Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Prepping for a Week of Awesome Lessons

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Today is Sunday and we do not teach guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis music Academy on Sunday. It is a day where all of our instructors have off and they can go to church and hang out with their family and spend time in the presence of family and friends, which is really important and for our students to take guitar lessons Tulsa at Curtis music Academy weekly. One of the things that we could be accomplishing is helping to make sure that the experience is top of the line and if you are looking to take guitar lessons Tulsa, whether that’s guitar or piano, I recommend that you exit out of this article and find our home page and fill out a form for a $1 lesson because anytime that you are interested in taking a lesson, the very first lesson is in fact just $1 and that is something that we give to all of the residents in Tulsa.


 That way you can experience just what it might be like to have a lesson without being like you have to commit to anything long term, but you have the opportunity to go through and have a wonderful experience for just $1 and that’s what we want to achieve through those guitar lessons Tulsa. So with that being said, it is Sunday and what I am looking to do is go back to our studio and have a wonderful time going through and trying to find some different things that I could accomplish while there is nobody at our studio. So if you think that I will be doing today to make sure that our guitar lessons Tulsa are set up and ready to go for the rest of the week, I am going to redo the parking lot. So we have been waiting for the parking lot to be painted so that as students arrive for their guitar lessons Tulsa, they will have a face. 


You park in the back. And we’ve been toying around with a few different ideas for paintings that we can do. And so currently we have five parking spaces in the back. All right next to each other and then we have a six parking space that is just to the South of the building. So with that being said, we have many different opportunities for students, the parking. So that’s one of the things that I will be doing today. However, it is a rainy day tape. It does not stick very well. So we will see if I can adjust that tape to accommodate for the new scheme just to test it out for this week. Lastly, one of the things that we want to be able to accomplish is the service that now a lot of different places that you arrive in my core might not have a heating system and that’s very important because we want to make sure that our students are comfortable, that they are not too cold when they arrive into our building. 


It is a very cold time of year. It is currently 49 degrees and this is one of the warmer days that we’ve had. So with that being said, I am going to go out and make sure that our thermostat is all set up and ready to go. So that our students can enjoy the guitar lessons Tulsa that they are in and that they don’t have to be worrying about random factors like whether they are or Makina. As they take a lesson, ask Curtis music Academy. We want to provide students with an opportunity to go through and have a wonderful experience throughout the course of their lessons and that is why on Sundays I typically try to head out to the studio and accomplish a few, touch up the details to make the student experience even better than it was before. Because if you are not getting better, you are getting worse and we should never backslide.


 Whether it’s from teaching lessons or from practicing the instrument. All of these different things are ways that you can experience everything with taking lessons at Curtis music Academy. So without further ado, I would like to describe many of the things that can be accomplished through the course of taking lessons. The first is the fact that as you are taking lessons, you can experience the most wonderful drink station that you have ever experienced. We have coffee, we have hot chocolate, we have water for anyone who needs water, and with that being said, many different people have expressed just how much they appreciate the hot chocolate and the coffee and the teeth and the water. 


Because if you are getting ready to take a lesson and you are thirsty, then the whole lesson you are going to be thinking, I am thirsty and we want to eliminate anything that can be distracting from those lessons. We want to provide an opportunity where a student can come in and learn at best capable opportunity for their mind to grab onto these different techniques, whether it’s rhythms or scales or Hanon exercises. We want to provide an opportunity for each and every one of our guitar players to play those strings beautifully and not have to worry about all sorts of different things. That is why we want to provide that for our students. Another thing that is very important through taking lessons is the fact that we can provide an opportunity for students to even take a lesson upstairs. 


We have four studio spaces on the first floor and we have four studio spaces on the second floor with a total of eight and when it gets nice and the weather warms up, we even have a patio where guitar lessons can take place. Unfortunately we do not have a piano on the piano, on the patio because if it rains that piano would be destroyed, but perhaps we could move out a keyboard under the patio, which would provide many different opportunities because a student could take a piano lesson outdoors, which would be kind of cool, but at the same time that might be a little bit tricky with the sheet music going through and perhaps spreading out and getting all over the place and so maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea. However, it is a additional studio space that we can utilize in the spring, summer and potentially the fall as well, which is great.


 The ceilings at our new studio are 10 foot ceilings, which provides a very welcoming and warm feeling through those lessons and that is one of the things that I noticed almost immediately apart teaching at our new studio is that when we closed the door, even though there’s windows that are pointing into their rooms from the hallway, when I noticed that, that it’s very comfortable in those studio spaces. The windows from the hallway provide a nice and exciting feeling rather than being closed off and then the 10 foot ceilings subconsciously allow us to feel like we have space. Even though the rooms aren’t incredibly large, they are the perfect size for taking a lesson, but the feeling is really helped to provide a exceptional experience for the students to grow in and feel like they have exactly what it takes to grab onto the content and to make sure that they appreciate everything that goes on at Curtis music Academy. 


If you are taking guitar lessons anywhere in Tulsa and you decide that there are perhaps some apprehensions that you have or perhaps there are some different things that you are concerned about with your lessons, I recommend that you fill out a form on our website or just give me a call. My number is (918) 361-7641 and we would love to talk with you about how we can help you to move forward with your musical growth because that is the most important thing that you should be experiencing as you’re taking lessons is musical growth. You should be moving forward and having a wonderful time with your lessons rather than feeling like you are stagnant and depressed because we certainly don’t want that with our students. We want to be your coach and your friend and we want to provide you with the best experience possible for taking guitar lessons and Tulsa.