Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Why Its Important to Practice an Instrument

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So now we’re going to talk about why it is important to practice an instrument. So practicing an instrument is the same as practicing any other skill that you want to learn and get better at. It is really sincerely no different than learning, practicing anything else. So the same lessons and everything applies to learning an instrument as it does to learning how to ride a bike and practicing how to sing or practicing math problems to do on the test. The more you practice do you better you get and the faster you will grow as a musician.

So, and it’s equally as important to practice an instrument as it is practice. Anything else that a student wants to be good at. So just like anything in life, guitar, piano, and voice hog require practicing. So when you’re taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa and you want to grow consistently and you want to get the most out of your lessons, it is really necessary that you practice it because taking lessons is an investment and you will not get the most out of your investment if you do not practice. So after every lesson our students will receive from their instructor a list of things to practice for the week, and this could include anything from learning a specific page in the book, just reviewing what they did the past week or over a scale or something like that on guitar or piano or voice.

Our instructors will always give our students something specific to practice when taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa and they give them something specific so that the student is not lost while practicing. So when they assign a task like a scale, for example, they will ask them right at the end of the lesson before they leave, if they can play the scale for them. Because it’s really important that our students don’t get home and forget how to do the thing that they’re assigned. So our chapter is always want to make sure they’re able to do the thing before they leave. So they will have them play the scale, for example, just to ensure that they really do know how to play it even if it’s not perfect, even if they just need to know where to place her hands, that is enough to ensure that they will be able to figure it out on their own while at home practicing.

So if you do not practice, then each lesson will look relatively the same because you can only learn and retain so much information in that 30 45 minute or hour long lesson with one of our awesome instructors. When you’re just in there for a short amount of time, you don’t retain all of it and you don’t make as much progress as you would if you practiced. So one of the most important parts about Guitar Lessons Tulsa is that you’re able to practice at home and when you practice at home, you are growing and expanding all of the things that you learned during that week’s lesson and practicing.

It’s just really important to ensure that you are constantly progressing. That is the biggest thing is that you’re progressing if through your Guitar Lessons Tulsa and getting better each week so that you are making the most out of your investment. And if you don’t practice, then you won’t be making the most out of your investment because you will not be progressing very quickly. You will indeed make progress because that’s what lessons are for. You will learn one week kind of play this note and the next weekend where that note, and hopefully you won’t forget in between, but you can move a lot farther if you’re practicing the things that they teach you on your own because lGuitar Lessons Tulsa are not for mastery of a specific concept.

They’re not, or you just play the same song over and over and over again until you get it right. They are about teaching you the concepts and the difficult parts in the song so that you’re able to go home and practice it over and over again until you get it right. So if you’re in a lesson and you have not been practicing, that lesson, time will be taken up with learning again. The same things that you learned last week. So a lot of students, if they don’t practice, they’ll come in and the instructor will say “How was practicing this week?” If they don’t practice, It’s very obvious because they won’t be able to move on to anything new in the book because there’ll be stuck on the same thing they learned last week because the student didn’t practice.

So it also just makes the Guitar Lessons Tulsa a lot more fun when a student practices, because then they can move on to more fun things. But if a student neglects to practice, then they won’t get to move on to the new exciting things because they’re still stuck on the old things that they never mastered. So for example, a scale is a critical part of music, especially on the piano. And scales are actually how we learn other things. So it’s a foundation and other things and other musical songs and all that. They depend on knowledge over those scales. So these foundational things have to be practiced or else you won’t be able to build on them.

So if a student does not practice, then they won’t have the foundation and they’re going to have to spend more time in their Guitar Lessons Tulsa learning that foundation so that they could be spending at home and they could be using the lesson time to learn and get better at new, more exciting things. So the fun things are actually what makes the less fun. For the most part, everyone knows that it’s not nearly as fun to play a scale as it is to play a song. So it really is an important practice, the practice, because the practicing allows you to move and progress in your lessons and be able to learn the fun things, things of the student truly does want to learn. Practicing Is just critical to getting good at anything. They always say that practice makes perfect, but it really is true, especially when it comes to playing an instrument.

If you do not practice, then you will not retain the information and you will not grow quickly and what you’re doing. So it is really important, really, really important that you practice so that you can perfect the instrument and go at it. It is truly impossible to perfect an instrument in a 30 minute lesson once a week. That is just not how lesson to work. And that’s honestly not how lessons were designed to work. Lessons are not meant to be a place where you are mastering everything and having to play things over and over and over again. Lessons are for being able to learn new things and move forward after you have practiced and worked on that foundational stuff. So in my own experience and taking Guitar Lessons Tulsa, piano lessons, as a matter of fact, I have found that it is really critical that I practice so that I can get better and I, if I didn’t practice then I would not make progress in the book and it would have been a waste of money sincerely because I would not have been getting better every week.

I would have just been having to learn the same thing and the lesson, because I probably forgot about it. I forgot what I was learning. Forgot what I was supposed to learn, forgot how to play the scale or the notes or the song or whatever it is, because our memories honestly are not that good. And if you don’t play something repeatedly after you’ve done it, then it’s really hard to remember what you learned. So you will really fall behind and taking lessons when you don’t practice.

I found that in my own personal case where what if I didn’t practice very much? My lesson was basically the same lesson as the one I had the week before. And so that means that I was paying for two lessons when I only really got one simply because I didn’t practice. So I just had to learn the same thing twice and it’s just not fun and, and then you’re stuck on the boring things. And it’s also difficult for the instructor who’s putting a lot of time and effort in making sure that you, he comes up with the lesson plan to learn new fun things, but if you don’t practice the foundational things that you were supposed to then chucked her is not able to utilize their hard work that he put in to crafting that curriculum specifically for the student.

So all around practicing an instrument is a really important because it helps you grow as a musician. You learn at an accelerated rate and it utilizes all the hard work cause have with you and your instructor have put in to that specific lesson.