Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Weekly Calendar

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This topic is going to be about why it is important to maintain a weekly lesson schedule or calendar and a really why should you not skip a lesson? You know, it’s, it’s only going to help you increase your credibility and help you to get places on time and not be late. It’s also going to help you manage your life and know what you’re doing and maybe even help you get a raise one day. When do you have a calendar when you have a one one calendar that has your weekly Guitar Lessons Tulsa and their times, dates, location on it. This has saved my behind multiple times and has been really one of the keys to success that I have had in Curtis Music Academy. 


Giving Guitar Lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy has been awesome and having my calendar and my weekly schedule, lesson schedule available at all times on my phone also printed on a  to do list as well as a daily calendar that I print out every morning is one of the keys to my success with Guitar Lessons Tulsa at Curtis Music Academy. And so, yeah, I’d say it’s definitely important to not skip a lesson. And if it’s important for you as an instructor to not skip the lesson, then you must have said lesson posted somewhere in one place where you can see it. And for me that is to have a calendar on my phone, but as well as printing out that calendar on paper every morning because I have about at least one student every, every day. So I have eight Guitar Lessons Tulsa total at Curtis Music Academy and I have at least one of those everyday, Monday through Friday. 


So, it is paramount that I am, is priority for me to be on time to the lesson at least 15 to 30 minutes early, which is on time. And actually if you’re, you know, five to 10 minutes early, that’s considered being on time. And then if you are, if you arrive at the scheduled time or after the scheduled time, that’s considered being late. So I never want to be late. I always want to be either early or on time. And so though that’s just one tip, to keep you and your Guitar Lessons Tulsa flowing. So it’s important not to skip a lesson because it doesn’t only hurt you, but it hurts the, it hurts them. It hurts the students. They really look forward to learning and growing and learning this awesome instrument that they see themselves playing. And you’re not only doing, you’re doing them a disservice when you don’t show up. 


I love how Warren Buffett says, part of part of success is showing up. 50% actually is showing up. So it’s important for us to show up to our Guitar Lessons Tulsa and music lessons. Not only is it a disservice to the student, but it is a disservice to yourself whenever you are late or do not show up to a scheduled guitar lesson because it is a disservice to you. You know, it hurts your credibility, your ability to learn, learn the student and develop a relationship with a, with a new student, and to give you an opportunity. You’re not only losing an opportunity, but you’re also kind of hurting your, your kind of, what’s the best word to describe this? I think the best word to describe this would be reputation. Yes. That is the word. You are hurting your reputation whenever you do not have a, you potentially potentially hurt your, your reputation when you do not acquire a weekly lesson schedule and you actually begin to hurt your reputation when you arrive late or don’t arrive at all to a guitar lesson. 


So as you can see, it’s very important that you not skip a lesson because one, you’re missing out on money too. You know, Ron has to deal with the flack three, the student is disappointed and can’t reach their goal or they just go with someone else to reach their goal and not yourself and for it hurts you. Lastly, you know, it hurts you because you don’t get paid and it hurts your reputation with Curtis Music Academy. So don’t do that. That’s, it’s actually a not a good thing. So let’s not do that. It’s important to maintain that weekly lesson schedule. So you know, let’s talk about that for a second. Every week, every Monday actually I go about planning all of the Guitar Lessons Tulsa I have within my Monday through Friday. That’s the only days I actually have guitar lessons. And so, if I could give more I would on Saturdays as well. 


So it is, like I said, the key, one of the keys to my success when it comes to giving our lessons and being on time and increasing my reputation and benefiting my reputation at Curtis Academy to have this said schedule, lesson schedule. I plan my lessons every Monday in the morning, all of my lessons, all eight of them at Curtis Music Academy in one day. It only takes me about one hour, but to do it really, really well, it takes me about two hours. And that’s with printing all of the materials needed to give the lessons. So my objective on Mondays is to plan all eight of my lessons Monday through Friday on Monday within two hours and also print all of the materials needed for the lessons for their lessons for the week on Monday as well. Within that two hours. So it really becomes fun for me because I, I thoroughly enjoy planning these lessons and getting to put a schematic and to see where things are going to be going in the lesson. 


I love planning, I love Planning People’s growth and success. I love planning. I think I’d be an incredible free kid, like a consultant. And so this is one of the funnest parts of my week is getting to plan in my own students guitar lessons. So that happens for me on Monday. And also within that two hour period on Monday planning the lessons, I will also schedule them, on the days that they’re done. So I use a program called Trello. That’s where I keep track of all of my guitar lessons throughout the week, Monday through Friday with their times, their names. That’s the name of the student and kind of a format that I go by of like how the lesson is going to go, what points I hit first, the material that I’m teaching them and also what they will need to practice as well as, you know, any action items that I need to do for that student, for that lesson. 


And so this really helps me to stay organized. And I think that’s really the second key I would say is to success is being organized. So, so having a calendar, having, you know, a schedule for my lessons is a key to having, organization is the second key for sure. If it wasn’t for this man, I would, I would know when my lessons were, but I would never be prepared. So, you know, here using Trello, I can take it to my lesson, I can actually look at it while I’m in the lesson and kind of, it gives me a step by step guide. Can I call it my teacher notes? You know, split to what to teach. And I don’t even have to think about the rest of the week. It’s not, it’s not boggling my mind or in any way taking a brain space because I’m worried about, you know, what I’m going to teach throughout the week or even up to leading up to the lesson. It’s all done for, it’s all done for me in essence, because I knocked it out in the beginning of the week and only two hours. And so I would encourage anyone giving music lessons or guitar lessons in Tulsa to do the exact same. So those keys, you know, being organized and also, being on time slash you know, having a schedule is incredibly important to your success as a guitar teacher.