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I want to continue going through this guitar curriculum because I think it’s really important to know when you’re taking new students and new guitar lessons Tulsa, it’s really important that you get to know what you’re going to learn in your first couple of guitar lessons Tulsa. So I kind of hit on that in the last podcast where I was talking about how we did design this curriculum, despite the fact that we typically just have goals-based guitar lessons Tulsa. It is important to have a sort of guide for instructors, even if it doesn’t get into students’ hands, but even if it’s not something that they actually end up seeing, it is really important for instructors to know where to start and to begin. 


Because I imagine if you’ve never taught guitar lessons Tulsa before anywhere, whether they’re guitar, piano, or vocal or whatever it might be, I think that you oftentimes won’t know exactly where to start.And that’s one of the most difficult things I believe, is just starting out, just like writing a paper or anything like that. Doing homework. The hardest part is just starting and getting into it. So this guide serves to help our instructors get into what they’re doing, get into what they’re teaching and helps them succeed at teaching guitar lessons Tulsa. So the lesson guide I talked about, it starts with things like reviewing the edge method example I should say, explain, demonstrate, guide and enable allows them to teach difficult concepts thoroughly and make sure that your student knows what you’re doing.


 And I went through the first couple of weeks of curriculum just to show you a little bit of what the first things might be. So the week five it talks about being comfortable with the D courts. Apparently this is one of the cords that is most commonly in firstly introduced when teaching guitar lessons.So even this, this curriculum that we have even introduced a song that you used, the knowledge that they’ve learned at that point. So for the one of the first songs, those traits student will learn. The injectable teach will be Brown eyed girl because it uses specific strumming patterns for the down, down, up, up, down, up pattern. 


So there’s a Tademan here of that song and now the chords go in the showing pattern, things like that. It’s really important that you’ve got specific songs that teach them that way. They’re not feeling like they’re doing boring stuff, but they actually get to have hands on songs and songs that they’ve heard of before. So I think it’s a really awesome way to get your students involved and excited about taking lessons just by doing things with specific songs as opposed to just straight knowledge. So in week five it talks about the D chord and this one is told you to introduce the song free fallen.


Everyone’s probably heard of this, but, but the abbreviated version of free fallen is really helpful for getting used to that court. The D chord, so it’s touched here, it shows exactly where the notes are. One of our instructors with the ma wrote this out himself to make sure that we’ve got a copy of it on hand, just said Tish new students in week six it talks about working towards fluency. So it gives a couple of exercises and tells you to introduce the concept of metronomes to talk about its importance, setting the speed and beat per minute and things like that. So it should be week six is that should be a big review week. So we want to go through the songs that they’ve already worked on, whether that be free falling at Brown eyed girl and just fix the things that need to be fixed.


It’s really important that you allow them to play and let them mess up and let them make a bunch of mistakes and then you can go in and correct it and have them play it again repeatedly until they get it correct. Because it is really important that the student is allowed to make mistakes because when you’re allowed to make mistakes and then correct them, that’s how you learn better. And it helps your muscle memory because you’ve done it and you messed up and you can remember that a lot easier than if you just, your instructor interrupts you and doesn’t let you finish and then tells you right away when you mess up. It’s really important that you’re able to get through it, even if it sucks


. And even if you struggle through it, it’s important to make it all the way through. So then it talks about tablature and this is in the seventh week, I believe, week seven and eight.It talks about tabs and how important they are. So it goes through the tab staff and what that all the lines represent. So there’s the string numbers and the string names on left and you’ve got fret numbers to tell you where to put your fingers and all the notes. Therefore. So it’s really important in place of a book that we’ve got this tab sheet to make sure that our students are really well versed in the tablature and how it works because it’s really important. 


Tabs are also just really big building blocks. And so once you start to do some really easy tele drill, it makes it a lot easier to continue in the future. So the next thing that we’ve gotten, this guitar curriculum for taking lessons is come though found it’s a really popular song, but it is very easy tablets structure. It looks like.So it’s really important that they’re able to play another song they probably heard of cause it makes it easier to learn if you’re playing a song that you know of and that you’ve heard of and that you’re comfortable with because then you have something tangible, something that you can actually go home and practice you as opposed to just learning your couple notes and it’s a little bit more boring. 


So this instructor guide that we’ve created is really important way for our students to get a good grasp on what we want them to learn. And it’s a good way for instructors to have a sort of guide on their side to make sure that they know what they’re doing and how to start lessons. So even if they are not sure what they are doing or how it works and they don’t really know how to go forward in their lessons, this is a really good thing for them to take a look at. Even if the student wants to go a different pathway. This provides a guide in a basic structure for how the lesson should go and the things that they should learn. Because there’s a big difference in having a strict curriculum and having just a guide for what to learn. And this is definitely more of a guide for guitar students at Curtis music Academy, just to make sure that we are teaching them and having them in the right direction based on their specific goals.