So we understand that you want to learn how to play guitar extremely well and you want to go to the best kind of place for that to happen. So you have to go to be the best guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer. That isn’t going to be any other than Curtis music Academy. Being the best that we could possibly be is like the number one thing that we always have at the forefront of our minds. We understand that we need to have growth tailored exactly to your needs and what you are going to accomplish in order for us to overdeliver on your expectations. So these expectations will be addressed absolutely no doubt about it

Yes, we definitely do want you to be the best and if you are not going to be the best you are going to have to go to one of our competitors because we only work with those who want to be a fit for the best. If you want to learn how to play guitar and not be the best that you could possibly be then you know that is to find us. We just only suggest that you probably go with somebody else who is going to take care of the needs that you really need. If you need to learn how to be a mediocre guitar player there are plenty of mediocre spots for you to go to and learn how to play guitar. This is not going to be the best guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer though and you should acknowledge that. If you cannot acknowledge that you cannot handle the truth.

We are the most reviewed and we are the highest rated so that being said you will have to get to a point of accepting that we are the going to be the only place for you if you are in the habit of knowing how to be the best and wanting to be the best in each and every little thing that you do. We deftly do acknowledge the point of no return whenever you come to our place of business. We know that you will not go anywhere else after. This is why we are the premier guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer.

Come to Curtis music Academy only if you are into the core values that we have available for you, those are going to be passion/musical growth/mentorship/patience.
At the heart of each and every little thing that we do these core values are at the forefront of our mind. So we definitely do believe you whenever you say best so as long as we are going to continue to be in the habit of being our number one form we will remain at the top.

Please find yourself going to Curtis music Academy’s website that is going to be and then you also want to go to 918-361-7641 so that you can have a great time with one of our consultants understanding exactly the needs that you want and how we can overdeliver on the expectations that you have for us. We are going to come out with and I’ll outline the plan of how to break this down and get through to what you want to do.

Guitar Lessons Tulsa | How Can I Become A Better Guitar Player?

So the intent which you have is that, better guitar player? Well, we could definitely do for you what you believe that you cannot do for yourself. Just as you believe that you cannot do for yourself what we can do for you you are going to have a chance at making this your number one thing in life. We know that it is important for you to focus on the one thing in life and not focus on 1 million other things at any given time so we understand the rigor of our lessons is going to end in the joy that you have from becoming the best guitar player that you could possibly be. After you have learned your songs you’ll know why we are the best guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer.

Every time we have a new student, and we know that an angel gets his wings. This is not just a Christmas is him that we are making funny to you but this is the truth. We know that an angel is going to be born every time that something good happens and so on the really good thing that will happen as a direct result of us having done our job is you will learn how to be the best guitar player that you want to be. We know that this is going to make us the premier guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer.

Any time that we have come to the decision on our own that we messed be on the task at any given time we have to realize that by staying with the core value that we hold so dearly to us having patients. We know that by us having patients we will be able to attain every little goal that we have in place for us to get to where we want to be we know that it is going to be exactly what you need whenever you are dedicated to your musical growth you will have to be passionate about each and everything that you do. Each and every note that you place going to translate to one less bit of stress that you have to worry about. This is a release and this is not anything else. Do you know what makes us the best guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer? Our diligence.

We know that you will find two be the best you have to do the work. And by you doing the work whenever we’re not in lessons you are going to be the best. So we have an understanding of our mentor ship taking precedence over the things that you want to do because you want people like you and things of that nature. But we are here to make your goals come true so when you come to us and you tell us that you have a goal to be a better guitar player we’re going to execute that plan to the best of our abilities and if you are with us than we are going to accomplish just that.

It is a fact that we could not ever come to the second and what we do. We always have the dedication excellence that leads us to be the best. Because we end up putting the work in and we end up having our students put the work and we know that they are going to leave the most reviews above everybody else and they’re also going to give us the highest rating so you can check our video testimonials for the clients that we have gotten to where they want to be. They are incredibly informative. Please go to and dial 918-361-7641 today and you will know why