Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Consistency in Lessons

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So the importance of consistent dominance in lessons is what I’m talking about today. It’s important that we consistently dominate in our lessons. I’m dominating what that looks like is consistently giving the best lessons possible as in making them the most fun for the student. If the student enjoys it, the student will stay. If the student enjoys their lessons thoroughly, money then becomes no object for the lesson. It becomes just a, just a non of no value of no importance. Actually, whenever there’s an issue in price, there’s an absence in value. So it’s important that we create an an and give the most value, every single lesson, consistently dominating from as a, as a, as an instructor, giving them the most content possible without bombarding them and providing them with the skill and Trans translating and trance meeting the skill towards them. points that I want to hit about this topic. 


The importance of consistent dominance in lessons is one, why it’s important and these points are hitting that you know, the why. You know why it’s important to dominate, why it’s important to give your very best and to make it the most enjoyable lesson ever each time is because one, it makes you happy, right? It makes you happy when you are, when your student is happy, it makes you happy. When you know you’re doing a good job, it makes you happy. When you know that, you know, you’re, you’ve been doing things necessary to provide the very best experience for your students. It makes you, it makes you feel good whenever you arrive knowing that you’re prepared. And then when you, when it’s time for the lesson that you, you know, give the very best, instruction as possible, helping them to achieve their goal within that particular, 30 minutes and seeing them excited and happy that they learned something new. 


And then the second point is it makes the student happy. You know, it makes them feel like they’re paying for something worthwhile. It makes them feel like they’re beginning better in their achieving the goal of becoming the great guitar player at the Amazing Piano player, the amazing singer that they possibly can for, you know, this is the reason why they started. Right? And they’re from their expectation and from their mind, the way they see it is that when they are getting lessons, they expect them be awesome each time. So we definitely want to meet that expectation every single time we step into, they step into our, facility, our home, our academy. We want to make them always feel welcome and excited. You know, we want them to know that we’re excited that they’re here, that we’re so ready and have been waiting to teach them all week and cannot wait to teach them so that they will be able to, you know, play or strong or learn that scale or run that lick that they’ve been wanting to learn. Right. And then thirdly, it, it grows the business. 


And the way that it grows the business is when the student is happy. They tell others, others can not only just hear that they’re happy, but they can see that they’re happy. And word of mouth, it gets spread. That Curtis Academy, Curtis Music Academy is a fantastic place to take lessons. Not to mention the first lesson is only $1, one buck. How can you beat that? Why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?  it’s a no brainer, right? So, you know, it grows our business, you know, and with multiple, multiple experiences providing consistently that excellent and that energetic and that fascinating and memorable experience. Each time we develop a reputation for being the best for giving great lessons. And it is something also that not a lot of music schools are doing right now. You know, a lot of stories, you know, are that lessons are not fun, that they’re kind of boring, that it’s kind of like waiting until the lesson is over you, you’re just tired of hearing the student or the, that the instructor talked, you’re tired of playing one note per lesson. 


You’re tired of learning one whole song in three months. You know, it provides not the best experience. However, when you’re at Curtis Music Academy, it is not like that at all. And so it’s because that we’re intentional about providing the very best experience we can for you guys. And that’s what this is all about. This is about making you and having an and having you enjoy your learning process. And we as instructors tailor fit these guitar lessons Tulsa for you. Specifically tailor them with, with fun moments, with specific instruction, with goal oriented, lessons to help you learn the songs you want to play to help you sing the notes that you want to hit to help you jam out. Like you want to jam out, have the freedom to jam with friends, family, or whatever your goals are. Go on American idol, you know, go on the voice, you know, do professionally play piano or guitar professionally. 


This is all for your benefit. This is all of why we tailor fit these lessons to you. So this is why it’s important for us to consistently dominate in every lesson. Why? Because it makes us as the instructors happy that we’re giving a great experience too. It makes the students happy and it makes them want to tell others and show others what they’ve been learning. And just reiterate the successful guitar lessons Tulsa that reiterate for them that this is working. It re it provides them with confidence and encourages them to keep learning the craft of music and also it grows our business. And I think that’s, it’s all intertwined and it’s everything matters. Especially when it comes to the growth because growth is a sign of health. And so if we’re not growing, we have to question, you know, what are we doing wrong? And so part of the health is seeing that we’re getting more students. 


And right now Curtis Academy just crossed a hundred students and the entire academy. And that is, that is amazing. Luckily I got to close the last, the hundredth lesson and we threw a big party because this is a milestone for courage music academy and only one of the many to come. I can’t wait for the day when Curtis Music Academy has a thousand students and it is the best music academy in the U S it’s going to be amazing. And so, it grows our business guys, when people are happy, it shows and happiness is hard to fake. And so in a genuine satisfaction from students is hard to fake. And so when people see these students enjoying themselves and growing so fast, learning so many songs in so little time, you know, and meeting their goals so quickly, it just shines light on how awesome credits music academy is and provides others with an opportunity as well to maybe start that piano lesson that we’ve been talking about for years or start that guitar lesson that, you know, we’ve been wanting to start for years. 


Maybe pick up that guitar that’s been sitting there in the living room collecting dust on the wall and maybe start taking a lesson, your first guitar lessons Tulsa, just a dollar. So why not? It’s a no brainer, right? You’re not losing anything, you’re not doing anything but gaining an incredible experience and making yourself happy and making others happy that hear the music that you get to play. It is just all around one of the best experiences you can do and have a with us. And so we will tailor our guitar lessons Tulsa to you. You are helping grow the business. It’s important to dominate. It’s important to be consistent. It’s important to provide that legacy and that, you know, track record for Curtis Music Academy, because we provide the very best lessons and we will continue to dominate. So continue to dominate and, prepare for your guitar lessons Tulsa. Continuously have energy because energy is transferable.