Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Guitar Grill and Chill

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For about a year. Curtis Music Academy has been teaching a group guitar course in Tulsa and it has been so much fun to see different guitar students pick up this course and learn to play the guitar in Tulsa. And one of the motivations for starting this group course was the fact that a lot of our students had told us that their goal for taking guitar lessons Tulsa was for the sole purpose of being able to go camping with their family and play the guitar at the Campfire. And so because of that, it motivated me to think of ways that we could incorporate teaching private guitar lessons Tulsa into a way that many people could enjoy learning the guitar. So what we ended up doing was converting our backyard. This was previous to our current studio, so we were previously teaching guitar lessons out of our house and my wife and I converted our backyard to allow a lot of students to come into our backyard and learn to play. And so we have a fire pit. We decided that we were going to have a campfire in our backyard as we taught these course lessons.

And it was so much fun. And to start that an experience, an enjoyable group course was a great inspiration for myself as an instructor. It has changed over a period of time. It’s almost been a year since we started this course. So it has changed a little bit. But what are the things that we do? First of all, we call it get tar grill and chill. That’s the title of this group Guitar Chorus in Tulsa. And it’s really interesting to see how just by titling something, people are interested in learning something that they’ve never been able to do. And so by having these guitar lessons Tulsa in our backyard, we had the campfire, we grilled meat every week. So sometimes you would have hamburgers, sometimes we would have hot dogs.

One of our instructors, Garrett, was a master chef and he would grill very well. And so we’d have this meal while we were learning guitar. And it was an exciting experience and people were able to fulfill their desire of learning to play the guitar and perform at a campfire. And to sum up, I guess to summarize this course, after 12 weeks, the final week, the 13th week we would have a party and this party was for anybody’s family, anybody’s friend, they could come and we would provide a phenomenal meal for everybody and they would then perform all of the songs that we’ve learned over the past 12 weeks. And it was great. Nobody really had any struggles with performing in front of people mainly because it was a group course which allowed people to feel like they weren’t under pressure, trying to perform in front of people all by themselves, which can be a little bit intimidating. So that’s the main thing about it. Tar Grill and chill was this 12 week course. We have changed the guitar lesson in tulsa to now be a monthly membership. And so as you would come to our group guitar class, which is on Thursdays you come and you just pay a quick easy hundred dollar membership fee at the beginning of the month and then you can come to these group courses for the entire month and we have appetizers. We have a lot of awesome things going on. And you can come and enjoy the experience of learning to play the guitar in Tulsa as well as hanging out with other people. And now that we’re at our new studio location, we don’t cook out every single week, but we do have the final week of the month where we have a great meal to appreciate each other and join in the community of these other guitar players. So that’s the thing about guitar Guerlain chill, is that we have a great time being in community and learning with each other. What are the challenges that I faced as a guitar instructor in Tulsa, is that I had to create content that would allow for wide variety of levels in guitar ability. So some students are advanced, some students are intermediate. And actually there’s even one student in our guitar lessons tulsa that’s a beginning student. Luckily for him, he is just a person that is able to pick himself up by his own bootstraps and he just wants to get in there and he does not mind working hard. And he really is effective in staying in there and attempting his best at this instrument. So as you’re creating content, a lot of times you can create a song that’s a little bit too difficult for the majority of the people, but then it’s right there where the advanced guitarist is going to be. So then you’re accommodating to one person, but the rest are way behind. Or You could create content that is perfect for an intermediate player, but then the advanced player is yawning and bored with this content.

And then you could continue on with the beginning students, something that one of our guitar students would have learned months or years ago because it’s just so easy. So you have to create the guitar lessons Tulsa structured around a good and variety of abilities. And one of the things that we have found to make this possible is essentially creating content that would allow for multiple guitars to be doing different things throughout a song. And so one of the songs that we did, which was perhaps the best song that we have created for a group course was beat it by Michael Jackson. And in fact, the lesson plan was created by Garrett, one of our guitar instructors in Tulsa. And he did a phenomenal job making a variety of difficulty with this song. And so we had about four different guitar parts into song and one of the parts was a rhythm guitar part where we were focusing on Bar chords so you could have your bar chords and then there was a lead line, which is the part that starts on and then it goes to g and it’s the main base part in the song fact. That’s how the song starts is through this lead line. And then we had some other guitars that were just able to play some open chords like e minor and then d and then c. And in fact that the courts really aren’t that difficult in this song. But it was a perfect song to allow a variety of abilities to come together and the advanced guitar has would be challenged, the intermediate guitarists wouldn’t be challenged.

And then the beginning guitarists would also be challenged because even open courts can be difficult for some beginning students. So it was a great experience and that’s what we try to do in our guitar course. We try to find songs that are going to be perfect for multiple layers of ability. And that’s how you can effectively produce a group lesson course with varying abilities in that genre of music. So that’s kind of the way our group guitar lessons Tulsa works. And I hope that this helps because this is something that we have developed over time and we’re continuing to develop. And there’ll probably be different by the time you’re reading this, but I hope that it only changes for the better as we continue to grow as instructors at Curtis Music Academy.