Guitar Lessons Tulsa | The Studying Instructor 

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In this fourth edition of the courtesy Music Academy podcast. I’m going to be talking about this topic of studying as an instructor, at Christmas, the Academy or as an instructor in general, I don’t know where you are, where you teach from, but I guarantee if you’re teaching, you have to be learning. So I think teachers must become the best learners hook. That’s so profound. I’m gonna write that down guys. Teaching teachers must become the best learners. 


No, they say leaders are readers. So many books is the key guys, mini books. So you definitely want to grab as many resources or sources as possible with those resources or sources. You want to make sure they’re reliable. So you don’t want to get a book from Johnny, the plumber, you know, you want to get a book from maybe at the library from an accredited music school or an accredited musician. You always want to consider the source. Guys always consider the source. So with considering the source, you’re always going to get good information. I’m not only good information, reliable information, universal information that is going to give good understanding when taught to the student. 


So my first point is what instrument are you teaching, that will decide what you study, right? So as an instructor you might be teaching voice, you might be teaching guitar lessons Tulsa, you might be teaching piano, Ukulele, drums, Didgeridoo ed to, I don’t care what it is, whether it’s guitar lessons Tulsa or not, which is definitely why I keep saying this over and over again. 


But I give guitar lessons Tulsa at credits, music academy. And so I get instructions or books, sources, resources, on guitars lessons Tulsa and the history of guitars lessons Tulsa. I have one by Les Paul, Les Paul, one by another music school that’s accredited and credible. And it’s great. And so I get good information from those and I study and I have good knowledge on it. And you can do the same. So, understanding what instrument you’re teaching from is going to be key. Second key is the, the resources that you’re using. You want to use good, credible resources you don’t want from, you know, one of the guitar lessons Tulsa book from someone who teaches piano, right?

So you definitely want a, to someone who knows a lot about guitar lessons Tulsa, specializes in that. Do you want to books from them? Resources, place you can get resources from, you can get them online. You can always get good books online, whether that be from the library. You can order books from the library online, or if you’re trying to give guitar lessons Tulsa, you can go to your, music school and maybe purchase one from the music school or college. You can also go on Amazon, which is also online and purchase music books.


Um, and that is specifically tailored to the student himself. How fast are they learning? Is One consideration? How foul? Yeah. Like how fast do they learn? Um, are they grasping and understanding the topics that you do have on a first lesson? Well and quick and rather at a good speed. Um, how fast are they applying that knowledge that you teach them? Um, and then how long are they wanting to take lessons? You know, they might be just wanting to take lessons for the summer. So, which is about three months, you know, so June, July, August, you know, they’d be taking lessons and so you want to be able to break that down in the set amount of time that they are needing. And then also having a backup plan for if they do want to continue past what they’ve said. Having an idea and a plan for that, a strategy for that to keep going. 


You don’t want to just give all of your, all of your, your coins right up front or you know, so you want to definitely have some backstock so to speak. And that’s just to break it down. So you want to simplify it into its most basic elements into its most, um, digestible state. Um, and then chopping that down into a time period that is desired. I think step two. And then lastly, you have to give the lesson. And so what that will look like is just, um, having a, maybe a four set format that you want to go through. Maybe first you want to review with the student would you’ve previously learned or if it’s the first student, um, just ask them questions. So questioning. So I would, I would suggest at least at least three to five questions about the student’s goals, objectives with learning guitar and desires to learn.