Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Why You Should Take a $1 Lesson

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Some things that happen as you begin to take Guitar Lessons Tulsa is you don’t quite know how to practice your instrument. And the thing that we want to accomplish as you take lessons is becoming the diligent doer. And by practicing and having it consistent scheduled lesson, you will have a progress and you will have the content that is important to develop as a musician. So if you are interested in taking your first $1 less at Curtis Music Academy, you will not only learn to take guitar lessons in Tulsa, you, we’ll even learn about musicianship and you will learn how to read notes through tablature and it’ll be a very rewarding experience for you as you continue to grow as a musician.

So I would encourage you to take a look and see what you can accomplish by taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa. And because a lot of students don’t know what to practice in order to get better, what ends up happening is that they lose motivation for their original goal of playing the guitar. So if you are one of those people that are interested in taking lessons than I would encourage you to go ahead and book that first $1 lesson at Curtis Music Academy. After you booked that lesson, we’ll make sure to reach your goals and just talk to you to hear about what you are attempting to figure out and perhaps even find some things that you are unsure about.

A lot of people don’t even know what to expect on the first lesson and that’s why we offer that first lesson for just a dollar. If you’ve never learned an instrument before in your life, you will have the opportunity to find out what’s going on with lessons and so even if you are not familiar with it, it’ll help a lot. Just to take that first lesson just to find out if it is something that you think would be enjoyable and you just never know what your most amazing hobby could be. You, you don’t know whether or not a guitar is going to be easy to pick up and learn or if it’s going to take 30 years to pick it up and learn it, it’ll be an adventure for you to take that first $1 lesson and go ahead and try your best to see just how quickly you could actually learn it. It probably wouldn’t take as long as you might anticipate.

So if you are unsure what to practice throughout the week, the good news is Guitar Lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy are tailored to your specific goals, we will help to get you to where you are trying to accomplish different sets of things. So if you are watching youtube videos or other sources of content when you are attempting to learn to play the guitar on your own, what you’ll likely find is, although there’s a lot of great content out there on the Internet, there is a lot of different ideas and different concepts. Tech Grass, whenever you start to take Guitar Lessons Tulsa and many instructors are going to teach the same type of content different ways and it’s not that one way is better than the other, but the problem is if you’re only getting your information from a variety of resources like youtube, then the chances are there’s going to be some conflict in the way that the instruction is presented.

And there could be some people that are teaching you to play with straight fingers and there’s other people that are telling you that the way to play is with curved fingers. Some people are going to say you need to play on the tips of your fingers, whereas others are saying you shouldn’t. This is completely false because you should definitely play on the tips of your finger. So if you are unsure about which direction to take and you’re looking at these videos, you could be receiving instruction by someone who is not qualified or who has no idea what they’re talking about in terms of training guitar students. You should instead take Guitar Lessons Tulsa.

So you have to be careful where you are getting your information. But at the same time, it’s okay to receive instruction that is helpful by a variety of sources, as long as you know what type of content to spit out and what type of content to really hold onto. And as a beginning guitar student, you may not know what content is helpful and what content is hurtful or harmful. And so that’s why I highly recommend you find a qualified guitar instructor in Tulsa to help teach you Guitar Lessons Tulsa all of the different concepts and things that you can easily learn and how you can practically learn to play the guitar without all the frustrations and without the distractions of random tidbits.

Furthermore, a guitar instructor is going to know when you are ready for different concepts. So if you are thinking about learning hammer ons or you’re ready to learn a solo that is all over the place, well a guitar instructor is going to know your capability and they will present the information to you in a way that makes sense. Whereas if you are only interested in applying new concepts but you’re not ready to master the previous concepts that were once instructed to you, that can be quite a bit of a challenge grasping the new concepts because you weren’t familiar with the fun fundamental techniques of learning to play the guitar.

So I highly recommend if you are a beginner guitar player in Tulsa or if you’ve been playing guitar for 30 years, I highly recommend that you grab on to the $1 lesson in Tulsa and with that $1 lesson we’ll discuss your goals and we will present a pathway at Curtis Music Academy to present all of the information that you need to be successful with your Guitar Lessons Tulsa So if you want to be a jazz pianist, then we will give you content that addresses those specific needs in your life. That way you can continue to learn an adequately apply the concept in a way that makes sense for your goal.

If you are interested in playing classical music and you are interested in playing Mozart and Beethoven, then why would we waste our time trying to get you to play pop music and trying to get you to learn Justin Bieber songs? It doesn’t make sense. So the converse is also true. If you aren’t interested in playing pop music, then why would we spend time and waste the entire motivation of you wanting to play the guitar in the first place by trying to play classical songs?

It doesn’t make sense. If your goal is to play pop music, then we are going to base our instruction on that motivation in the first place. So if you’re interested in taking guitar lessons, I highly recommend that you go to our homepage and click on the schedule your $1 less than that way. We can get started this week and we’ll have one of our team members come out and give you a call to figure out where it would be best in your schedule to get that first $1 lesson. So we will be looking forward to hearing from you and hearing all the awesome things about getting that first lesson scheduled.