Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Being Prepared

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So today I want to talk about the importance of printing music for students before and after their lesson. So one of the big things that we’ve talked about recently is in terms of instructor bonuses, it’s really important that you have all your materials prepared before the lesson. That means that we don’t have to interrupt the lesson to get them materials pronounced longer or anything like that. And it’s really important that we, and focusing on growth, tailored instruction and making sure that all of our instructions are tailored specifically to the students. 


Really important that we have all the materials prepared prior to the guitar lessons Tulsa that they can be sitting there waiting for the student to arrive, and the instructor will not have to leave the lesson and make the student sit there and wait while they print the music off that they already should have had in front of them. That is a not cool thing to do when teaching a lesson whether it is a guitar orWe didn’t want the instructor to arrive late to a lesson at Curtis music Academy because it’s really important for us that we’re always on time, always punctual because we want to be incredibly respectful of everyone else’s time and the time of our students. 


That’s one of the most important things that we do here at critic music Academy, something like that. So it’s also really important that we’ve got all the music printed and that’s why we started doing this thing where we prepare music and we make sure that we have a book for them. So every time a student comes in and credits music Academy, we want to make sure that they never have to pay for their materials because we know a lot of other music schools require that you pay for a book. For example, when I took guitar lessons Tulsa at another music Academy, I had to pay $20 for your book even though I only took guitar lessons Tulsa for a month or so. So I thought that was a little bit on his hair. But I Curtis music Academy, we make sure that we don’t have any of our students that have to buy a book. 


So that’s what I want to talk about today is just the importance of having that book for the student when they arrive. So that’s one of the biggest things that I told you is on our little checklist here that we’re going over for all of our instructors to make sure they’re doing the right things and make sure that they doing the things that are required to get their bonus is one of those things is making sure all their materials are per beforehand. So while we do have growth tailored instruction, that’s not to say that we don’t use books. We definitely do use books as a primary means of curriculum with students.


 With adults, however, it is a little bit different in terms of what we use as curriculum because a lot of adults, at least most adults, probably wouldn’t choose to learn out of a book, they would choose a more practical way of learning, things like specific songs that they would be able to play in the future for their friends or whoever they may want to play it for.  It’s really important that we do have some sort of curriculum that we can base all of our guitar lessons Tulsa on. Because for a lot of students, especially if they don’t know exactly what they wanted to learn, like kids for example, it’s really important that we’ve got that book and that type of curriculum to make sure that we have everything in order for them so that they can succeed at their lesson. 


So like I’ve talked about before, it’s really important for us that we provide our students with all of their curriculum that’s needed because we don’t exactly follow a specific book or lesson plan or anything of that nature because we do want to make sure that our guitar lessons Tulsa are growth tailored. I make sure that we’re focusing on the students’ individual goals. Every lesson will look different for every student, but like I mentioned a little bit earlier, it’s really important that for kids at least that we have some sort of curriculum because I don’t exactly know what they want to learn and they don’t exactly know where to go or how to get there. 


So it’s important that we have that sort of book for them in books can be expensive. So lessons, guitar lessons, vocal lessons, piano lessons, they’re all expensive as it is. And we’d hate for it parents to have to buy another book on top of the actual costs just as we created our own guitar crew, Kim, to make sure that we have sort of guideline for instructors to, it’s not necessarily something that they should follow every single lesson and keep up with it exactly and teach those exact things. But I served as a sort of guideline for the instructors that they have something to go off. 


So it’s kind of daunting when you first start teaching lessons, at least guitar lessons Tulsa or piano lessons, but guitar lessons especially, you look and you’re like, I have to figure out how to create an entire curriculum for the students. I have to know exactly what to teach them. And this guitar curriculum that we’ve created really helps with that and it’s really awesome. Same for the piano students. It’s also important that we have a curriculum for the piano students, piano teachers to go off of. So the book doesn’t really serve as something exact, something concrete that they have to teach the students every single week and go through it. If they don’t understand they’re going to fail or whatever it might be. It’s just really important that we do focus on their growth and if they want to jump around in the book, that’s what it’s there for.