Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Learning at Different Rates

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One thing that’s really interesting when it comes to teaching guitar lessons tulsa in guitar lessons Tulsa is how some students learn much quicker than others. And it’s very interesting to me to see what the reasons are as to why someone might learn at a quicker rate than another. And if a student has, I’ve been taking guitar lessons tulsa for a short amount of time and the student begins quickly absorbing the content and moving forward consistently despite only taking guitar lessons tulsa for a short amount of time. At Curtis Music Academy, we take note of that and we try and figure out what it is that this person is doing correctly. And the interesting thing is a lot of times there is a specific yeah concept that a student is working on and the easily to grab student has spent time doing homework on this specific concept.

So one of our students had a second lesson today and this student was learning about a few different notes, the notes that this student learned where C, F, and g. But the thing is this student was already familiar with seeing notes on the page. He didn’t necessarily know how to read the notes, but he was familiar with it. He knew the general idea that the notes show us where to play the notes on the page, the notes show us how long to hold a note, and this was a concept that he was pretty familiar with. He just didn’t understand how to read it. So to put it into perspective, this would be the same as a child that is learning to read words and they are familiar with the letters of the alphabet and this isn’t going to help that student to learn as it is becoming more difficult for them to understand content. So that’s a big thing that will help the students to grow throughout the course of learning an instrument. There are some students that have a difficult time understanding the relationship from one note to the next note for instance.

Yeah. If you’ve read music for a while, you know that going from a space to align that are immediately next to each other, that the note is just moving by a step. In musical terms, we would call that a second. However, a step is one of the things that shows us the relationship between notes and so because of this, what tends to happen is that the student will move from one note to the other by moving up or he will move one note to the other by moving down and those steps help a student to understand music throughout. Yeah. The course of moving forward with a musical concept, a student may find that the longer they spend practicing, the more difficult it becomes in one sitting. And typically the reason for this is because a student that is having a difficult time understanding a specific concept is using all of their brain power to try to understand all of the content in one city and why all the endeavor is great.

The problem is that sometimes it just takes a few days to digest the information and to work through with the concept except so one of our students was having a difficult time understanding the concept of steps and this student really just wanted to read the notes as they are on the page, which is a very useful tool. It’s a very good thing to be able to do to read the notes as they are. So if the note is on the first line of the treble clef, then that note is going to be e. And to recognize those notes is very useful and helpful. However, if you’re not looking at the relationship of one note to the other, it can cause you to have a difficult time knowing which note to play at which time. And the reason for this is as a beginner, it takes time to process where your fingers are placed and where you should be moving from one note to the other.

So because of this it is something that can be helpful. So if you are taking guitar lessons tulsa in Tulsa and you are unsure how to read music or read tablature, I would encourage you to take the time to sit down and consistently come back to this content so that you can get better at understanding musical concepts. And if you are able to go through and sit down for a long period of time, then that is something that will be very useful for your learning. Now other students may find that they are able to understand the concept of very first time that it is presented to them and if a student comes to us and they are having massive success reading notes and playing through songs, one of the temptations as a music teacher is to start skipping pages or skipping key moments in the curriculum because they’re learning so quickly that you feel that they should just move forward to something that is a little bit more challenging.

And while that is true, we certainly want to find a piece that is a challenge for them so that they can sit down and practice for a long period of time. The thing is if we start skipping key concepts in the curriculum and in learning, if we skip ahead 10 concepts, then it’s going to be very difficult for them to go through and learn. So stick with the best route for learning for your students and make sure that they are able to feel good about the things that they’re being taught so that they can continue to grow as musicians and as fellow songwriters in guitar lessons Tulsa. So we would love to get you scheduled for that first $1 lesson.