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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are going to be discussing some life lessons from learning an instrument, my life lessons from learning the guitar, maybe even teaching guitar lessonsTulsa and also taking guitar lessonsTulsa myself. And so, I’ve got a few points I want to hit with you guys. The first one would be learning at the pace of no mistakes and how important it is and what practical tips I can give you to begin implementing that theology. My second point would be how you’re better than you actually think you are, how using what you know is going to be the skill developer.

And then lastly, how you can never give up, how you can continue to persevere through the adversity of guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been a musician for 12 years now and going on 13 and I have loved all of my experiences, all of the things I have learned, all the places I’ve been, the States I’ve gotten to play at, the people I’ve gotten to meet and play at, the musicians have been able to play with the songs I’ve been able to write, the guitars I’ve been able to play and it’s been an incredible experience.

And then I’ve also been a, an instructor at the, music Academy, Curtis music Academy for a year now. Technically it would be 11 months, but as of next month it will have been a year. And I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I’ve been a music teacher for five years, going on six years. And so I’ve learned tons about people. I’ve learned tons about consistency and diligence and music. In my 12 years of musicianship and instructing and teaching, I’ve learned what it means to teach what it means to communicate, what it means to perform, what it means to practice, what it means to be diligent, what it means to master the craft.

And so I’m going to be teaching you some of my tips and tricks, some of my life lessons from learning the guitar in guitar lessons Tulsa. My first lesson for you will be how you can learn and how you should learn at the pace of no mistakes. From my own experience, I have not been the best at this in my first beginning stages of musicianship and I would try to learn things very, very quickly early on. However, now I do not. I learn at the pace of no mistakes, but early on in my musician career I tried to, you know, look up a song on YouTube and learn it fast. However, learning it fast made me not very good at the song.

I would learn bits and pieces of songs instead of entire songs. And when it was time to play the song for someone, they didn’t get to hear the entire song. They only got to hear bits and pieces of the song. And so all of that had to do, had to do with me trying to learn very, very quickly and inaccurately instead of accurately and at the pace of no mistakes. Oftentimes after learning a song very quickly, I would continuously and over and over diligently mess up my fingering. I would, my fingers would get a little tangled as I was trying to play the song. It didn’t sound very pretty or clean and therefore the music wasn’t as enjoyable.

And so however, after I adopted this idea, this theory, this now not a theory, but this principle of learning at the pace of no mistakes to become fluent or become good or become capable or to become compatible. I’m also looking for one specific word, competent to become competent at the musical instrument, the guitar through guitar lessons Tulsa. I had to first understand that I had to learn the songs slowly to to learn the songs accurately and right before I could build any type of speed or pace that was faster than slow at the song.

And so that’s what I want to encourage you today is to learn at the pace of no mistakes. I promised that I would give you a practical application, tip and action item when it comes to when it came to this point. And that is my practical tip to you would be to use a metronome while practicing or even performing your musical instrument. They get to art, whether you’re taking guitar lessons Tulsa from your guitar teacher and Tulsa, or you are performing in front of a huge stage with a band, or whether you’re just performing solo by yourself at a coffee shop or bar to make money, you will benefit the most from guitar lessons Tulsa.

But using a metronome, AKA a perfect timekeeper to help you sound good and improve and accelerate your professionalism as a musician. And so this is a life lesson. So whenever I practice at home now, and this is my own experience, I will now use a metronome so that I have perfect timing and I engrain and beat into my music and my musical flesh. Perfect time. And so this is my advice to you. This is definitely a life lesson, is that without perfect timing, we have a tendency to speed things up. And so really what we must do is slow down so that we can later on speed. My second point for you would be to, to be confident how you are much better than you think.

They say. Knowledge is power. However, the application of knowledge is power. Knowledge in itself is not power. It is powerful. It’s full of power, but the power is released. The power is initiated or acted upon or released whenever you act upon it or implemented whenever the thought touches earth and is fleshed out. That is the power because power is only tangible. Power can only be tangible, spiritual power. You know, physically, you know, physical, it has to manifest and it only, whenever it is interacting with the physical realm, is it powerful?

And so without further ado, that is my, my life lesson for you is to help you understand that you’re better than you think. One more tip for you before I go onto my next point would be if you don’t know what to do, do what you know, then you’ll know what to do. That is a quote by Steven Furtick, pastor and speaker, world renowned speaker of elevation church. And so my last point to you would be to never ever give up how important it is to stay diligent and persevere through the hard times, through the good times, enjoying the good times.

But definitely through adversities of learning your instrument and the drudgery. Sometimes that practice can be, can offset us and make us want to discontinue playing the guitar and becoming a great and awesome musician. But we must understand that it takes diligence that whatever you want to achieve will be up the Hill, not down the Hill. So we want to develop up Hill habits, not downhill habits. And so we call these the happy hopers and the diligent doers. We want to become diligent doers at our musician career. We want to become diligent at practicing things for the guitar, practicing our scales, practicing our chords, guys practicing our songs.

So those are my life lessons from most of my life, learning the guitar in guitar lessons Tulsa. And so those guitar lessons Tulsa to you were learning at the pace of no mistakes to do that using a metronome in your practice and performance number two was how you are better than you think. If you don’t know what to do, do it, you know, then you’ll know what to do. And lastly, how you can never give up. I want you to persevere through the adversity and have tons of fun doing it. That is the podcast for today.