Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Missing Lessons

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If you teach guitar lessons tulsa, then one of the things that you may encounter is when a student cancels a lesson, work does not show up for a lesson that you had scheduled and there are many different approaches to this specific situation. And if this happens to you, you are likely to be frustrated or upset. However, if this is something that allows you to better communicate with your students, then you can do an effective job of minimizing no shows or even cancellations. So one of the ways that you can help to minimize the amount of situations where your students are canceling guitar lessons tulsa is by communicating with your students the important of a weekly lesson to help them reach their goals in a way that provides a lot of help and continued progress toward reaching their goals.

So if you are having a lot of cancellations and you are noticing that students are not showing up to their guitar lessons tulsa, and if they are a student that is a committed student, then it’s okay to give them a call and ask them why they were unable to attend the lesson. However, this is something that should be taken and communicated with care because the whole point of anyone taking music guitar lessons tulsa is for the purpose of reaching their goals. There is not a single person that would take guitar lessons tulsa for something without hoping to accomplish something from those guitar lessons tulsa . And the crazy thing about this is that we have many students that are overly committed to reaching their goals. However, they just don’t have the time to make it to a lesson. And if that is the case, then we need to either communicate with that student about picking a better time.

So throughout the course of taking lessons, we want to communicate with them how important it is to continue taking those weekly lessons. And one of the things that you may also experience is that a student wants to take lessons every other week. This can be because of time. They don’t have the time to make it every week. Or it can also be because of money. And if it’s money, that is the issue, then what I would personally recommend is for you to let your students know that a weekly lesson is absolutely pivotal to help them reach the momentum and the consistency of what they’re trying to accomplish. And if a student takes lessons every other week, it’s really hard to get into the groove of practicing and learning to play music in a way that consistently progress’s on the previous content. And the reason for this is because a student will take a lesson and it will not take very long before they are able to understand the concept of what it is that they’re trying to learn.

However, if they are practicing this specific concept for two weeks, then it causes them to lose interest in that specific concept. In turn, this results in having the student essentially stopped practicing at least for one week before coming back to their lesson. So they still are learning the concepts and practicing the different techniques, but because there isn’t that weekly lesson, they’re not building on what it is that a should be practicing throughout the course of teaching a specific student. There’s going to be situations that arise that caused that student to not be able to make it for their lesson and the best case scenario for this situation is to reschedule that lesson for a different time in the week and this can be a difficult thing to accomplish depending on the flexibility of either of your schedules and in fact it could also be a conflict of your instructors schedules, but you want to add first, do your due diligence to get that student in for a lesson that week.

The reason for this is very much the same that I was speaking earlier about, which is the student will be able to receive that consistent lesson to continue progressing in their instrument. To reach their goals of learning to play the guitar. If that student is unable to meet for that week, then that happens and the next step would be to get them going the following week and allow that student to work on the same content. Again. If your students pay in advance, then it shouldn’t be a burden for you as an instructor to use the 30 minutes that you would be teaching that student or 45 minutes or hour to go through and give them a short video of some new things that they could be practicing in the upcoming week with them being gone. A video not only shows them that you care about their progress, it shows the importance of a weekly lesson because realize, wow, since I wasn’t able to make it to this lesson, I’m not moving forward with my instrument.

By showing a video of something that they can be practicing is a great way to show your students that you’re not only thinking about them. You also are dedicated to have them continue to progress as musicians. Lastly, if you have students that are consistently inconsistent with attending their lessons, then what you can do is help them to realize that the lesson is very important to attend throughout the course of their musical improvement. Without exception, the best way to keep students motivated is to help them to continue moving forward with their progress. If you are able to make this happen for your students, they will stick with you through the rigor despite the difficulty of mastering their instrument. Whenever a student decides to stop taking lessons, they will leave you as a master instead of as a person that is just interested in learning an instrument but was unsuccessful.