Guitar Lessons Tulsa | First Lesson

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Now, I just want to take the next couple of minutes in this podcast article to talk about what a first lesson is like and how it happens and all of the components that play a role in the first lesson process. So I haven’t actually done a first lesson in a while where I actually do what I’m, you know, my role there. It’s been a minute since I’ve been available to do what, but I do definitely know the ins and outs of the process and how it goes. So if you’re listening to this or reading this online, which probably aren’t because these podcasts articles are incredibly hard to find, but if you happen to be doing that, then you’ll get to hear exactly how this first lesson process pans out. 


And so if you’re thinking about taking a first lesson, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before you, before you sign up.So first guitar lessons Tulsa are Curtis music Academy. We, we’re always running a deal where if you sign up to take a first lesson with us, it’s just $1. So this is a way for us to encourage students to just try us out because we know that money is a really big deterrent when taking guitar lessons Tulsa.Guitar lessons Tulsa are not cheap and we’re definitely, you know, have competitive pricing. We’re under several other music academies, but we are not the cheapest on the market. 


So it’s really important that we are, we acknowledge that money is typically an issue for people in the sense that they are expensive and it is an investment. And that investment is a really big turnoff for a lot of people initially. So, but we know that a critical Academy, if we could just get them in the door, they will see that what we are offering is valuable and it’s worth that price.So it’s really easy to look online and say, Oh wow, this is expensive. Not worth it. But you don’t actually know what you’re getting. So at this first lesson, what we want to show is our value and what we’re worth as a company. 


And we want to show you that you, that we are worth your 30 minutes and your $30. So a lot of times we don’t actually advertise the price online. Just for exactly that reason where money is just this, this big issue and no one really is willing to commit to that kind of money immediately. So we want to show you that we are worth it so that you know what you’re getting into before you do spend that much money on it. So at Krispies, if you had to, maybe we’d like to offer this lesson for $1 so that money is not a deterrent, but that you actually have a reason to come and check us out.


So for instance, when you come in for that first lesson, so you typically will fill out a form on the website. I think a lot of people like to do this because there’s a lot less human contact to it. You can just submit this form, type in your information, and then we’ll give you a call. So you don’t actually have to take that first step, just online stuff. So I think that’s really encouraging for a lot of people. Something that they really don’t mind doing because it’s not as, it doesn’t feel as big of a commitment. Right. But so occurred to me in the to be, you’ll fill out this form online typically and then we’ll give you a call with your information. We’ll say, Hey, we saw that you filled out this form. Are you interested in taking these? Like I said, he goes, yup.


And then we will get you scheduled for a day when you’re, it’s best for you. So we are only good at making sure that our schedules align with our students’ schedules. Make sure that we can squeeze you in whenever is available. So we do have guitar lessons Tulsa you know, on the weekdays and, and on the weekends we don’t just teach during the week, but we also listen to the morning and the afternoon and evening. We teach guitar lessons Tulsa all the way up until, you know, 9:00 PM some nights. So it’s really awesome way for us and for the student to be able to, you know, get that less his grease in there, whatever’s most convenient for you. 


So once we give you a call and he’s got to do that lesson, we’ll send you a couple of reminder text messages and emails. First thing that we do is we send you an email that says exactly where we’re located. It says how to find us, get specific instructions and what to look for and how to prepare for your lesson so you don’t feel like you’re walking in blindly. And then once that day finally arrives, typically you go drive up to the city has come inside. It’s our job, especially my job to greet you at the door. 


So always hold up in the door for you and all the, and I’ll know you by name so I’ll have looked at your name beforehand and remember the year coming in that day because we care about the individual students, we want to make that very clear through acknowledging them and addressing them by name, the first time that we meet them. It’s really critical for that first impression to really truly know the person and talk to them about that by you and at least knowing them by name.


It’s a really big courtesy to know the person by name so that you can show that you’re really protecting the active interest in what they’re doing. So you’ll come inside and we’ll show you around the space. It’s like a pretty small space like I talked about. So I’ll just take you into the little living room area, show you that first studio and then second studio and where the coffee is. That’s the other thing. We’ll definitely offer you a beverage. So we have coffee, tea, and water available. All of our students at all of our guitar lessons Tulsa all of the time. It’s something that you’ll always find at Curtis music Academy because we think that it’s really welcoming and warming and it’s just a really good way to invite people in. So we’ll always have beverages available for you. So that’s one of the things we’ll do.