Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Diligent Doer vs. Happy Hoper

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Since I haven’t talked about it in a long time. Now I would like to do a podcast on what we call the diligent doer in the happy hoper and the diligent dewar versus the happy hopper is something that we have created here at current music academy to sort of differentiate between the people who are really motivated and spend a lot of time doing what’s right with the music and the people who just hope that they can do it correctly. So we actually have, this is so important to us at Curtis Music Academy that we have a giant poster in our living room that talks about the difference in the diligent doer in the happy hoper. And I’m looking at this poster right now and I want to go through some of the things that differentiate the two of them. So this is what we call the critic music academy method. 


On the left side we have the diligent doers section and on the right side we have the happy hope or section. So to start off, I’m going to go through the diligent doers section and talk about what it is. So start with number one, the diligent newer dewar knows their goal. That being said, they know why they’re taking guitar lessons Tulsa and they are constantly working towards that goal and keeping up with it. Like I’ve talked about a million times. Knowing your goals is incredibly important when taking guitar lessons Tulsa. That way you know what you’re working towards and it keeps you motivated and on task at all times. Secondly, it’s delusional. Dewar knows what to practice. So that being said, they talked to their injector, they say, hey Steven, what do I need to practice this week? And they get a very clear grasp on what they need to learn. 


That way they are doing the most effective thing for them, Thomson learning and they’re making the most of their guitar lessons Tulsa. Number three, the diligent doer uses their lesson to work on their musicality and to work through their problems. So since adult and dewar is the person who goes home and practices what they are supposed to practice, they are able to use their guitar lessons Tulsa as a time to go over the difficult stuff, not the easy stuff they could work on at home because that was already done at home. They use it to go over the hard things, the questions that they might have, the things that they don’t quite understand. So it’s pretty clear what the difficult things in music might be and they make sure to take full advantage of the lesson time to learn those difficult things and get a better grasp on them. 


Number four, did diligent doers set specific times for practicing each week? So as with anything, music takes a ton of practice and the diligent doer is always practicing and that to keep motivated and to keep on task. We’re all human and we make mistakes so we have to set specific times so that we will continually practice. If not, it kind of tends to get pushed to the back burner and not doing it as frequently as we should. So one way you can keep track. The one way that the diligent dewar might keep track of practicing and being untapped fit is by setting an alarm for themselves that goes off every day at 2:00 PM when they get home from school, they’ll say, I’m going to practice for 30 minutes today. And that’s one way to keep excellent track of what you are doing and how frequently you’ve been practicing. 


You can set an alarm, you can put it in your calendar, you can write it down into your planner, all of the thing. These are probably ways that the diligent do keeps track of when to practice and make sure that they practice at the same time when they’re supposed to. Number five, the diligent doer asks questions when confused. So like I talked about in the guitar lessons Tulsa where the diligent doer is always using the lesson time for learning the hard stuff. They’re also asking plenty of questions. So I know a lot of times people are taking a music lesson and they’re just sit there and they remain confused because the too embarrassed to ask question. Well, if you don’t ask questions, you’re not going to get a better grasp on what you’re trying to learn. And the instructors are there to ask questions. That’s what their whole job is, is to answer your questions and make sure that we are teaching you in the most effective way for you. 


So the and doer is not afraid to speak up and they’re willing to ask their instructor if they don’t understand something. It helps them understand it better and then they can move on to the things that they really want to learn. Another thing that the docent or does is they keep track of their progress and they’re very organized with their practicing. So one way that you can keep track of your progress ASU, keep your books, keep tabs on them, make sure that you’re going through them at a rate that you feel comfortable with. It’s actually incredibly motivating if you keep track of all the things that you’ve learned because then you can look back in a couple months and say, wow, I remember when I didn’t know how to play this. Now I do and I’m a Rockstar at it. So I think it’s really awesome that diligent doers are keeping track of the things that they’re learning because it really helps keep them motivated to do what they’re supposed to do. 


Following all of these things as a diligent dewar, you shouldn’t be able to reach your goals and go above and beyond what you even wanted to learn. It allows you to make the most of your practice time, the most of your lesson time, and really helps you thrive as a musician. The happy hope, or on the other hand, they are just not committed to their goals. The happy hopper thinks they want to do something and then it gets hard and they kind of give up. Once they give up, they try to learn something new and that does not work. So the second thing happening Oprah does is they focus on new material. They don’t want to go through the hard stuff, the daunting practicing of the fundamental things that they need to learn. Rather they get too excited and they jump to the next big thing when they don’t really have a grasp on the first thing. 

So it’s really important that you keep practicing the hard things, the fundamental things before you can move on to other things. Also, the happy hoper uses the guitar lessons Tulsa to work on only new materials so they’re not going home and practicing, which means they’re not asking all the hard stuff in their guitar lessons Tulsa because they don’t know what the hard step is since they haven’t had time to practice or simply have a practice. So the diligent do work, we’ll practice frequently, but the happy hoper will only practice sometimes and use the lessons to learn new stuff and not work on the old things. All of that being said, it is really important that students are being encouraged to be happy. Not a happy Oprah, but a diligent doer, people who work hard in the goals and are consistently working towards them. That way they can get the most out of their music lessons and thrive as a musician.