Guitar Lessons Tulsa | The Planning Process

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I think I will pretty much start each paragraph or if not each paragraph, each topic that I talk about with this statement. I love giving guitar lessons Tulsa. I love sitting at my table in my apartment with my awesome view now that my friend and I have gotten a new apartment, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning at this table, planning my guitar lessons Tulsa at this, at this table, and organizing my guitar lessons Tulsa and my students. You guys, while I live here, I love my apartment. I love that every day I get to plan a lesson or even give a lesson. Actually don’t plan all of my guitar lessons Tulsa every single day of the week. I plan them all on a Monday, so then I have the rest of the week to enjoy. Guys, it’s so much fun when you nail a bunch of tasks into one day so that you have the rest of the week to enjoy and have fun with. 


And so that is something that I’ve started doing when it comes to organizing my week or organizing mine my life or my day. I could to have an awesome sweet s amazing apartment and get to plan my guitar lessons Tulsa today, which is Monday for you guys, my students. And the one of the ways that I keep track of my guitar lessons Tulsa or keep track of the topics and the objectives and the, the action items and, and the students that I have is through a Trello board which have all of my guitar students on it. It’s really easy to stay organized with this program because I can move boxes, create new boxes, type descriptions, take notes, create custom fields, copy, paste, archive, attach due dates, labels, make checklists, add other people like my wife to to look at what I’m doing, things like that. It just really allows me to have fun with what I’m doing and the guitar lessons Tulsa that I’m giving and stay organized as well. 


But also more importantly, have fun doing it. I love organizing my guitar lessons Tulsa with this program. I love getting to wear my awesome glasses, which actually have yellow lenses because they’re blue light protecting lenses. And so I’ll wear my, my I was gonna say my guitar lenses, but these are my glasses. I kind of looked like Harry Potter, but I get to wear these glasses while I look at my computer because the blue light on my computer is actually bad for my eyes while I’m planning my guitar lessons Tulsa. But I just love the process. I love the process of planning. You guys just guitar lessons. I love the process of figuring out what I’m going to be teaching you. I love breaking down the lessons into manageable and digestible nuggets to where it won’t be too overwhelming for you, but it is going to help you further your guitar skills. 


I love being able to stay organized and not have to overthink about what I’m doing or constantly think about and worry what I’m going to be doing on your lesson lesson during the week. I can plan at once and then I can take my phone or my laptop with me to the lesson and teach from there because this program will sync mine all of my devices. And so you know what that means. And so I, yeah, I get to sit at my white table, my ship lap table in front of my grand view of the city of flex towers and jinx the city of Jinx and study my guitar lessons and had to make you guys better and also get to play on my Mac a little bit. Watch really cool youtube videos about how to learn and how to play really funky, cool songs. I also like to type on this thing. 


It makes me feel like I’m doing more work than I actually am. And I just feel like a boss. And so I feel like a boss. Well I’m being your boss and making you a better musician and I get to eat my snacks, man. I get to go over to my cabinets and I get to pull out some cheeses or some ice cream. I don’t eat ice cream during the day. Just so you know, but I get to make a smoothie or have some chocolate, just kind of a snacky stuff, you know, trail mix, some carrots, some celery, peanut butter, apples, honey, whatever it is. And I get to sit down at my table in my white chair as well because most of my apartment is white and really light and has great lighting and get to plan my lessons for you guys. I don’t know why I, I really keep hitting on this, this topic of enjoying and organizing and planning the lessons, but I think planning is so fun. 


And one of the topics I’m actually teaching my students right now is, and because she’s new, is the anatomy of the guitar. And basically the anatomy of the Qatar has everything to do with the parts of the guitar, which is from top to bottom, kind of like the anatomy of the human body. The anatomy of the human body is a head, shoulders, knees, toes, ha, ha, ha, arms, legs, fingers, phys, you name it, eyeballs, nose, ears. Now all of that is what we associate with the anatomy of our bodies. And so in the similarly the guitar has an anatomy, it has parts, it has what we call a headstock and also has tuners tuning knobs. It has an a neck just like we have a neck, it has strings, it has a fretboard, it has frets, it has interlays, it has all these different parts. 


It has an upper battle lower about as a sound hole where all of the vibrations go into the guitar from the strings vibrating and bounces around inside the body of the guitar and then comes right back out. That was the stuff I felt I am fascinated with. This is actually what I’m teaching this student who’s new and she never knew some of this guys. She never knew most of it and so when she’s excited, I’m excited and if they’re not excited about it then I’m not excited that they’re not excited and it just makes me, it encouraged me to be a better instructor and study more for you guys. I’m teaching and learn more knowledge and apply more of myself and play more of myself and so I thoroughly enjoy planning your lessons, my guitar students out there and systemizing them as well. Le Getting to overdeliver on these first lessons is a treat for me to see the smile on the students’ faces lights me up inside and it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something in life, which is very important for me and I hope you feel accomplished as well because you are accomplishing, you will be accomplished and you will be an amazing guitar player at the end of your lessons with me and so have a great time learning and a, I will have a great time teaching. 


Another thing that I’m teaching the student is the g and C major chord. She has never played a chord or before and so she struggled a little bit in the beginning because he had never played it before. She had struggled with placing her fingers on the strings and the fretboard all at the same time because she had multiple on this core, this particular chord. At the same time, she, they had all four fingers. And so it was a little difficult for her to play, but she, at the end of the lesson, she nailed it. And so she had learned two chords by the end of the lesson. And I know next week or this coming up week, she’ll it be even better because I know she will be practicing her two chords, the g and C major. And we’ll also have the guitar Natalie memorized. And so this is just a couple of of things that I’ve been teaching the student. She is wonderful. She is really jolly, happy and a joy to be around. Her family’s great. And I enjoy planning her lessons because while I’m planning lessons, I’m thinking about my students and how excited they’re going to be whenever I present this new material to them. And so without further ado, that is the end of this amazing podcast.