Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Weddings and Performances

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This past weekend was a very enjoyable weekend for Curtis Music Academy and a couple of things that happened where a few live performances for weddings and then also our Curtis Music Academy spring celebration was on Sunday. And so it was a very packed weekend for us. And the way that it worked for Saturday was that we had the guitar lessons tulsa in the morning and starting at eight 30 we had our first lesson and then afterwards on Saturday we had a great time teaching more students and because one of our instructors was performing at a few weddings, those students that that instructor taught was given to another instructor to fill in for the guitar lessons tulsa. And we do substitute instruction very well at Curtis Music Academy when you make sure that it is not a wasted practice, but it is a time for our students to grow as musicians in the same way that they would grow throughout their guitar lessons tulsa with the original instructor.

And that’s mainly because we have our normal instructors and they have their own students and they’re the ones that fill in for the guitar lessons tulsa when an instructor is gone. So despite the fact that one of our teachers was not there, the other teacher was able to go in and know exactly where those students had previously left off in their guitar lessons tulsa and they were able to go on from there. And then after the instructor had left the studio, they were able to start setting up for the first wedding. And this wedding was at a beautiful venue here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it was at a camp and there was many beautiful landscaped things at this camp and it was a great experience being a part of this wedding. And then one step wedding was all set up. Then the instructor was able to go out to Stillwater and have this set up out there for the second wedding.

And because this instructor teaches guitar lessons tulsa in Tulsa, it was a really fun way to see a different city and see what goes on outside of this current town. So the wedding lasted about 45 minutes. And throughout the course of that wedding, the instructor was able to play guitar and play a lot of beautiful music because our instructors are very good and well trained musicians. And that is why our instructors do such a good job performing life music elsewhere. And whether it is four, five people or 500 people earn structures are going to do a great job and they will love to play music for anyone.And more importantly than just playing music, they teach music even better than how they play. So if you are thinking about taking guitar lessons tulsa then you should contact us and reach out to us to see if you can benefit from a $1 lesson here at Curtis Music Academy.

And one of the things that we like to do is offer all of the instruction that you will receive in a comprehensive and full modeled curriculum so that you can reach your goals in a short amount of time and you will grow in your progress with us. So then as they were set up for that other wedding, they were to leave and head back to Tulsa for the remainder of the day. And as I had stated earlier, not only one of their weddings for the events this weekend, there was also a spring celebration where we had many of our students perform as well as our instructors. And so even though this instructor had spent the weekend playing at weddings, they were still willing to sacrifice and move forward with their instruction by playing at the spring celebration. And it was a great opportunity for this instructor to show their students all of the hard work that they had experienced throughout the course of the previous month. So that was a great thing that

this instructor was able to do throughout the course of the weekend. And it was a lot of work. But this is why we have a players at Curtis Music Academy because we all have, our instructors are willing to work and put in that extra effort to push forward and teach our students, even if it is a lot of work. But the majority of the time it’s not work. When it’s performing. You have a lot of things to set up. You have a lot of labor and moving pieces. But when it comes to instruction, because we love what we do, it’s not a very difficult task to teach someone and to show them what it is that we love to do and why our students should love learning an instrument. And so that’s what these performances are all about. We want to share the successes that we have had as musicians and share with our students that if you keep up the good work, you can also perform in front of others and do a great job with that.

Throughout the course of learning an instrument, there are many situations where you may have an opportunity to perform and the best thing for students would be too, okay, grab onto those performances and attempt to do their best because as they continue to do that, they will have a great deal of appreciation for the instrument that they have learned. And they will be learning many different things to move forward with that. So as you begin to take lessons, continue to work hard, continue to use those performance opportunities to your benefit so that you can continue to progress as a musician. And throughout the course of your lessons, you will progress and you will do awesome things with your musicianship. And we would love to hear you and we would love to continue progressing you as a student throughout the course of your instruction and provide you with opportunities to play in front of others.