Guitar Lessons Tulsa | How We Benefit From Team Meetings

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And our meeting on February 21st, 2020 at Curtis music Academy. We just stuffed many different things for our instructors. If you’re unfamiliar with Curtis music Academy and how our teaching style is different than other music schools, what are the things that we do is provide an opportunity for our instructors to get together and have dinner and discuss how awesome our students are and how we can help them to improve as musicians and also how we can help them to have a better experience at Curtis music Academy. Throughout the course of taking guitar lessons Tulsa, a student should experience many different levels of success in their journey of becoming a musician.


 The students will begin at a beginner level and begin to receive the fundamentals and the foundations towards mastering their instrument. These fundamentals include rhythm, dynamics, notes, chords, and four throughout including all of these different elements of music. A student begins to get better from beginner to intermediate, and then certainly all the way to advance. At our meeting we discuss how we can bridge the changes between the deter and intermediate and our meeting. We had discussed all sorts of different things that our students are experiencing. One of the things that a students may experience is difficulty paying attention and doing what is asked of him. 


For instance, one of our students takes guitar lessons Tulsa and is a little bit Andre and frequently is distracted by all of the drums in front of him. Because of this, it’s very easy to get distracted and to play all the time the drums and focus on things that are not the instruction that is in front of him. So one of the things we discussed at our meeting was to only have one pair of drumsticks so that when the instructor is teaching or speaking, he would have the drum sticks in his head and then he would give the drumsticks to the students when it is time for the students to reproduce what it is that was described to him as he was speaking. And so that is one thing that was a brilliant idea from one of our instructors to another instructor. 


And that collaboration of success in teaching guitar lessons Tulsa would only through having these meetings. So we have learned a lot through the weekly meetings with our instructors and that is why we do it. We want to see our instructors being successful and showing others what they have learned throughout the course of learning an instrument. If you ever find that a student is unable to reproduce what it is that was described to him, then that’s usually because his either distracted or not understanding the content that you are trying to tell him. 


So because of this it’s very important as you’re teaching lesson to go out and make sure that you are describing the way to do something multiple ways. Find multiple ways to help your students to grow, not just describing it once. If you only describe it one time, it is very easy for the student, not understand what it is that they’re supposed to be doing, which is why you repeat it over and over and over. Throughout the course of instructing that students, whenever you decide that you have well enough, then the student will certainly go through, give a wonderful experience with his guitar lessons Tulsa. Another thing that we discussed was group guitar lessons Tulsa and we have started group lessons at Curtis music Academy with all ages on the piano and when you begin to teach piano group lessons, it can be very new territory for an instructor because of this, it’s important to understand that you can do many different things with group guitar lessons Tulsa that would be different for private guitar lessons Tulsa. 


A private lesson is one-on-one, whereas a group lesson, you have many different students that you’re teaching all at one time. Because of this, it’s important to understand that you have to provide instruction for the piano in many different ways. So when you’re talking about the keys on the piano and the black notes or the white notes, it’s a lot easier for students to go through and understand what it is that you’re talking about. When you are describing the notes to a group, if you go through and describe where middle C is, a group should be able to find that on their own. 


Whereas in a private lesson you may want to decide that the middle seat is exactly where it is and you are showing that to your student but it is more of a show and then respond as opposed to guitar lessons Tulsa where it is the scribed and then responded to. So if you’re teaching group lessons or you are going through and helping others in a group setting, then it is important to describe everything that is needed to be communicated over and over. If you are unfamiliar with the way that private lessons work, chances are you will be even more inept to teach a group lesson and that’s because group lessons are more difficult. 


You have to go through and teach to a group the piano rather than to just a single individual. If that is the case that you are looking to achieve, then certainly we would want to go through and have a great time with those lessons. If your student is advanced and you have many other students that are not advanced and they’re in the same course, that is another reason why groups lessons can be a little bit more difficult. And so as we discussed in our team meeting with all of our instructors, we decided that one of the ways that you can help bridge the gap between difficult students and advanced students all in the same class, one thing you can do is introduce a song or a concept at the surface level and then as that is becoming introduced. 


You can then move forward and go more into detail either describing a more difficult song that you could enjoy learning or you could go through and teach the song exactly how it would originally be played through that lesson and that is one way that you can help meet the needs of all of your students from beginner to advanced in one course through the music instructor that is teaching the piano. If you have guitar lessons, there are many chord shapes that are complex that are used in the real version of a song. However, if the song is a complex corded song, you can make the chords a little bit easier and introduce the song using the basic chords and then you can move beyond that to teach the more difficult coordinates that way. 


The beginners that are easily grabbing the, the concept of easy chords. You can go through and make sure that they are understanding the concept of the guitar throughout all of the instruction, not just at the end. If you teach it the original way and have a very amazing time teaching the song, the quote unquote real way. And then you go and teach them the fake way, which is the easy way. They will feel as though they are less than because you already taught the real version and they are having difficulty with it. So then you have to go back and teach the beginner version. But that’s not what we want. We certainly want to be able to just teach our students and let them grab onto the concepts that make the most sense and, and work through that so that they can have the most beneficial experience at Curtis music Academy with their music lessons.