Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Guitar Grill and Chill Tonight

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I want to just take a second to talk about the benefits of guitar grill chill, I know I’ve talked about the Midtown in these podcasts but that is really important and it’s going on right now. So it’s kind of on the top of my mind and it is on this list of podcast topics that I’ve been trying to go through, but guitar gun show chose super awesome because it allows people to come in and do a smaller, more relaxed setting to tag your target and show that it’s actually only two people there plus Garrett or instructor. So it’s a really low key thing, really fun and calm. It’s really relaxing actually. It doesn’t take a lot of practice. 


They don’t have to prep a lot. I feel a lot less pressure than in guitar lessons Tulsa I believe. But it’s just two people tonight instead of the typical crew cause one person is going to be gone. So on nights like that it’s just even smaller setting, which is really great and really fun. It’s close to a private lesson which just to be here, but it is Wallace. There’s a lot less pressure and a lot less to do practice stuff. You do learn a little bit slower of a pace, but I don’t think the point of taking a group of taught classes to mastering the instrument in a super efficient, effective way, that was the goal than it probably be to take guitar lessons Tulsa. 


But if you’re talking about children really awesome because that allowed us an alternative for students who might not want to take private lessons as a little weird for them or whatever. So the people that are now are probably in their mid forties too long thing taking guitar lessons Tulsa with carrot as a group. It’s really fun for them. Tonight I actually have roast, which is awesome for really good dinner for tonight cause we do offer dinner about once a month, but we do have snacks the rest of the day. So we only offer one big meal this time as opposed to, it used to be every single week, but now we’re just do one per month this week. 


Having roast and potatoes and carrots and there’s also pumpkin pie for dessert, which is really awesome. It’s can be a delicious, delicious dinner. I’m really excited to share it with these three people, but [inaudible] is just really fun. It’s a really awesome place for people to get together and play with one another without the stress or the pressure of guitar lessons Tulsa is awesome. More affordable for them. While does include food. It is more affordable and private lessons because you are not getting that one on one instruction but rather the instruction with a couple of people beside you. So it is a little bit different prevalence in it, but it is more affordable, which is good for some people. It also just gives you time to connect with your friends.


For example, if you’ve had a close friend and y’all are thinking about learning an instrument, it’s really fun. Where did you get to do it together? Cause then you can practice together and just it’s Austin time to hang out into a lot more calm than a prayer lessons like I mentioned. So tonight’s going to be really fun. I think they’re going to take a studio room and instead of going outside since it just two of them. So I think they’re going to take little seconds to do your room poor, but the Vodacom today in the white burns so that they can kind of draw out some of the chords or something and their new song,


but it’s going to be really awesome because it’s going to be a lot smaller of a setting and they’ve got the whiteboards now they’re able to fit into one little room, which is good that they’re in the studio room. It’s all awesome tonight because just to boom, like I said it’s a lot smaller of a setting is really fun. This is a nice alternative to private lessons and you can take guitar. We’re actually considering doing your piano class would I think would be super cool but a group piano class might be a little bit more difficult cause you have to provide the pianos but I think it would be super fun.


 I think we’re doing one for little kids starting now just to see how it goes young and kids so we don’t even necessarily need that many keyboards. Maybe just one thing can share cause I really small, but I think it’d be super fun for, and I could turn around until I was just so cool because it does provide that also alternative to private lessons and since they’re in the smaller room today, they’re also getting to use like a home, which is nice because it kind of gives a nice alternative note to use used.


It’s like a little drum they can use to supplement the guitar playing. That’d be fun for them to get to do that in a smaller setting. It’s a tonight. So it’s going to be really awesome. I think they’re going to eat in about 10 minutes or so and then get started with their one hour long of a guitar girl show meaning, but should be a ton of fun for them tonight since we, it is food nights. Awesome. Full dinner, which would be really fun for them. And there’s less pupils, so that means they get more at each. But Guitar Grill Chill is sometimes even more amazing than typical guitar lessons Tulsa or even piano lessons because of the relaxed and calm environment and more fun songs. There is something special about getting to play with other people in a group setting, especially when we used to have it outside in nature, its just so special and unique an experience and its super awesome for everyone to get to experience it here at Curtis Music Academy.