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All right. This next topic is on who are some of our all star students with Curtis music Academy? Well, I like this topic because there are tons of students at Curtis music Academy who are doing phenomenal. A lot of them being my students, but I know for sure that there are definitely other students with other instructors who are doing amazing and we’re going to talk about a few of them. So first and foremost, I’m going to go with my own students by, because I love my students and they love me and so I’m going to hit on a couple just like two or three of my students who are doing phenomenal. 


One of them is Gerardo. Gerardo is an amazing student. He’s got, he’s about 30 28 to 30 years old. He’s got a daughter who, whose name is, you know, I’m not going to say her name because her on the podcast, but she’s beautiful. She’s amazing, she’s adorable. You would love her. She would steal your heart and she steals my heart every single week she comes. So Gerardo is awesome. He’s got an awesome daughter, but giraffes, Gerardo learns really well. He learns fast. He sees patterns very quickly. And so one key point for you guys out there is whenever you are learning guitar, it is, you have to understand that guitar is one gigantic pattern and the better you can catch onto patterns.


I believe the quickly, the more quickly you’ll be able to learn guitar and understand its concepts and its systems and its scales and it’s national number systems, things like that. So patterns, Gerardo has learned two songs with me. He’s been with me probably for about safe almost a month and a half, two months maybe. He was gone for a few months due to vacation, but, this student is very diligent. He’s a diligent doer. He sets aside time to practice. He practices fast, he practices well. He doesn’t go too fast to where he doesn’t get it right, but he practices slow and right and not fast and wrong. 


So Gerardo has learned Blackbird by the Beatles, one of my favorite songs. And he learned it in two guitar lessons Tulsa. Do you ever take a little over two guitar lessons Tulsa, about two guitar lessons Tulsa in, in half of the third lesson. So Gerardo has learned this song very quick and if anyone out there has ever seen someone play Blackbird by the Beatles, it doesn’t look like a very easy song in fact. And it’s very finger-like demanding. It’s very fingerling demand in guitar lessons Tulsa a hand demanding song in that you stretch the fingers quite a bit whenever you are playing the song because you’re going to be walking up scales and walking down scales. 


And so, Gerardo was excited when he started learning to play this because not only did we learn to play it just the chords, but we learned tablature while we were doing it. And he caught on very quickly that in tablature the numbers that are shown are not referring to fingers or time or anything else, but they are only referring to the frets that are being used. And so once he caught onto that, he started to quickly be able to apply what he’s been learning and caught on. Very few so fast to where he only, he learned the entire song in just two and a half guitar lessons Tulsa. 


And so this was an amazing feat and I was very proud of him because I’ve never seen anyone learn that fast other than myself. I actually learned it in about 20 minutes with my aunt in one day. And so he did very, very exceptional. Another student of mine, her name is Amy Lou, and she is a remarkable and amazingly talented and gifted little girl in that she learns very quickly as well. I’ve been blessed to have students who learn very quickly, which makes the process very easy for them. Not easy, but less challenging than some and why? Because they quickly apply what they learn and they see results fast. And so, 


I get to, you know, teach her, she’s very, very young. She’s 12 years old and is already learning Blackboard as well. Blackboard is one of the songs on our content list of songs and I pull it out for, you know, a few of my students just to see how well they can nail it. And also in the meantime I’m learning the classical song that is known all around the world, that so many love and she is learning it very, very well. Actually. It made her really excited to learn how to play it. And her dad saw her practicing it at home and decided to learn it himself. And so it has really caught fire in her family and her parents loved the Beatles. And so now the daughter and the dad can play Blackbird together and practice it together at home. And it’s, it’s wonderful. 


It’s the family bond and that’s one of the reasons why we do this, to build families, right? So those were just two of my students. Another student, who is doing very, very well. In my, in my line is, let’s see here. Luke. Luke is another really fast learner and if you haven’t caught on, I get to teach really awesome students who learn very fast. Not all of them are like that, but these three are, and it is such a joy to teach them because they remind me a lot of myself. I, I kind of learned very fast, always have since I was 11, you know, just picked up on things very, very quickly. Sports, instruments, yes. Systems, things like that. And it’s because of patterns, you know, because when you learn to see patterns as opposed to, you know, just parts, then you tend to pull things together and pick things up really quickly and then once, you know, add, applying things on top of that and you can achieve success quickly. 


So, Luke has not only learned, you know, gravity by John Mayer, he’s also learned Blackbird and now he’s learning, Hey Jude by the Beatles. And so this guy from the first time I met him, he’s athletic, sharp looking guy, handsome guy, young guy, has everything in the world going for him. And then he picks up the instrument and does all well as well. Does awesome as well. And I taught him gravity and about three, four guitar lessons Tulsa, so about four months, you know, four weeks and just nailed it every single time. Picks up on rhythm very well. 


We did have some, some issues with cord clarity for a little while, but we, we quickly fixed that and his chords are sounding very clear now and is doing amazing. Next song we learned was Blackbird and we caught onto tablature for the first time and he learned, you know, picked up the pattern of what the numbers mean and you know, how, how the time is, has, is laid out in tablature and what that means and how that affects how we play. And he saw success really quickly as well. He learned Blackbird in about two to three guitar lessons Tulsa. So a little bit shorter, I’d say one lesson shorter than the last song. And now we’re learning, Hey Jude by the Beatles. And I think he’s just gonna nail it probably by this next lesson. I think he’s going to really, really nail it. And so, well these are just a few students in guitar lessons Tulsa who are just doing a phenomenal job. 


They are all stars at Curtis music Academy and they’re probably, but by the time they’re, you know, off and have, have move on, moved on from Curtis Academy, they will probably have learned 10 to 15 songs with us. And we are proud and learned also other knowledge and things like that before leaving, you know, Curtis music Academy, God forbid, but they’re just doing phenomenal. Another student who’s doing amazing is, one of Olivia’s students and it’s a young girl named Addison, and she learns so fast as well. She actually has an attention deficit. But you know, it’s hard for her to focus, you know, she tends to go off on rants or tangents or runs around the room or, you know, just has a hard time staying focused. But she, once she gets something, she has it and she runs with it. And her parents are so proud because she is such a smile on her face when she does it in guitar lessons Tulsa.