Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Beginner Piano Lessons 

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Now, I just want to tell you a couple of minutes to go over some of the things that you will learn in a beginner piano lesson. So like I’ve said in earlier podcasts, we have a ton of students in the area who come in with little to no musical knowledge whatsoever. Meaning they have never read music, they’ve never been taught the notes, they’ve never maybe even haven’t touched a piano or guitar or tried the thing before. So with that being said, we have history curriculum designed specifically to help these students with absolutely no musical experience whatsoever. And it is a curriculum that is structured in the best of his ways, meaning we have specific goals and targets for each student to hit, but it is unstructured in the fact that it can be tailored to each individual student. 


So I’ve talked a ton about how important it is to us that we tailor all of our lessons to meet individual students’ goals. And this means that while we may have a curriculum that we use to keep our students on track, we also use our own curriculum in that we work with the student. And tailor all of our lessons specifically to their goals. For example, if a student wants to learn one specific song, we might take a look at this curriculum and pick out the things that are really important for them to learn. But if that is all that their goal is, that’s the only reason that they’re taking lessons. We’re not going to teach them all of the theory and the things that they don’t really need to know. 


We’re going to teach them, especially the things that they do need to know for that one specific song that they’re wanting to learn. So it’s really important that we have both a curriculum and that we leave it open to our instructors ability to teach and help our students with their specific goals no matter what they may be. So I’m going to take just a minute to go through some of the things that are on this list of things that your student will learn in their beginner piano lesson, whether they have experience or not. Although this one is particularly, I believe for students that don’t have any musical background whatsoever. So it started with piano. The first thing that you’re going to learn in this first year of guitar lessons Tulsa is how to just sit at the piano. 


So posturing yourself is incredibly important when you’re playing the piano, you want to make sure that the benches, the far the proper distance from the piano, I want to make sure you have the right posture that you’re sitting up in a way that your hands can easily reach some keys. And hand positioning is also incredibly important. So I know that when I was taking piano or guitar lessons Tulsa, we spent whole 30 minutes learning the position of my hand to make sure that my wrist was in the proper place and make sure that I’m able to hit all of the keys effectively and glide along the keys as smoothly as it’s is designed to. 


So once you’ve learned the proper hand position, posture and distance from the bench, we want to make sure that we are able to understand the numbers down the finger. So in piano your fingers are numbered and that’s how we kind of tell the difference in the notes which hand goes on, what keys, which finger goes on, what keys I should say. So they’ve got one, two, three, four and five for the five fingers on your hand, whether that’d be left or right. Cause another basic thing that you really need to know before you can start actually playing a piano professionally or whatever it might be next. Well I learned fundamental contrasting dynamics. That being said, it means that we want to learn the difference in loud and soft and how to play it. So you might do a crescendo and make it a little louder as you go. 


And those are really important because it takes different hand positioning in different ways of hitting the keyboard to play loud versus soft. So it’s really important that we wanted the difference in those things. Fundamentally. The next thing is getting into the more of the fun stuff. And we’re gonna teach you exactly where the middle seat is on the keyboard or on the piano. So we’ll find c and then we’ll have you find all of the other C’s that are on the piano. I’m not sure how exactly many there are, but there are lots of cs and they’re all in the same spot on the keyboard. So we just have to find them. And that’s one of the things that the instructor will teach you in one of your first guitar lessons Tulsa, 


At Curtis music academy, you will learn to find all of the CS and once you find all the seats, you’ll find all the ds and all of the ease and all of the efs and all of the gs and then a and then B. So we want to show you where all at the keys are. They’re all pretty easy to find. Once you find, see, it’s pretty easy to find from there considering they’re all in alphabetical order. So that’s the next thing that we’ll learn. Districts where all of the letters are on the piano, and then we want to recognize where they are in noise to you. We’ll play a couple of different notes and you’ve got to pick out which ones are which. She can start to tell the difference between a c and an e or anF and a. The next thing that you’ll learn and taking piano or guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy is word of REC is, I’m sorry, where to play the fundamental rhythms on the piano. 


That would record notes, half notes, whole notes, things of that nature, how long to hold them and how to play them. So we’ll maybe teach you a song that has a couple of each in them, whether that be a coordinate, coordinate, half note, whole note, something like that. We want to make sure that you know exactly the difference between those and how to play them so that you can recognize them on music. So these are just a couple of the things you’ll learn in your first few guitar lessons Tulsa here at Curtis Music Academy. Want to teach you exactly all the things that you need to know, the fundamentals that will be able to set you up for success and a lot of sins number than the like the fundamentals, they’re a little bit boring. 


We get that they’re not exactly super fine and you’re not playing some awesome music, but they are critical to teaching. I’m sorry to learning and playing the piano in the future. You have to have all the fundamentals down before you can truly be a successful piano player. And we recognize that at Curtis Music Academy. So I want to make sure that we do, did teach you all of the boring stuff, all the fundamental things that you need to learn before you can be successful, because we want to get through that. Make sure we’ve taught you well, but we do try to get onto the more fun stuff so that student doesn’t lose their engagement. They don’t lose the things that they’re excited about. We want to make sure that we keep you excited after learning all of the fundamentals to begin with.