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This topic is about developing a system for yourself as an instructor. I briefly talked about this in my last lesson or my last point or last topic and that was about staying organized as an instructor. Well, right now I kind of want to elaborate on that by talking about how to develop a system for yourself as an instructor. There are hundreds of apps and programs, Google things to help you, with organizing and developing systems for yourself, workflows, linear workflows, which are in aid to help make your life easier. That’s what we’re supposed to do in life, right? And make life easier, not harder.  we want to work smarter, not harder.


 And so working hard at our Curtis music Academy teaching guitar lessons Tulsa would be stressing everyday about the students and over overstressing or worrying about what am I going to teach them and spending hours you can lose hours in a day.Just worrying about what student you have to teach and what remembering what they, what you last told them or what you last said we would learn or what lik that you taught them last and how did you say it? And things like that. Remembering what their birthday was or their name or you know, their parent’s name. 


If your student has parents, you know, this having a system will kind of help you keep track of all that without going crazy. So you want to set up your system first, setting up your system. We’ll just entail you to choose, select a certain program or app or set of apps that you want to use to keep your music career, your music, you know, instructing career, kind of organized. the areas of organization would be acquiring students, topics to teach, resources to have documents to print,scales to teach, you know, which is just really materials, or, or topics or curriculum really. 


And so you just want to kind of have a vast curriculum in that sense of vast sections of, of musical knowledge such as rhythm, notation, strumming,  anatomy, history of guitar or music, melody, harmony, things like that. Scales. You want to have tons of resources and tons of knowledge on that already actually before you teach. And then an updating system of how, like how you, what you plug in when you learn new things about your student. Are there sections, is there a section in your S in your system of where, or your app that you’re using program to kind of update where you last left off with your student so that you know where to pick back up on your next lesson the following week. 


It’s going to be very helpful if your app or program has slots or thing, places where you can just kind of type in where you kind of left off with your student.I really enjoy, for example, a program named called Trello. This is a, an app that allows you to kind of just stay organized with life and business and whatever you see fit. It’s helped me in many different areas of my life to kinda just stay organized and to kind of help things flow and function steadily. My life, it’s kept me from being coming insane about how many students I have. It’s helped me manage my life. 


It’s helping manage my students’ lives and me teaching them has helped organize my, my job basically. And so you want to set up the system, choosing and selecting an app or combination of apps to kind of help you input and output with your students. the whole point of your system is to kind of save you time. it is very time consuming if you don’t have a system because you will spend minutes, hours, days worrying or stressing about what to teach.You will spend countless dollars on paper that you journals that you keep writing in and forgetting and leaving underneath the table or the duck chewed up or you left it in this folder and now it’s not there.


 Do you want to have a centralized program, a centralized system that kind of everything is in this particular system or set of systems. it’ll keep, it’ll just make things better. So your system will ultimately save you time, save you money and just make you happier. My next point is about analyzing your guitar lessons Tulsa or analyzing your system. Every week we know that a system is simply input a process and then an output or input of resources, a process of steps or functions or workings. And then the output is the product. What becomes of the, of the materials, the raw materials that you put into the process.


What is the product end product of that. And so for us or for me and for you as an instructor, it’s a new student. A new student comes into the school, right? The music Academy, they get put with you as the intern, the amazing and awesome instructor that you are. You have a process that you take them through. And at the end of that process, you want to create a successful and happy student who’s happy with what they’ve learned, who’s happy with the path that they’ve taken, who’s happy with you, who’s happy with their new found skill.This is very, very important. And so having a process of taking them from where they are to where they want to be is very key. And it’s very, very, very important.


 And part of this process is how well you stay organized and your system is one of the gears in that system as a whole.So analyzing, you want to analyze your linear workflow once a week and when you analyze, you want to kind of look through the lens of what [inaudible] are we doing, what functions do we already have? Is there a more efficient, are there any steps that we could take out? Are there any steps we need to put in to kind of make things run better and more efficiently? And I do this with myself every single week. I have a system that I go by. I, when I get a new student, I have a ticket through the Trello app.


 I add cards, I had descriptions, I had slots to input certain information about that student that I learned.I have questions that I asked the student. And then at the end of the day, when I go home, I jot down where we left off and I start beginning to plan for the next lesson.Actually I do that the following week.On a particular day, the day that I choose to plan my guitar lessons Tulsa is on a Monday. It’s the day I have the least amount of guitar lessons Tulsa is the day that I have the most time to do things. 


And I choose to do it early in the morning, knock it out in about an hour or two, two hours at max, I can get it done all under two hours and Hey, I have all my guitar lessons Tulsa planned for the entire week in one day and two hours so that two hours, because I have a system for it. It’s gonna save me time throughout the week. And this’ll do the exact same thing for you. You want to analyze your system though every single week just in case there are areas in it that steps in it that can be taken out that will increase the functionality, that will increase the speed, that will increase the quality, that will increase the overall overall quality of your guitar lessons Tulsa, speed of your guitar lessons Tulsa.


The efficiency is what we’re looking for. We’re shooting for efficiency, maximum efficiency in our process. And our system as instructors. And so, what we’ve covered is just the whole topic was just developing a system for yourself. You want to select, do you want to set up the system by selecting apps or whatever program you choose to use to stay organized and to systemize things. You want your system to save you time by your guitar lessons Tulsa, and you want to have a linear workflow that you have every week. And then you want to analyze lastly, which will help keep your system efficient.