Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Envisioning Your Guitar Lessons

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In this third edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. Our topic today, I wanted to talk about vision for our guitar lessons Tulsa capturing vision for the lesson. So in today I wanted to talk about these three points, how to take the time, set aside the time to imagine or envision the lesson you’re going to have, assessing a student’s goals and how that can help you tailor the lessons to their or your individual student’s goals. So we are talking today about vision for the lesson. Getting a vision for the lesson. I would say in my own experience is very, has been very, very important. I can’t tell you how many times where I didn’t have a vision for the lesson and it didn’t go very well. It seemed like I didn’t really know where to, where to go, what to do, uh, for the student. They, I think it caused them to lose courage in me or lose confidence in my ability to teach when they shouldn’t have, when it, when it shouldn’t have. 


Because I’m a great instructor. I’m a fantastic instructor. I know a lot about guitar. I knew a lot about music. I come from a musical family, I have a lot to offer and I know what I’m talking about. And so if I come with a lack of confidence inside the guitar lessons Tulsa and don’t know how to deliver or I feel I haven’t given the student the impression that I don’t really know what I’m doing or I wasn’t prepared, it tells them that I didn’t take the time to prepare for them, which to them communicates that I don’t care about my job, I don’t care about them and I don’t take their life very seriously when that isn’t true. So guys, it’s very important that we do take this necessary time to envision our lesson. And that’s where it all starts with a vision of you know, where we want to go, and then we can begin to structure and organize and develop it further on. 


So first, uh, you know, taking the time to imagine the lesson is very, very paramount when it comes to my everyday life or my planning of guitar lessons Tulsa. I will typically schedule, I have every day scheduled of what I’m going to do. The morning of I wake up at 5:00 AM every morning and plan my day. It’s called Meta time. Meta time is the time of the morning where you begin to design your, your day, you design what you want. The rest of the 24 hours to look like 18 to 20 hours to look like actually cause we sleep asleep for at least six to eight hours a day. So, um, that’s going to be huge. Says getting up early enough to and plan and actually chart the guitar lessons Tulsa. So we want to take time, take time, take time, take time. So to take the time you have to set the time, you want to set a time during the day that will be best for you to schedule, uh, to envision your lesson. 


Is that in the morning? Is that in the after noon at noon? Is that while you’re eating, is that in the in the afternoon or is that an evening? Is that the night before? Is that the crack of dawn? Is that, you know, what is that time for you? It’s, you got to specify and, and uh, schedule the time to envision the lesson. That’s what it all starts with guys. A lot of my guitar lessons Tulsa. I schedule in early in the morning when I’m going to plan, I plan them at 7:00 AM, you know, after my Meta time, I have my own, you know, faith time, which is about an hour and a half to two hours in the morning. So if I have to about seven at 7:00 AM I begin planning my day and it only takes me about an hour or less to do that. Really it takes them about 45 minutes or less to do it. 


And so that’s what I do at 7:00 AM. And so at 7:00 AM I’ll go about thinking of what students do. I have planned today and I start early so it gives you way more time. Actually, the statistic is, you know, 99, I think 90% of successful people get up before 6:00 AM. So I want to be a successful person. I want to be one of those successful people. I don’t want to be unsuccessful. And so that requires me to do certain things. It requires us to do certain things and that’s one of them is to get up before 6:00 AM so get up before 6:00 AM brush your teeth, wash your face, take a shower, whatever you want to do to take about 2020 minutes or less to do all of that and then right at 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM begin to schedule time to envision your lessons. Do you also this time selected should be in direct correlation to how many guitar lessons Tulsa you have. 


It should take about 15 to 20 minutes to get to for one lesson and to do it well. So if you have three lessons that day, I’d say 45 minutes, take 45 minutes to schedule and to plan and envision each lesson and so this gives you way more success rate success ratio of how that lesson should be developing any questions you want to make the most and get the most out of those lessons for the students so that they walk away feeling like satisfied and accomplished and enjoying guitar lessons Tulsa with you. The second point I wanted to make is assessing their goals. So after you’ve, you know, taking the time to imagine what you want them the lesson to look like, you’ve daydreamed, you’ve envisioned home. I think, man, I can really see us working on this particular scale or this particular chord or learning this or learning triads or some, some concept. 


Imagining that and starting with the end in mind. So back to 0.1, take the time to envision the lesson you want to envision by starting with the end in mind. The Vision, whatever picture you see is the end. So start there from what you see in your mind. Begin to write that down. Are you teaching a scale? Are you teaching a chord? Are you guys laughing? Are you going, what do you know? What is the imagery? And begin to draw out or in work, put in words the imagery going on in the division. After that, you can begin to get a good idea of what assessing their goals. What goals did they give you to begin with and how does your vision in go with their goals? Because you want to be achieving their goals. They’re here for them guys. They’re not here for you. 


They’re here for them. And that’s okay. They’re supposed to, they’re the ones that have taken the time to schedule the guitar lessons Tulsa. They’re the ones that have taken the time to pay for lessons. They’re the ones taking the time to come to the lesson as well. And so are you. So we want to do our part and preparing well and to deliver the content. That’s all your job is and to be positive. So you want to do our very best. Secondly, assessing their goals are their goals to just play for fun. Are their goals to develop a hobby, develop a good habit, alternate to smoking or something like that. I have one of those students, are they, is their goal to sing for a talent show? Is their goal to play at a Gig? Is their goal to do this for a career? What is, what are their goals? 


Specific goals and incorporate their specific goals into the lesson. And then lastly, tailoring the lessons to their goals along with your vision. So take your vision, take their goals, merge those together and there is your tailored the lesson for the day. It’s important that we are very particular with each aspect of the lesson and that we’re working within the desired timeframe of the student. Is that 30 minutes, is that 45 minutes or is that an hour and you make sure you have enough to talk about that will fill the time. Also, simplification is the ultimate sophistication. GE, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs said simplification is the ultimate sophistication. If you can scale, if you can simplify it, you can scale it. If you can nail it, you can scale it so you want to nail, you want to be able to put in the desired objective. The one objective you have for that lesson. 


What do you want them to do? Be able to do, enable them to do. By the end of that lesson, there is your objective and you want to simplify that down into three to four practical steps, preferably three, because people can’t remember more than three to four steps. So I’d say break it down into three nuggets that are going to be simple, practical, and something that they can, they can remember and apply throughout the week. And there is your tailored lesson for the day. Do that. And it should only take 15 to 20 minutes to do that really well. And do that with each three-d. Five to 10 students you have that day. And while, ah, there you go guys. And that topic was vision for the lesson. Bye Bye.