Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Punctuality During Guitar Lessons

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In this fourth edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I wanted to talk about how we can end our lessons with punctuality and so ending our guitar lessons Tulsa with punctuality. I wanted to go over the three points today, which is starting on time. Wrapping up five minutes to recap, which is the second point, the third point, say goodbye at the end of time, which would be the time that your lesson typically and actually the time that you have set for it to end. That’s when you want to be saying goodbye so you want to wrap it up early. So on this topic, this is one of my favorite topics because I sucked at it for so long. We talking about ending lessons with punctuality period. So to end your lessons on time, you want to start on time and I’m sitting there on the couch wrapping up the last details of my lesson on my Trello app and my student walks in. 


I want to greet them at the door and given that they are five to 10 minutes early, that is a fantastic way to get your lesson started on the right foot. When they’re early. You can start your guitar lessons Tulsa early. If they’re late. Unfortunately you’ll have to start the lesson late so you do the best you can by ending on time. You can’t always control the start time, but you can always control the in time, so you want to start on time. Ideal situation. Your student gets there early, they get there five minutes early, they walk in the door, you open the door for them, you smile, you shake their hand, you do it back. Double, triple deck, double back flip and say, oh my gosh, I’m so excited to see you. Glad we could start a lesson. Let’s get started. You walk them in the room, you look at your watch and it says three 30 time to start. 


That’s when you begin to start your lesson or right on the dot three 30 once your lesson has begun, you get to go into everything that you tried and prepared so hard with blood, sweat and tears to prepare. You were at home, you were digging, you were digging and you were getting down and dirty with your guitar lessons Tulsa. You were writing out points on the topic that you had for this particular student today. You put in blood, sweat, and tears to make sure that this was the very, very, very, very, very best, less than the world has ever seen that this student has ever seen, that the camera has ever seen, that you have ever seen, and you deliver this message. You deliver this topic, these topics. You’re doing great. They’re smiling, you’re laughing, she sounded good with the cord. You’re rocking out, you’re smiling, you’re nodding, you’re saying good job. 


You’re encouraging the student and it comes time to wrap up. You want to, this is my second point. Five minutes early. You want to wrap up five minutes early. What happens at this five minutes? Early recap. Do you say goodbye? Do you say so that’s the lesson for today. Do you say, man, you really did a great job today. Well, crickets, crickets. I guess we’ll see you next time. No, no, no, no, of course not. You don’t want to say stuff like that. That’s what idiots say. You want to say something along the lines of, all right, I’m so glad we have five minutes left. Let’s recap of what you learned today and go through the points. My brother, my sister, go through the points. What did they learn that in that time with you? What did they, what can and what should they take away from their 30 minutes? 


We’ll technically 25 minutes of being with you. This awesome, incredible, handsome, beautiful instructor who knows what they’re talking about. Super Intelligent, knows a lot about this instrument. What have you taught them in the last 25 minutes during the guitar lessons Tulsa? That’s what you want to begin recapping in the last five minutes after recapping the last for about two minutes, you want to go over in the last very down to the last two minutes, what their homework is. So what you expect them to be practicing when they come back. So you want them in that last two minutes to say, Hey, by the way, one thing I want you to work on this week, blah, blah blah. And you want that one thing to be specific, detailed and practical and something that they can remember and preferably have that warm up or said homework assignment written down on a sheet of paper where they can refer back to it. 


And the amazing Mr Ron is bringing me this incredible red bull and he’s awesome and I love red bull. Thank you so much Ron. You’re the man. So that was my second point. Wrapping up five minutes early to recap and state what you want them to work on. Thirdly, you want to say goodbye at the last minute of that lesson. I struggled with this for a very long time and it isn’t only until now am I getting better at this. So I know firsthand what I’m talking about here. It’s been very difficult for me, uh, coming from a family that doesn’t really isn’t the most punctual. And so I’ve had to evoke and summoned some major discipline from the earth to my mind. To my body to make me end on time. So now it is a little bit easier to end guitar lessons Tulsa on time, especially when there’s that five minute buffer at the end where I can begin to recap the lesson, what they learned, whether that was a chord, whether that was a scale, whether that was rhythm and counting, whether that was how to hold the finger on this particular note, where to put the finger, whatever it was, whatever the context was going through those three to four points in the recap should only take you about two minutes to do this and then the last two minutes or the last three minutes, you want to begin to talk about what you want them to specifically work on during the week. 


I prefer here to maybe even give them a tip when it comes to their homework assignment. I like to tell to give them a tip of, hey, just work in 10 minute increments. Instead of, you know, an hour long practice session and one day during the week on Monday for the weekly guitar lessons Tulsa. Just do it for 10 minutes. We want quality practice and focus practice. And so doing one thing for 10 minutes, you’ll begin to accelerate that skill with that particular a specific assignment much faster. For instance, if you were supposed to be learning a cord and you’re supposed to be working on clarity and clarifying a quarter what we call troubleshooting, where you go string by string, when you have the shape of a cord being played, that is something that they can finesse and get down really well. Intimidated. They focus on only that one. One thing, if they focus on that, you don’t want them focusing on 10 different things in 10 minutes. 


So you want to help them focus and put their energy into one thing throughout the week. So I encourage my students in that in the last 30 minutes, hey, I want you to work on this specific thing for 10 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, including the day that we have our guitar lesson or vocal lesson or panelists in Tulsa. So that’s really all I wanted to talk to you about today. How to start on time and you don’t always control the start time, but you can control the finishing time, the ending time. Secondly, how to wrap up your guitar lessons Tulsa in five minutes. Keeping tabs on time, keeping being, having that time awareness, which I have to still even currently work on. And uh, that’s also one of the reasons why I love Chris Kevin, is because we have clocks inside of the instructing rooms, which help us to be well aware of the time. 


I even now set five minute reminders of the ending, uh, less of the, of the lesson ending or five minutes from when my next lesson starts, five minutes ahead of time so that I’m always being notified in some way when my lesson needs to start to wrap up. So 0.1, start on time. We can’t always control it, but we can control the ending time point to wrapping up your lessons five minutes early to recap and to assign your homework and then three saying goodbye at the end time. You want them walking out the door at four o’clock if your lesson starts at three 30. It makes sense. All right? That is the topic for the day. Ending guitar lessons Tulsa with punctuality.