Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Student’s Goals

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As a guitar instructor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the most important things that you can do for your beginner guitar students and beginner pianists is to get to know them and what they like to learn. So it is so important that you learn what a student’s favorite song is or what they might be wanting to learn in their guitar lessons Tulsa, piano lessons, or voice lessons. Because once you get to know a student and what they like, they will be more apt to continue their lessons and having a good time while they do it.

So it is really important that you talk to them and find out what exactly their goals are for taking lessons. And here at Curtis Music Academy, we do that very well. And once you find a student’s goals, we are then able to create a pathway for how we can help them reach those goals. But it all starts with getting to know your student and finding out what their goal is. So as a novice piano student myself, I found this goal setting incredibly important in how much I enjoyed my piano lessons. So when I first started taking lessons, I told my instructor exactly what I wanted to learn. I told them exactly what my goal was in taking lessons here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I told them that I wanted to learn Ben Rector songs to play for my friends.

That is my goal as a piano student. I’m not looking to learn classical pieces. I am not looking to learn something out of a book. Even all I really want to learn is a few specific songs. So once my instructor knew it that that is what I wanted to learn, just those couple of songs by my favorite artist, he was able to lay out a pathway for how I can reach those goals. And that is exactly what my lessons are based on. We learn specifically the things that pertain to what my goals are. So in my piano lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at Curtis Music Academy, what I do is I sit down with my instructor every week and we go over what would be new that we can learn that will help me learn this new song that I’ve been wanting to learn. So we take a look back at our previous lessons and we look at what I have previously learned and then we add to it, but specifically in relation to the songs.

We sit down at the piano and my instructor focuses only on things that pertain to those particular songs. We don’t spend a ton of time in a piano book for beginner piano students. But rather I listened to the songs that I want to learn. My instructor will come up with ways to teach him to me, whether that be listening to the song and coming up with the melody line themselves or finding music specifically for that song. But we do not spend a ton of time in the books because our, my lessons and our lessons here at Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma are based specifically on what the student wants to learn. So if a student comes in and they want to learn twinkle, twinkle little star, and that is just about it, what we will do is we will help them accomplish that goal by creating a specific pathway for them.

So we will sit them down and teach them the things that are in that song that they will need to learn to in order to play it. Whether you have beginner piano students, beginner guitar students, or advanced piano students and advanced guitar students in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when your instructor learns specifically what someone’s goals are for taking piano lessons, guitar lessons Tulsa, or voice lessons, it is much easier for that student to continue taking lessons and to continue wanting to learn. There’s a lot that has to do with the desire to learn. And for me, I have a very strong desire to learn and to go to my piano lessons because I know that what I’m learning. It’s interesting and it pertains to me and it’s something that I actually chose at a lot of music studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They simply go out of the piano books and they teach classical pieces or whatever the instructor wants to teach, but accurate it’s music academy.

We are very good particular focusing on the needs and desires of our students. So when they come to us with the song, we say, okay, great. How can we help you learn this song? How can we help you do something enjoyable by giving new piano lessons forced us into or guitar lessons Tulsa. We want to make our teaching fun, exciting and new every week so that our students stay interested and they stay excited about what they’re doing. Interested and keeping them active in wanting to practice for their lessons, setting goals, setting goals. Also keep students motivated and it might perhaps even get them on the right track to learning even more and sticking with their lessons. So when you know what you’re practicing and when you have a picture in your mind, what you were supposed to learn, it is far easier for you to sit down at the piano or the guitar or to sit down and sing because you know what it’s supposed to sound like.

You have heard it a million times. I’m sure if it is a song that you picked and it makes it really easy for you to practice and to be engaged in practicing. I know that for me, when I was taking my beginner piano lessons and Tulsa, Oklahoma, since I was learning songs that I already knew from the radio and I had already heard them because there were some of my favorites, it was very easy for me to sit down and start practicing them because I knew what they were supposed to sound like and I was motivated because I could see it coming along and I can listen to it. And the more that I practiced them, it was very easy for me to see how much progress I had made. Because when you’re learning a song that you know you can tell exactly when it starts to all come together.

So when you played the individual notes and then you start to play the chords and then you start to play with both hands and you play the melody, you can hear each part coming together to make it the song that you have been wanting to learn. And I’ve found that that has been probably the biggest motivating factor in taking guitar lessons Tulsa, learning a song on piano or guitar or learning to sing it, one that you might already know is very similar to activating that Schema. So if you know the melody already and what it’s supposed to sound like, it is a lot easier for you to practice it because it was already in your scheme and we talked about that and one of the previous podcasts.

But when you know you’re wanting to learn, you’re far more motivated, you want to stick with it and you enjoy your lessons much more. So to sum it all up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, here at Curtis Music Academy, we focus on prioritizing the student’s goals and laying out a pathway for how they can reach those specific goals for each individual student to keep them and all around pleased with the guitar lessons Tulsa we found that setting goals really keeps our students interested and leads them to even be stronger musicians at the end. So setting goals for your students, getting to know them, knowing what they want to learn is probably one of the most important things that you can do when teaching guitar, vocal or piano lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma.