Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Driving to Lessons

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So my topic today is going to be talking about how I love to drive into the drive way of Curtis Academy on my way to give my guitar lessons Tulsa. I won on my way from Jenks, Tulsa to you know, Tulsa or downtown Tulsa where music, the Curtis Music Academy is. I thoroughly enjoy my ride to Curtis Academy. To give my guitar lesson. I have to go from highway to highway. Really just actually not highway to highway but just take one highway and next thing I know I’m here. I get off the highway, come drive into a neighborhood and Wallah, I am here at Curtis Academy, the drive to Curtis Academy on my way to give my guitar lesson is very quick. It’s only like 20 minutes or less to get to my guitar lesson at Curtis Academy. And,it’s a great peaceful time. 


I get to, you know, just throw on any podcasts that I want to listen to at the time. One of my main podcasts that I listened to is actually a podcast on business and things like that. Another podcast has to do with music and how I can become a better guitar instructor at Curtis Academy and others along the way. I also love to listen to music on the way as well. And so really on my way to give my guitar lesson, I love that I can just pop on the highway, in Jenks and then end up right at Curtis Academy when I get off the highway. So it’s really incredible. And then at the moment I get here, a lot of times Ron’s car is way in the back yard, because the driveway leads from the front yard or to the front street all the way straight back to the corner of the backyard where there is a pergola slash coverage for a car to be parked under. 


And so Ron typically drives back there and parks right underneath that cover covered area and the way back at the end of the driveway. And I’ll typically park, you know, just a few yards behind him, where my car is shaded. And so that’s another thing that comes to mind is when I come to Curtis Academy to give my guitar lessons. There’s a large tree where I can, or a couple of trees where I could just park under and, my car doesn’t get too hot. It’s actually been really hot here lately in Tulsa and so it’s really nice to have a shaded area, especially to put your car under so that your car doesn’t get too hot on the inside. So I thoroughly enjoy, getting to parking underneath the tree. 


That’s another aspect that I love about coming to my guitar lesson at Curtis Academy. Also, you know, when I’m parked underneath the tree and everything, all the other instructors that you know are that have lessons can park right behind me so all of the instructors can park in the driveway and then all of the students can park right in front of the front yard on the side of the street. And so it creates a pretty convenient area for parking. I think our parking situation is really, really cool. It’s not hard at all to get in and out. It’s actually quite easy to get in and out. 


And given that the guitar lessons Tulsa are only 30 minutes, so say you know, someone parks in front of you and behind you and you’ve got to go, but the person in front of you and behind you, you still have guitar lessons Tulsa then man, too bad. Well Kinda, it’s only 30 minute guitar lessons Tulsa and so, well we do have a couple hour lessons as well, but a lot of our students do, take 30 minute lessons and so you won’t have to wait too long before, you know, it’s time for you to get out and you can leave. So that’s really nice. There’s not a long waiting time for that, but most 90% of the time our situation when it comes to parking at Curtis Academy is very smooth, easy. Sometimes if there’s a slot left in the driveway at the, toward the beginning of the driveway leading to the street, a student will occasionally park right in f right in that slot and it works for them. 


They can get in and out. And so I love this driveway. It’s smooth. There’s not a ton of cracks. It’s not graveled, it’s just paved. There’s shade, there’s a gate that closes off the backyard that’s, you know, really great. So I love this driveway. And so that’s one of my favorite things about Curtis Academy. And so after I parked my car, I go in to the building, I have to first punch in a code, which I’m not going to disclose here on this podcast, but you punch in a code so that anyone, any instructor who has the code can get in as they need and you know, from 10 to 15 or even 30 minutes before their lesson if no one else is here.


 And so Ron and Kelly have really created a really cool system, which enables the instructors to, have access to the academy as they need, as they please, as long as they close and lock the doors afterward. I love it. It’s awesome. It really makes giving guitar lessons Tulsa easy whenever I have to schedule a few guitar lessons Tulsa here at the academy. And so it’s awesome. I love it. So I just go in the door. The door is actually a big wooden door that is blue. So whatever you drive up to Curtis Academy and see the door before you have a guitar lesson with me, you’ll notice that it’s blue. And so I hope that you have heard this podcast before coming to your lesson because one, this is a great podcast and has incredible insights and what Chris Academy is obviously this particular one, but if it gives you necessary information to know what house to look for.


 So when I go into Curtis Academy, to give my guitar lesson, I will walk right in the door. I will turn everything on if no one’s been there. And then I will start preparing for my guitar lesson. Man, I will, you know, turn on the refreshments. Basically what we can do at Chris Academies, just hit a button on an iPad and everything turns on. All you have to do is flip the lights on in the rooms manually and which is super duper awesome and convenient. And so, it makes guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis Academy extremely simple and easy. I will begin to prepare for my lesson. There’s a printer I can air print so I can definitely just print anything, any image I have from my phone to the printer and it’ll print it out for me quickly on great quality colors as well as great quality paper. 


Ron Is really particular on that. And I will be ready for my lesson. So after that I will see, I will go into the soul, the room that I have selected for my guitar lesson and begin to set up the room. I will make sure that there are two guitars in there at all times really. But two guitars in there from my lesson, two chairs in there from my lesson. 


I will also put a music stand in there so I can, you know, show them the music that they are going to be learning today or the lesson desired, that I so desire for them to learn today. And it’s just really cool. I love the academy. I love that there’s two rooms, actually. There’s two instructing rooms at the academy, which allows for two guitar lessons Tulsa to go on at the same time. It’s amazing. And so there’s pianos in both and there are guitars in both instructing rooms. So I highly suggest that you come to Curtis Academy to give a good to have a guitar lesson with me and also to experience the wonderful, wonderful amenities things we have benefits here at Curtis Academy such as hospitality. 


You know, you’ll always get to choose from coffee, water or tea, and then maybe another seasons, hot chocolate, things like that for your guitar lesson. And then you’ll have great instruction and great resources to also pull from from us as your instructors. We’ll always make sure you have everything you need for your lesson. Again, my topic today was about how I loved the driveway here at Curse Academy. It makes my experience a lot better, especially that it’s not jagged or gravel. I love that it’s paved. Thank you for listening to this podcast, Ron. You’re the best. Bye.