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So if they ultimately decided they should quit, then we can know and rest in peace that we have, you know, done the all the we can do to make sure that those stay. So we try to, you know, 

introduce new, exciting things, fun things that we think that they might enjoy, things like that. So I think it’s really cool that we do that too and concerns section. I think it is really awesome and it allows us to brainstorm what we do if we think of that student is going to quit or Mike quit. We kind of talked about that in previous podcasts a little bit, but we’ve created a kind of a list of ideas for things that we can do if we feel like a student is losing interest in their guitar lessons Tulsa.


 If we feel like they’re not having a good time anymore, they’re not practicing. If it’s just too much, it’s overwhelming because we want to make sure we can keep our students, cause we do recognize how important music is for our students in in general, no matter how old they are, music has really been life changing for everyone here at Curtis music Academy, we’re going to do our best to make sure that we are not an inhibitor and more of a encourager and someone who helps our students for maintain and stay in your guitar lessons Tulsa so that they can do awesome things in their guitar lessons Tulsa and keep learning music and such. 


So the next thing that we talked about in all of our team meetings is the upcoming week. And we go through any new students that our instructors might have new students, like a new vocal student for Haley and scheduling problems, things like that. So I mentioned a lot how we have all of our instructor salaries and stuff, both, all this whiteboard.While it’s also important that we have everyone together so that we can talk to them and brainstorm and see how they’re all doing with schedules and stuff. And then we can, if one a person is not available to teach this lesson like we thought they would be if there was a random conflict, everyone is there and we can kind of find backup if that makes sense. 


So it’s really awesome that we are able to do that when everyone is there cause it makes scheduling a ton easier because you can just talk through it as opposed to trying to text about it or be on the phone about it. It’s so much easier when you can do it in person. So the last upcoming week review just kind of went over all the new students that we’d have, we wanted to be concerned about. One of our instructors was concerned about driving to a lesson and they might not make it back in time for the next lesson.


So that was also another opportunity for them to bring that up so we can discuss it as a team and see what the best route might be, how we can alleviate any of the problems that our chapters might have. These are really the best thing about our team meetings is that we’re all there and we’re all ready and excited to help one another. So it’s really important that we do that and meet together once a week because we have a ton of insight as instructors and as administrative assistants and as, and Kelly, we have a ton that we can bring to the table, every single one of us. And I think it’s awesome when we’re all together because there’s ton of ideas floating. It’s a really good space for us to all just brainstorm ideas together and that’s how we come up with the best ones, especially what we’re doing for the Christmas concert.


It’s kind of what we’re doing, making sure that we’re all brainstorming, coming up with the best ideas to make it the best performance ever. Even if we know if we’re all satisfied with something, it means it must be really, really good. And we all have different perspectives on things and different things that we can bring to the table to make the men even better. So the same thing applies to the upcoming week and even they’ve been to our reviews where if there’s scheduling conflicts or anything of that nature, we are always, they’re enabled to help, you know, kind of alleviate those scheduling errors. 


So for example, was struggling to get to this one lesson on time, but we couldn’t move it and she had class and getting stressed out about the tests and stuff coming up and just, it’s a lot going on for her.So Steven was actually able to step in and be like, Hey Lee, I can actually take this lesson. It’s on the way. It would not be hard for me to do that at all. So in that way, Haley was able to get a break from a student that was really difficult to get to you and stuff like that. Steven was actually able to get into new students. 


So when you’re all there talking to one another consistently and talking about all the important things, it’s really awesome because scheduling errors are so much easier to fix when everyone is together. The other thing is that they just, it’s just really awesome to see everyone together. And it’s the only time that we all really see each other during the week because we’re also busy and we’re not all here at the same time. So we’ve got some instructors who are driving the lesson, some instructor out here, but we have guitar lessons Tulsa on different days, usually not at the same time.


So you typically won’t see very many people. I want to widen your working at Curtis music Academy. If you do see them then they’re probably just teaching a lesson and then they’re going to leave. So it’s good time for all of us to get to talk to one another and hang out for just an hour. We typically have snacks, which is one of the best parts. I love the snack aspect of the team meeting because since since it is later in the evening, it’s really great to have snacks cause it’s kinda like you’re tired. It keeps you up and awake for the meeting. But it’s really awesome way for us to get to know one another firstly and secondly to problem solve. 


We’re so much better when we all work together. That’s how we really thrive at Curtis music Academy. And I think it’s one of the things that sets us apart from most other music academies is that we do work together so well in all of us care.We’re very incredibly passionate about what we do and teaching guitar lessons Tulsa in want to make sure that we’re all working together to make Curtis music Academy the best music Academy that we possibly can make it. We do this through the benchmark, reviewed the good news of the week, the student win of the week to join concerns the week, upcoming week.


And then we identify, discuss and solve problems. So we wanna make sure this week and that $1 lesson that we ask, what can Curtis music Academy do for you? Want to make sure that we are providing our students with best level of service that we possibly can. Make sure that we’re providing them with everything and anything that they could possibly need for taking music guitar lessons Tulsa.