Tulsa or anything of that nature, I do a lot of work with the administrative side of things and all this stuff like that.


So essentially at Curtis music Academy I just do a bunch of random tasks throughout the day. I can say truly that none of my days look the same. Although this week I’ve pretty much done the same thing. I go inside, water the plants and then I cleaned the glasses in the kitchen. Then I go ahead and clean the table and the dining room area at the meeting room area. Make sure that’s all clean so that we can, you know, make it easier for us and make sure it looks nice because we don’t want it soon to come inside and make the, maybe the association that Curtis Pease Academy is dirty. That’s the opposite of what we want. 


We want to make sure it’s clean and tidy, warm and welcoming in here. That’s the biggest facet of our comfortable space mantra. Want to make sure that you love where you learn in that it’s a clean and organized space for that.So that’s kind of my job is I make sure it looks clean and organized. Also in the living room we have a bunch of magazines out there on the table and it’s kinda my job to make sure that they look nice and straight. I’m not sure if that’s in my job title, but it’s what I do anyways to make sure that it looks clean and professional in here. Because when you’ve got kids that come in and such, she gets really messy in there and it doesn’t look great. 


So, so I kind of just straighten this up every time I go in there, straighten up the pillows and make sure it looks nice and neat. Not like someone just came in and destroyed all of our organizational efforts. So that’s kind of what I do here at Curtis music Academy. Do a bunch of random stuff to sort of keep the place running, but occurred to me that Academy, we do so much more than that.We actually teach full service guitar, piano and guitar lessons Tulsa. You make sure though you have, we have guitar lessons Tulsa for everyone, whether you want to learn vocal or piano or guitar. We’ve got just world-class instructors who are able to make anyone’s musical goals come true.


We’ve had a ton of students who have different goals. Some of them want to be professional musicians, some of them want to play for our family reunion and it’s our goal to help you accomplish your goals here at critical music Academy. So we have put a ton of work into working on student success and making sure that everyone is succeeding at their goals and doing well in guitar lessons Tulsa. It’s one of the best things that we do here at Curtis music Academy.