Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Preparing for Music Lessons

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Today, I want to talk about some of the best things that you can do to prepare for guitar lessons Tulsa. So here at Curtis Music Academy we teach music lessons of all types ranging from piano lessons to vocal lessons to guitar lessons Tulsa. And we had a lot of people ask us what the best things are to know before taking losses. And here’s the thing, before taking lessons at Curtis Music Academy, there really isn’t anything that you need to know. We train people from but can or musicians too, all the way up to people who are incredibly awesome at their instrument with everyone ranging in between. So we teach people with absolutely no musical background whatsoever. We have students come in all the time who are young especially and have no formal training whatsoever. They might not even own a piano or if ever even touched one, but we teach them anyways. 


We start very young with all of the basics. That’s one of the best things about Curtis Music Academy is that we are really good about teaching students of all ages and of all formal training. So we have a student today actually who is nine years old and he has never had any sort of formal training whatsoever on the piano. But he came in today to take a music lesson with us and his mom was a little nervous about how it would go considering he has no training whatsoever. But we were sure to reassure her that we teach students of all forms and he has not required having a training before coming. It’s take a lesson. In fact, we do our best at the beginning when there’s just a blank slate and we can help them achieve all of their musical goals, even as simple as learning how to read music in the first place. 


So we have a couple of things that you should know before taking guitar lessons Tulsa. And like I said, none of them are musical. So you don’t need to know anything about music before taking lessons. All you need to know is that you have a desire to do so. So one of the biggest things you can do to prepare yourself for taking guitar lessons Tulsa, whether that be guitar, vocal or piano, is that you need to know that you are dedicated and determined and that you genuinely have a desire to do this. So we have a lot of students who really don’t want to be here. Maybe it wasn’t by their own choice that they’re here, maybe their parents made them. But you can definitively tell when someone doesn’t want to be here. And one of the best things that you can do for yourself and for us to get the most out of your guitar lessons Tulsa is to come with an open mind and open heart and be excited about being here. 


So that’s what something, that’s something that someone can do before coming in to take a lesson. They can be determined to succeed no matter how difficult to get under that. Perseverance is one of the most difficult things just in life in general. But especially in music when you don’t know anything to begin with, it’s really hard to persevere and push through when you get confused. But that’s another one of the big things that you can come in with is a strong sense of purpose, determination and perseverance. And another thing that you should know before coming in to take guitar lessons Tulsa is that this is a place where we are kind and respectful to everyone, no matter anything about them. There are new factors that play a role in US turning people down. We don’t turn down a single student if they want to play music of any kind. 


We’re here to make that happen. So Curtis Music Academy, we are incredibly open to all students and want to help everyone meet their musical goals. So I suppose now it’d be a good time for me to go over some of the things that a student will learn in their first lesson. And this is going to be particularly on piano, but I just want to go through some of the things that a musician will learn in their first couple of piano lessons. So in the first couple of months, first three specifically, first thing, we’re going to dive into your pathway as a student. So we’re going to tailor this path towards you in all of your musical goals. But firstly you’re going to learn in master 35 important basic steps to playing your instrument. So we’re going to start you on a path to success based on these 35 steps specifically tailored to you. 


Next you’re going to play a song that you love. So no matter how beginner you are in your first couple of months, we will arrange a song to meet your musical needs and your musical ability. So we are very skilled in that department and we are capable of rearranging and making songs tailored specifically to our students goals in needs. So you will play a song that you enjoy and that you want to play so we can arrange it for you and help you confidently execute this song to boost your confidence and boost your simple overall playing ability. And lastly, you will see quick results and improvements in your piano skills. Said those three things together will genuinely help you become eight incredibly successful musician just from your first couple of months if you put in the effort that is required. So some students do not practice very often. 


They don’t put in the effort that’s needed and they learn at a much slower rate than a lot of our other students. So we talk about this a lot. The diligent doer versus the happy hoper and the diligent Dewart genuinely works their butt off to make sure that they are getting the most out of their piano lessons because it’s not a cheap endeavor and it actually takes a lot of effort and drive to succeed at them. And you have to have those things to do well in piano lessons. You need to be able to put your minus and thing it to succeed at it because that’s what the diligent do or does they work? Heard he said specific practice times and they really helped themselves succeed because they set themselves up for success. Granted, if you are not setting yourself up for success and you’re not putting forth the effort that’s required, you probably not going to get very far and you’re not going to be able to learn a song that you love and you’re not gonna see as quick results. 


And that’s simply a, just something that you are doing on your own to not prepare for your lessons and not put an effort that’s required. So while you don’t have to have any sort of musical background or expertise to come take music lessons at Curtis Music Academy, you didn’t need to have basic desire to play an instrument in motivation to push you through, even when it gets hard. If you don’t have those things, then you will likely have a really hard time in music lessons and it will not be as fun or enjoyable for you as a student.