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To ensure that all of our customers receiving our Guitar Lessons Tulsa from Curtis Music Academy we make all of our coaches can mentor for core pillars. The pillars are as follows: we teach patients so that it our coaches never get frustrated with a customer who is, and the past that patients along the student. We make sure that our students know the importance of passion when it comes to learning an instrument is that is often the emotional roller coaster with ups and downs. Musical growth is extremely important obviously not just in the instrument your learning, but all musical concepts. In addition to these our coaches are required to be a mentor not only in your musical career in your musical path, but also in your life. We care more about your success as a person and succeeding in life than we ever do in this one particular area.

If you would yourself separate for performance anxiety you are not alone. Some of the most skilled musicians in the world having continue to suffer from this illness. This is not an uncommon thing especially for beginning performers. It is a matter if you’re trying to just perform in front of your family and friends at Thanksgiving, or you plan on rocking out sold-out shows in front of hundreds of thousands of people we have experience helping you overcome these anxieties. We know these anxieties can take all the enjoyment out of learning how to play a new instrument, so let us help you attack this problem head-on. Many people hide this fear and never overcome it because no one is ever aware that they need help to tackle this.

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