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In this edition of our topic for Curtis Music Academy, we’re talking about the topic of planning your guitar lessons and how to plan them easily, more efficiently and just overall just better. So in this edition of the Curtis Music Academy Podcast, I want to talk about planning the guitar lessons Tulsa. And this is coming from the perspective of a guitar instructor. When I go about planning my lessons for my guitar students in Tulsa, um, at the academy, the first thing I want to do is prepare. Part of the preparation is, you know, one you need to know your student. So I like to um, understand who I’m giving the lesson to and then I have a better idea of how to go about planning for that student. Of course, this is given that the student is not a first time student, just so you know, all of our first time students get a dollar lesson. 


And upon that first lesson we teach them pretty much the same thing across the board. And then, um, today what I’m really talking about is students that are not new, like this is their second time or their fifth time or you know, first or second guitar lessons Tulsa, fifth lesson, 600 of lesson, so on, so forth. So the main topic is preparing lessons for your Guitar Students Planning Your Guitar student lesson. So, um, planning, planning requires strategy, requires knowledge, understanding and wisdom. And so the first thing I wanted to talk about was um, preparing for the lesson. We can prepare in a number of ways. One way I like to prepare is to read up and brush up on my knowledge of the instrument. You can do this by purchasing or selecting a few books, whether that be from the store itself or online. There is a ton of resources out there that will give you a good overview and a good understanding and lots and lots of knowledge on the instrument that you are going to be teaching. So that’s one way I like to prepare. 


Another way I like to prepare is by jotting down on a clean plain line lists sheet of paper ideas I already have. Or it came to mind when I met the student based on my assessment of them. So just to, after I kind of met them and understood who they kind of are, where they’re at, then that gives me better leverage into what I can teach them and how I can provide the best lesson possible moving forward. So you want to prepare your guitar lessons Tulsa, you want to set aside time to prepare. So setting aside time is number one. You want to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour to prepare your lesson. And this is to prepare it. Well guys, this is worst case scenario, 30 minutes, 30 minutes gives me enough time to really get down what it is I want to teach, who I’m teaching to and when I’m going to be delivering this. 


And so preparing preparation than to organizing. After I’ve put down all my thoughts into on that paper or my what we call mind dumping, which just jotting down everything that comes to mind about something that just really is on your mind. Whatever’s on your mind, just dump it on the sheet of paper. Then you can begin organizing your thoughts in order. So if you were thinking, you know, circle of fifths theory and they’re beginner student, that might come way later down the line. But it’s important to get it on the piece of paper because now it can s get a place and that place would be further down the line. And so now you know you have it out of your mind and you kind of know where to go next after that has gotten a place. And so you want to start simple but so step one is preparing step two, organizing. 


So organizing, we can organize our thoughts in many different ways. I like to do mind debate and once I mind dump, which is part of the preparation process of step one, you can go about organizing. And so I just kind of start with the simplest thing first or the the most beginner thing first. And I pretty much isolate that one idea, that one thing and pull as much out of that as I possibly can because understanding takes time. It’s like laying a foundation. It’s so it’s just, you know, it takes time to really ask those questions. Upon the guitar lessons Tulsa day, you’re going to be asking them questions about, you know, to understand them a little bit better. And then your topic that you chose, your first idea is simple enough. You want to pull as much as you can out of that so that they can understand and you can hit your objective right on the bullseye. 


Organizing your thoughts will help you bring, give, get clarity on what you’re teaching, bring steps to your teaching. So you can have step one, step two, step three and then be done. And then recap, step one, step two, step three in a concise and simple way. And then organizing your thoughts also just keeps your mind from being in a chaotic state and you have something tangible that you can write down. And not only will you write it down once, but you can write it down once and then print it out. And that way you have it for the next time you come across this student who at the exact same position. And so organize your thoughts as step two, step three or my second point is my third point is execution. You’ve got to execute during guitar lessons Tulsa. So we can prepare well leave ourselves 30 minutes to an hour to prepare and then organize our thoughts in boarder. 


Put, put the lesson, the topic into three steps. Step one, step two, step three and then we want to execute well. And so you can actually do kind of like a dress rehearsal of your lesson as you’re, when you’re home and go through those three points, talking to your wall or talking to your stuffed animal, whatever, talking to your other guitar, sitting across the room, talking to your t television, talking to yourself and kind of do a dress rehearsal of that guitar lessons Tulsa to kind of give you a good idea of what it’s actually going to be like the day of your lesson. So that gives you some familiarity with the steps already written down in an organized manner. One, two, three. And then you can also jot down any questions that come to mind that the student may have whenever you are in your dress rehearsal lesson at home. So this should bring it pretty successful 


lesson whenever you have it. If you do these things, planning your lessons, your guitar lessons Tulsa, your piano lessons, your voice lessons should come a lot easier. You can get in what we call a work flow. You know, you set aside time to prepare, you prepare with resources, get all the knowledge you need down into your mind and then you can mind them everything that you have in your mind. Let’s just say it’s 10 things. You can organize those 10 things and in order one through 10 and then you can um, what we call reduce the amount of steps into a few steps, say three or four steps. And then preferably you just want three steps because we don’t want the student to try to remember too much upon the guitar lessons Tulsa and therefore get overwhelmed. We want them to be simple and practical things that they can quickly apply and quickly apply at home and recall. And remember at home, of course we want to give them a piece of paper that has any information from the lesson that we just presented to them to take home. So that they know exactly what they’re going over at home and what they practiced. 


And that will help them tremendously when it comes time to 


get better for themselves and practice at home. So that’s pretty much it guys. I know our, our topic was planning your guitar lessons Tulsa. We want to prepare. Preparing is a principle, so we want to prepare. One way we can prepare is by brushing up on our knowledge. And then we want to organize our thoughts. We can do what we call mind dumping and pour all on one piece of paper, all of the thoughts, all the ideas that we had, and then we can organize those thoughts in a set of one, two, three steps, three, four, or five, all the way to 10. However many ideas, just number your ideas, organize them in a sequential order, and then you’re right, you want to minimize the amount of steps into three steps and then you want to execute those three steps. You can do it even in practice, rehearsal at home of your guitar lessons Tulsa before you get to it. So that’s it.